Sanyukt 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sanyukt 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
After he is done with the photoshoot, sameer bids goodbye to the girls. sameer comes and asks ila and niranjan whats the matter. niranjan taunts him for doing such

things in the presence of children in the house. sameer cites that they are high end models and very good friends, and he should talk about them with respect. they all

get tensed. sameer tells him that he wouold never understand with his thinking. he asks if he should leave if its that uncomfortable. ila asks him not to, as she

understands the need for this, and asks him to remain here only and do whatever he wishes to. he walks in. then ila asks niranjan how could he think like that. he

starts talking about the kids. she says that if children are well mannered then there shouldnt be any issues, but they would be so, only when the father is behaved.

niranjan takes it personally, and asks why did she tell gayatri about jignesh name being saved for maya. she assures that gayatri wont go behind he rback to talk to

rita. then she checks on rahul and finds him sleeping off in grave sleep.

Parimal and gayatri have another heated discussion, wherein each continues to maintain their stand while he instigates her to prove the accusation so that her

misunderstanding can be clear. she decides to use the same tactic on ila to retrieve maya’s number from ila’s stealthily. just as she was almost done, she hears ila

hollering for her, and she rushes out to check. ila asks her to take off a shirt thats stuck in the bushes. gayatri complies. finding her tensed, ila asks if

everything is okay. she complies, and says that she is just tired and rushes to sleep. ila is tensed. Gayatri talks to rita, and is very distraught seeing her so

happy, knowing that their relationship’s new reviving is based on a lie. she is determined to find out the truth about maya and tell it to rita.

When sameer comes back home, ila asks how was his work, and they are generally bantering, when rahul comes having woken up, and ila lashes at him, as they remember the

last night’s drinking incident, while he begs for a chance to explain himself. they have a verbal scuffle, whose advantage gayatri takes, to note down maya’s number

from the mobile. she successfully does so. then in her room, after much mental duel, she finally places the call. Gayatri poses as a salesgirl from some jewellers and

talks to maya, asking if she would provide her address, as niranjan has placed an order for her. maya gets tensed hearing this. she refuses to identify niranjan and

cancels the call. gayatri understnads that maya is extremely shrewd and hence is so guarded.

MEanwhile, maya calls up ila and tells her of this incident, and lashes that she assured niranjan wont bother, and if this continues, then she shall complain against

him to the police. ila is shocked to hear this. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: when rita and niranjan return bac, ila asks her to go, while she talks to niranjan. gayatri comes and says that she wishes to talk to rita. PArimal too stands

behind her tensedly.all are distraught as they eye each other’s faces.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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