May I Come in Madam 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with servant telling Kashmira about his abroad trip. She asks him to wash clothes and get fast. He says I m taking my wife abroad, I will come after a week. He goes. Sanju comes. She asks him did he marry her just to make her cook and clean home. He says you maybe bored of this, wash clothes also. She scolds him.

Sanju asks her to see her country first, they they will get abroad. He leaves for office. New employee Chetan joins office. Bhupesh asks from where is he. Chetan does not hear well. Bhupesh says he is deaf. Chetan says I hear less sometimes. Chedi comes and greets them.

Chetan greets him after much delay. Chedi says we are going for an ad shoot to Las Vegas. Sanju and Bhupesh get glad. Bhupesh asks who will go. Chetan asks the same. Sanjana comes. Chetan hears her well. Sanju and Bhupesh look at him. Sanjana says budget is less, I have to be selective who all are going.

Sanju says I will go. Bhupesh asks why, I do more work, I will go. Sanjana says we are considering Chetan also. Chetan says thanks, I m more qualified than them. Sanju, Bhupesh fight with Chetan.

Sanjana asks Sanju to stop it. Sanju says no, wait its male ego. Sanjana asks Chedi to stop them. Se asks what the hell was that, you guys are fighting like this. Sanju asks how can you give him new responsibility. She says he has experience, I asked him to join our company. Sanju says he hears less, ask them. Chedi nods. Bhupesh also nods. Sanjana asks Chetan does he have any problem on hearing. He does not hear her. Chedi says its okay, maybe he is capable than them. He asks Chetan why did he not say in interview, he was listening all questions well.

Sanjana says I have a way out, we have one week to go, anyone who proves himself more sincere will come with me. She goes.

Sanju and Bhupesh come home from office. Bhupesh complains about Sanju. Sanju asks him not to do overacting. Bhupesh tells everything. Sanju says I m going on official trip. Kashmira says I will come along. Sanju fools her. Bhupesh says you can’t fool me. Sanju says Lord has already made you a fool.

Sanju meets Sanjana and shows the files to prove his sincerity. He says this company is not yours, its ours also, I will come here in morning, we will go office together, then we will leave She asks him to go and complete his sleep. He goes. Sanju comes home and fears of Kashmira. She sees him coming and asks where did he go at night. He jokes. He says I took files and went to get madam’s sign.

She says I know you are doing this to go Las Vegas. He asks how can I promise. She says I will come with you. He thinks and says I will take you along. He romances her. Dadi comes. He asks you, how did you come. She says I have to Las vegas. He says you will come, who can stop you. She asks him to win the competition, she is with her. He says fine, I will surely win.

Sanju shows file to Sanjana, while she is driving. She knocks down someone. Inspector arrests Sanjana. Sanju worries for Las vegas trip.

Update Credit to: Amena

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