Peshwa Bajirao 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Peshwa Bajirao 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kam Baksh telling that he will make his Marathi soldiers fight with those marathis and says his victory will write his bravery in history. Baji says victoru should be unique and says people shall be surprise, like Shah jahan made Tajmahal. Kam Baksh says I have nothing in my heart that hatred. Baji asks him to challenge the Marathi and Mughals to break the wall. He says whoever see this will tell that your thinking is more strong than this stone. Radha asks where are my kids? She sees Bhiu and Chimna and runs towards him. Chimna takes heavy breath. Sevika says you are free to go now. Pant Pratinidhi tells Shiva Raze that he can kill Radha and her children now. He recalls promising Qamer Uddin, Qamer Uddin asks him to free them and then his soldiers will kill them. Pant Pratinidhi tells Shiva Raze that they will be freed first and then will be killed, they will lie to the people that as Balaji betrayed them, they have….Shiva Raze asks what about his mum’s promise. Pant Pratinidhi tells that Tara Rani promised of their safety till they stay here. Shiva Raze says Qamer Uddin and his soldiers can do anything with them. Tara Rani hears them and says wah Raze wah. Shiva Raze is shocked.

Kam Baksh asks his Mughals soldiers to break the wall before Marathi soldiers. The Mughals and Marathis try to break the heavy stone wall. Kam Baksh laughs. Baji puts wine in the glass and says it is for your wall. Kam Baksh says your thinking is good and drinks wine, asks for more. Baji makes him have more wine. Marathi and Mughals try to break the wall. Kam Baksh asks Mughals to break wall completely.

Tara Rani questions Shiva raze on his manhood, and says you have risked a pregnant lady and her children. Shiva raze says you are insulting a raja. Tara Rani says she is talking to her son and not to Raja. Pant Pratinidhi tells that this is the right solution. Tara Rani says sena and sardaars trust are won and not snatched. She says if innocent’s blood is flown then his samarajya is washed away. Shiva raze says this is not my thinking, I am Raja and can take any decision. Tara Rani says you are doing a big mistake by trusting Qamer Uddin, as if you are trying to trap fish sitting on the crocodile, and says if anyone comes to know about this, then our respect will be ruined and my years of sacrifice will be wasted. Shiva Raze says now all sardars are with us, what is your problem. Tara Rani tells that if a pregnant lady and her kids is killed then people will not respect him as raja. Shiva raze says that whatever he has learnt is from her and says you have kept Rani Rajasvi and her son in karagaar since years. Tara Rani Bai is shocked. He says this mistake is not mine, but of your upbringing. He walks out. Tara Rani Bai is shocked and teary eyes.

Baji applauds for Mughals soldiers and asks them to break the wall. All Marathi soldiers surround them just as they break the wall. They over power them and fights with them. Kam Baksh is shocked, and takes out his sword to attack Baji. Baji hits him with wood kept there. He says there are 3 rules to fight with marathis, never think Marathi less than anyone, never forget 1 rule, and says third one is when you forget previous two rules then think that I have done this while doing comedy and what I will do if being angry. Kam baksh asks who are you? Baji says I am Balaji Vishwanath Bhatt, who came as a fakeer and showed you owl in day time, and you became owl because of your greeed. He hits him and puts his feet on his chest. Kam Baksh falls unconscious. Malhar asks Baji to beheads him. Baji refuses saying that it is a cowardness to kill fallen enemy. Malhar says I will beheads him. Baji stops him and says if our siddhant fails then what is the use of victory. He announces that their raja is defeated and asks them to let them go, and shouts har har mahadev. Malhar also shouts. They all leave.

Baji, Malhar and others come to Chandrasen and question him on his doings. He asks if this is his duty to leave them there. Malhar says you are a coward, and says Baji saved us from death, else you gotten our shraddha. Chandrasen apologizes to Baji and says he was jealous of Balaji and wanted his father to get position for him which he got for Balaji. He says situation is changed now and tells that Dhana ji and Balaji are supporting Shahu ji now. Baji gets happy and hugs malhar. He says now Marathis will get swaraj. Chandrasen tells that all good thing comes with a price, and tells that Balaji and Dhana ji are declared as desh drohi and they will be arrested. Baji asks about his mother and siblings.

Chandrasen gives the letter sent by Chimna. Baji reads it and tells Malhar and Chandrasen that he has to go as his Aayi and siblings are in trouble. Chandrasen asks how do you know, as it is not written in the letter. Baji tells that har har mahadev is written and that means whatever is written is opposite to the situation. He sits on his horse and goes. Chandrasen and Malhar looks on. Radha, Chimna and Bhiu are in the bullock cart. Radha tells them that she is thinking why will Tara Rani Bai free them, and tells that why did they showed pity on them and says they are still in danger. Baji comes to the palace and insists to meet his aayi and siblings. Sevak refuse to let him meet them. Naser is standing far holding the fire arrow and says Radha..I remember your slap. Now you and your kids will die.

Baji manages to come inside and asks Sevika about his mum and siblings. She tells him that Shiva Raze freed them. Baji thinks there is a reason for this and thinks to find out. Naser releases the arrow and smirks seeing the bullock cart catching fire.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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