Sanyukt 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niranjan looks tensed and calls Ila. Ila asks what is it. He says he thought a lot and gathered courage to speak to Rita over phone. Ila says he thought right, but Rita has gone for shooting. Niranjan calls Parimal and fumes that he told Rita will not go for ad shooting, but she has gone, she will model a skimpy nightie. Parimal says seeing her wearing sari, he thought she dropped that idea.

Gayatri opens door hearing door bell and gets happy seeing Prachi Prachi asks if Sam is at home. Gayatri says yes, even Uday is at home. Prachi smiles. She walks in and tells Sam that Hetal is working hard without him, so he should go and help her. Sam leaves. Prachi tells Uday even she will leave as she has bus to catch. Gayatri gives her juice and says she should come here often, if she had not had bus to catch, she would have stopped her here. Uday goes out to drop Prachi and says they are more than friends now, etc.

Parimal angrily enters calling Gayatri and Uday and says Gayatri that they are leaving this house right now as he cannot see Mehta family’s bahu Rita doing skimpy nightie ad. Prachi hears that and yells at Uday that they cannot be more than friends seeing his orthodox father and walks out. Uday shatters. Parimal continues fuming and Rahul tries to calm him down saying Rita is an actress and it is common. Parimal says bapuji had told already that she cannot act after marriage and she agreed. He calls Uday. Uday angrily walks in. Parimal shouts where was he, they are going from here right now. Uday shouts he and his mom will not go with a low thinking man. Parimal slaps him. Uday shouts let him beat, he will tell truth today. Rita aunty wants to build her career, but this heinous man is stopping her. He continues confronting. Ila says it is her wrong upbringing that Parimal thinks so low, Gayatri’s upbringing is good, so Uday thinks so good. She apologizes Gayatri. Parimal angrily leaves. Gayatri and Ila hug each other emotionally.

Hetal remembers Sam sitting in cafeteria. Sam walks in. Hetal says not again, he will repeatedly apologize and request to give him one more chance, she is tired of his sorry. Sam says this time he will not apologize as he and Tanu di are not wrong, she is wrong. Hetal sits in a shock and fumes.

At ashram, bapuji tells guruji that he can face any situation now and takes permission to leave. Lady manager takes his signature and says finally Mrs. Mehta’s wait is over and he will be with in her a few hours. He says he will meet her, but after finishing an important work.

Precap: Bapuji tells Hetal that he is her sinner and cannot bring back her father, but can give his life and points gun on his throat. His children reacts. He warns not to come near him.

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