May I Come in Madam 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju saying Bobby got awake. Chedi asks will Sanjana sing lullaby for him. Sanju argues with him. He asks Sanjana to come with him. She refuses and asks him to go home. Sanju begs her. Chedi asks Sanju to come with him. Sanju scolds him. He says if Sanjana does not come with me, I will sit outside the door and die. Bobby waits for Sanju. He says Sanju is not able to manage an educated wife. Sanju gets Sanjana home. She greets Bobby.

Bobby asks her not to go out at night, it does not look good. Sanju jokes. Bobby asks Sanjana what did Sanju say. She says I was preparing for exams, he was disturbing me. Sanju says no, I was helping her. She says he was asking me to cheat by chits. Bobby scolds Sanju and asks her to tell him if Sanju troubles her, I will make Sanju leave the house, go and sleep now, think about child. He goes.

Sanju asks Sanjana to sleep on bed, I will sleep on ground. She says no, I will not let you sleep on ground, I want you to sleep in kitchen. He goes to kitchen and asks Kashmira did she not do bedding arrangements for him. She asks why did you call me maid. He says Bobby has seen you, he is innocent. She argues. Sanju says I came to have family.

Bobby goes to room. He says I went to get water and got to see all that, why did I not get water. Kashmira says this night is auspicious. They romance. Bobby comes to kitchen to get water. He switches on lights and sees Sanju and Kashmira. Sanju asks what are you doing here. Bobby says I came to have water, what are you doing. Sanju says she was crying as her husband left her, I was explaining her. Bobby asks how did you explain her this way, this happened with me also, your aunty has beaten me a lot. Sanju says my intention was not bad. Bobby says man’s intention is never wrong, go to bahu now. He asks her to go, why is she after Sanju. He runs to room and says Sanju is a fool, its good I did not get late. He sees mummy sleeping under bed and shouts there is someone under my bed.

Sanju sees mummy sleeping. He thinks what to answer Bobby now. Mummy comes out. Bobby asks who is she and why is she under my bed. Sanju says she is Taramati. Bobby asks why did she hide under my bed. Sanju says they have sunk in debt, she is Kashmira’s mummy. He tells about Nawab, these maids work in houses and earn living, they were rich before.

Bobby says I was getting tears hearing this, its sad story, I wish her debt ends soon. Sanju says leave her, she will manage, you sleep now. Bobby says yes, I got body aches. He goes to sleep. Mummy sleeps under bed.

Its morning, Kashmira talks to pandit. He says I was seeing your and Sanju’s kundli. He asks her to kiss Sanju. She says fine, I will take a kiss from Sanju. Bobby asks mummy not to turn shy, she looks more bad, clean house well. Chedi comes and hugs mummy. He asks how are you, I was missing you a lot. Mummy asks why did you not come. Chedi says I was stuck in work. He says I m Sanjana’s father Chedi. Bobby says nice to meet you, but why did you meet maid like this. Chedi says I don’t care, I respect women a lot, why did you call me to meet. Bobby says I like your daughter, she had taken many degrees, explain her to manage husband. Chedi says its our old tradition to play with degrees, even I have to take some degrees. Bobby laughs and signs him to leave. Chedi hugs mummy and goes.

Bobby asks Sanjana to leave studies now, focus on Sanju, I feel he is after some degree. Sanjana says let him do anything. She asks Bobby do you know Newton, he was a scientist. Bobby says our family had cowards. Sanju greets and hugs Bobby and Sanjana. Bobby says I have seen you staying away from wife and close to maid. He asks for breakfast. Kashmira asks Sanju to come to kitchen.

Sanju stops Kashmira and asks did you get mad, we will lose 3 crores. Kashmira says this mahurat will go. They kiss. Bobby says what is Sanju doing in kitchen. He goes and calls Sanju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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