(KaiRa)(ff)Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 8

KaiRa) Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 8
Recap: KaiRa Became one after confession

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Its been six months now their relation become strong their trust,care,love n respect for each other just increasing day by day..they r just like two bodies one soul n inseparable, they try to spend maximum time with each other that they both can’t cuz of their jobs but their love for each other is unconditional..but still they r bounded by some limits that they will cros aftr marrying each other n will completely become one
On one evening kartik n Naira r on same hill kartik resting his head on her lap n naira moving her fingers gently in his hair

Kartik: u know jb tm mre sath hoti ho to Jo sukun ka ehsas hota hai Jo pyar mehsus hota hai wo me explain nhi krskta
Naira: mje b jb tm pas hote ho na tb ksi or chiz ka hosh nhi rehta .. Dil krta hai k bs ye lmha yhi thm jaye..
Kartik: mjse tou wait hi nhi hota..bs jldi se tmhe hmesha k lye apna bnana chahta hu
Naira: itna desperate q ho rhe ho? I m all urs bs sahi time ka wait karo jb wo ayga to jese hme pyar hua shadi b hojayegi …
Kartik: wo time pta nhi kb ayega…its all ur fault
Naira: what is my fault ha?
Kartik: that U r so pretty loving hot s*xy that ur beauty n love drives me crazy n my desperation to get u just increases he kisses her belly
Naira blushes at his bold statement n move
Kartik sits n cups blushing face of naira making an eye contact
Kartik: don’t blush too hard ms.rishikesh or i will cross all limits today
Naira playfull hits him n jerks n stands near a tree he comes n holds her hands
Kartik: lovingly kiss hands …u know i have only u the most precious person left in my life
Naira: to mere pas b tmhare siwa kon hai

Kartik: to phr deir kis bat ki tm kaho to me aj hi negi uncl se bat kru..u know na me 2 mahine bad delhi chla jaunga me job k select hogya hu or me tmhe sath leke Jana chahta hu
Naira: i know but i don’t want to go from here n also don’t want to b a hurdle between ur career n also want to b wd u but..
Kartik: i know naira ur emotionally attached from this city but we have to move on someday n we will often came to visit here
Naira: sad n hugs him he too hugs her she starts playing with his shirt buttons..ok tm krlo bat phr
Kartik: tm dukhi hogi to kese krunga bat
Naira: dukhi nhi hu khush hu pr emotional b hu bt wd u I’ll b alright
Kartik kisses her forehead
Kartik: ok then i will talk to him as i get a chance
Both looks at each other lovingly n kiss passionately n leaves for asharam
Kartik whenever try to inform negi uncle about them he losses courage n gives up n naira laughs on his condition
Naira: wese to badi trtr krte ho tm tou uncle k samne konsa sanp sungh jata tmhe
Kartik: aisi bat krna ktna difficult hai ..i know wo man hi jayenge pr agr mere family background ka puch lia to or koi objection hua mjse tou?
Naira: koi objection nhi hoga un ko he likes n admires u or family ka sach btadena no issues
Kartik: naira i know he likes me bt for him i m a stranger na n u r like his daughter how he can trust easily n give me ur hand
Naira: oho i m here na to convince him
Kartik: ok aj tou bat kr hi lunga
Naira: hmm 2 din se yhi trtr sun rhi hu
Kartik: acha trtr krta hu mei n looks at her smirking
Naira: in attitude ..ha trtr k swa tmhe kx ata hai kya drpok
Kartik pull her from waist tightly n says: drpok ha? tmhe dikhao me kya kya krskta hu he says huskily
Naira: worries.. Kartik koi ajayega
Kartik: aney do

Naira shivers as he comes close to her face n close her eyes feeling his warm breath n soon their lips meet..both lost in a smooth kiss he was sucking gently both upper n lower part of her lips n she was mourning in pleasure n equally participating moving her fingers in his hair wd one hand n other hand moving on his chest he tightly pressing her hips from one hand n same hand moves to n fro on her back n other hand cupping her face n break kiss after long time due to lack of oxygen n they breath heavily
Naira: hug him..u r so dangerous
Kartik: n u r so delicious
Naira hits on his chest:i m afraid u will not leave me after marriage
Kartik: of course …i will give u my Love overdose
Naira: breaks the hug then go n talk to uncle first
Kartik: sighs ok come wd me for support
Both comes to negi uncle n sits in front of him
Ng: good u both come i need to talk to u
Kartik: yes say
Ng: a proposal came for naira n i like it very much n i hope naira u will respect n trust my decision i was just going to say yes but thought to ask u
Both KaiRa looks at each other n gets Shocked

Precap: Emotional Negi worried KaiRa

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