May I Come in Madam 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with uncle calling Kashmira and saying DNA report has come. Sanju says whatever the result be, I swear I love you a lot Kashmira. Kashmira asks whose hair is it. Uncle says that hair…. is yours Kashmira, here is the report. She gets glad. Sanju scolds her for doubting on her. She says sorry. She goes. Uncle says I made DNA report of Kashmira’s hair. Else her love would have ended for you. Khiloni complains about Sanju. Sanju slaps Khiloni. He thanks uncle for saving him. Uncle asks whose hair was it. Sanju says my boss Sanjana. Uncle says nice choice but bad intentions, if you hurt Kashmira, I will not leave you. He goes.

Its morning, Kashmira tells mummy about some scheme. Sanju refuses to give her any cheque. Sanju goes to office and greets Sanjana. She asks him to make jingle for ad. Sanjana’s friend comes and meets her. She says I have come to give you our Miami beach pics. Sanjana says I will see the pics at home. Sanju thinks madam’s bikini pics, I want to see it.

He says I want to see the trophy pic, can I see it. She asks him to leave. He says no problem, I will see later. She says crazy, go away. He goes and says I have see these bikini pics. He calls Khiloni.

Sanju waits for Khiloni. Khiloni comes as beggar. Sanju tells his plan to steal the pics. Sanjana comes and gets in her car. Khiloni stops her. She asks are you mad, what happened, what do you want. Sanju tries getting pics from her purse. Sanju’s hand gets stuck in a trap. He runs away. Khiloni also goes. Sanju says my hand got locked in this trap. Khiloni says I will also go. They leave.

Sanjana says why is my purse open. She sees the trap gone and calls Chedi. She tells about theft, and says I m coming back to office, get CCTV footage ready, I need to check. Sanju sits with the trap, while Khiloni drinks. Khiloni says I will get wine for you. A man comes to open the lock. He boasts of himself. He tries many keys and tries opening the lock.

He says this lock won’t open, I have to cut hand. Khiloni says cut it. Sanju slaps him. He asks the man to leave. He tells Kashmira that he is coming. He asks how shall I go with such hand. Khiloni says I have an idea. Sanju comes home wearing a shawl and says I have fever. Kashmira says sign on this cheque and go to rest. Sanju refuses to sign. He does drama.

Chedi gives the CCTV footage to Sanjana. She checks it. She sees Sanju trying to steal. She says Sanju is the thief. Chedi says I had doubt on him. She says why did you keep him on job. He says I did not know he will target my pocket. She says now Sanju will become target. Sanju argues with Mummy and Kashmira.

Sanjana and Chedi come to confront him. Sanju denies everything. She asks what’s this mouse trap doing in your hand.

Sanju says I m very disturbed, I did not know I will miss Khiloni. Sanjana looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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