Avneil Sweetest Love Story Episode 18 (avneil love confessions from the past)

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Hi everyone . I had probably left their confessions. I had done so as most writers and authors tend to write confessions early in a love story. I wanted a different and unique way of my writing. So i will try to give you the best confession chapter i could give u all.
Also whenever i mention the precap as flashback from the past it means something in the story which happened in the past , that i would write as a chapter. Now readersdon’t get confused again . This chapteris also another flashback and dedicated to ahk26barbie.

There you go

Avni was sleeping . The first time she was smiling gladly for anyone whom she loved except her family. She was dreaming just about Neil, Neil, Neil and Neil.  What was the fact she didn’t proposed neither she knew about his feelings. But she wanted to confess her feelings. To her loving someone at the first glance was a foreigner to her who never existed . But she had been wrong and was on cloud nine and heads and heels love with Neil. How she met him, how their trip to the jungle,  how they got lost, his funny antics, how they became best friends , their coffee encounter , the dream . All of it messed up Avni’s mind . Each bit of their memories were playing and playfully telling her that she had done a thing she couldn’t imagine . What ? That was her unthinkable love for Neil. How it poked her nose, how it got inside her . She wasn’t able to believe but got in love . And now she wanted to confess those stupid yet cupid feelings of hers to him.

He didn’t slept that night. His heart was jumping madly on to such a crazy thing he couldn’t believe after what happened to juhi. He was blinking his eyes but eaxh time  he blinked , an angel face appeared out of nowhere.  He was confused as if he was daydreaming or it was real. His life already had a tragic love story and now his mind and heart were playing and chuckling over the fact that it wouldn’t happen again. It meant only one thing – Am i in love once again? Is it possible or just rumours or real? I realised that maybe i was an excellent trained person of his questioning qualities. But today i am stuck on myself only asking just one question about myself. I realised that i was on cloud nine and heads and heels in love with Avni. I also realised that i would be stupid enough to ignore the fact that shouldn’t try to ignore that crazy feeling i.e. love . I just wanted to meet her and make sure if she had that crazy feeling for me. So slowly and sweetly i planned about it and slept crazily for tomorrow.

Next day

Avni woke up . She got dressed into her most beautiful clothes – A sleeveless multicoloured dress till knee length and a pair of drop multicoloured earrings which shined brightly,the sparkle was visible as if sunlight was pourdd in it. She was looking drop dead gorgeous in that outfit. She couldn’t go unnoticed by anyone ♡♥♡♥★☆

Neil got dressed in his most handsome shirt and wore a matching coat. The shirt perfectly matched him, his bold attire look and the coat couls make any girl fall for him.

Neil was unaware about Avni’s surprise and continued with his confession lessons and a hundred lines for her. While Avni prepared a big surprise for themselves. She prepared the best cold coffee , better than starbucks could prepare and prepared delicious food for them . She prepared candles and flowers and lights and gifts . It was at the corner of a beautiful beach in Mumbai and it was in the outskirts of the city where no one could reach except her. A few metres after that was a beautiful area made with a beautiful waterfall and all types of flowers. She knew her and Neil’s favourite flowers -Middlemist red , jade vine, bird of paradise, blue lotus and all types of camelias. She prepared a hanging where Avneil was written and she attached All pics she could gather of him and herself together. And she also organised a beautiful table at the corner with candle light dinner .

Avni called Neil and said him that come fast it is urgent . He comes there . Before coming there avni blindfolds him . Neil – Yeh kya hai Avni . Aur tumne mujhe kyu bulaya .
Avni : Tum bas chup raho . Aur mai jaisa kahun vaisa karo
Suddenly a phone rings. That was of his mom. Neil went opening the blindfold and talked to his mother. But Avni got furious.  She murmured – Itna accha mauka mila hai apni feelings confess karne ke liye aur ye budhuu baat karne mai laga hai. Suddenly and idea struck her mind and Avni picked up a glass of water . She went near him but soon as she tried to make him wet , he came back . She blindfoldedhim again and took him with her . She made him sit on the seat opposite of hers and opened his blindfold.  He asked what was that ? She said open this box . He opened it up . And what did he found? Two beautiful rings studded with the name “AvNeil” on it . She asked him to make her wear it. He asked why ? She replied – Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki mujhe yeh crazy feeling ka ehsaas hoga par tumse milkar pata nahi dil aur mann mujhse khelna shuru kar diye . Pata nahi kab tumse yeh hua par mai sach kehti hun, ha Neil ki mujhe nahi pata ki tum kya sochte ho. Par pyaar karti hun mai tumse . She spoke with the eagerness of listening those words from Neil.
And Neil. He didn’t waited to speak. He just studded the beautiful ornament in her fingers. She became happy and blessed that her only wish came true . She tried to flutter her eyelashes but fresh and beautiful drops came out slowly and sweetly.  She hugged him and just made the ornament into his finger to complete her heartfelt wish. What an endless night it was . For them it felt the never ending life in that particular day. It was their perfectly dreamt day for which everyone awaits in their life. The sat beside the shore sniffing the beautiful aura of the day they awaited in their lives. ♥♥♥♥
They both were lost in themselves and were feeling extremely blessed . They had finally found their soulmate who combined into them to form one soul . So much sweet day it was for both of them. She saw Neil crying happily but knew about the pains he suffered when he lost juhi. She just kissed his forehead, like a mother and then his lips sweetly making him more happy than a blessed baby. She was also relieved from her past pains that day , so did Neil. Neil also knew her pains and sweetly kissed her forehead and lips too. It made their auspicious day a new beginning of their lives.

Those three beautiful words admist of 5 vowels and three consonants can change anyone’s life , Neil, Avni said . And today it changed our life Avni , Neil said . And today it changed our life Neil , Avni said . These unspoken words remain tied in our hearts forever, Avni said. And no one loves you like i do, Neil said

Hope you all liked this one . Awaiting lot of comments ♡♡♡

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  1. Awesome confession…………keep going…….

  2. Zaina

    samiiiiii… The best confession I ever read. Each and every moment, even the decorations are still visible on my eyes. U done it easily by ur way of writing. its great yaaaaar. keep going…..

  3. u r 2 young and this type of mindss.. credible

  4. Me6104

    wonderful awwwsome ..read my f2f too… hatts of to your writing skills Sam I ..welldone

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Thanks dear. I read ur ff too

  5. Mehak

    Loved it

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Thanks mehak

  6. Amazing one dear but wht is precap

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Shalini i forgot to post the precap. I haven’t written the next chap. May be this story would end in a few chapters and i am working on another ff and os. It is on wattpad. My username their is SamilovesAvNeil7 . You go and check my username . It has all stories written by me

  7. Oh thank u dear

    1. Sweetgirl7

      Welcome. Do join and message me on wattpad telling that u are shalini

  8. Sweetgirl7

    Hey everyone. I have started a new story on Avneil. It is Tu dhadkan mere dil ki. Wajah tum ho

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