Santoshi Maa 15th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Santoshi Maa fights with Asur Raj

Santoshi Maa 15th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asur Raj taking Paulomika’s disguise and getting Gaumata inside the Asur world. Gaumata gets shocked seeing Paulomika. Santoshi Maa says Brahmadev they got trapped by Asur Raj. Devi Paulmi says Gaumata will also die. Asur Raj says I will sacrifice you all today. Santoshi Maa says if we don’t do anything, human’s trust on Devtas will get ruined. Brahmadev says I know this, but there has to be a solution, we can’t attack on invisible world. She says if we reach there, we can get them out. He says its impossible for you to go there, but you can go there with someone. They all discuss. Brahmadev asks three devis to give their powers to Devi Santoshi. Santoshi Maa prays to Suryadev. Devi Paulmi says why is she praying to Suryadev.

Suryadev comes and says my rays are ready to take you anywhere, command me. Brahmadev says Suryadev has agreed. Three devis give their powers. Devi Paulmi says my revenge will be fulfilled in some time, Santoshi Maa will lose now. She laughs. Santoshi Maa gets all the powers in a trishul, which will end Asur powers. Narad greets Santoshi Maa. Devi Paulmi says why is Santoshi Maa invisible, did she go to earth to enter Asur world, I have to inform Asur Raj.

Asur Raj asks her not to worry, no Devta can enter my Maya world. Dhairya, Santoshi and others faint. Agnidev tries to take Santoshi Maa inside the world. Santoshi Maa enters the world. Asur Raj gets shocked. Santoshi Maa sees everyone unconscious. Asur Raj scolds Santoshi Maa. He gets to his true avatar. She says I will punish you for kidnapping my devotees and hurting them, if you apologize, you will get saved. He says impossible, its a crime to enter any rajya, these humans are getting punished for coming here, I will punish you too. He throws fire balls at her. She defends. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi Maa can’t help in front of Asur Raj’s Maya.

Asur Raj says your powers are very small in front of my powers. She says don’t think woman is weak, a Devi ended Asurs, if you don’t surrender, your end is certain, I have come with three Devis powers. He gets shocked. She says don’t put yourself in trouble. He asks her to face his powers if she has power. He attacks on her and laughs. Devi Parvati says Asur Raj will not lose in his world. Narad says Mata should use her powers. Santoshi Maa uses the trishul and defends. Asur Raj gets angry. The fight goes on. Kaka, Kaki and Rudrakshi pray for family. Rudrakshi does aarti. Asur Raj traps Santoshi Maa in his maya. Devi Paulmi laughs and says Santoshi Maa’s powers will end, then she will also be captured.

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  1. how can a devil win against a god? bullshit

  2. Alister La Frenais

    Well I just do not know where the writers are going with fictional story, because as I watch events unfold the story becomes more ridiculous episode by episode. Firstly, let us look at the good guys, what a bunch of softies, who are still playing by the rules whilst the bad guys are making their own rules. Next, I cannot believe that the all knowing, all seeing lord Shiva has not worked out that the current Lord Indra is none other than the original person in disguise. Also what sort of wimp is this Lord Indra, that he has allowed his scheming wife to blackmail him into taking sides with the demonic world. This serial needs new and fresh stories otherwise it will be curtains for program.

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