Mated To The Alpha King….. Sangini… Promo

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Abhi here….
Its swaragini ff….
Chunks..there is a slight change in the title…
N guys…Here is a promo..

“He is a vampire…And he is not your mate””You are mine”

“You dont know who I am..You might be the most powerful wolf,but iam not a simple wof…you wont understand”

He holds her hand tightly.

“I wont let you go to him”

“Who the hell are you to decide that”

“The great Alpha king”

“Leave me…better for you”

Some people comes there .

“Take her”.

“Who are you??where are you taking her”

“She is our king’s daughter”

“Which king”

“I dont consider him as my father…He is a….”

The alpha king beats all of them…

“Hate me to the core..I will keep protecting you”

She leaves from there..

Guys…Its RAGSAN..
Sorry Swa–san Swa–lak Rag–lak fans….N Sree thanks for bashing me…it was fun…Iam not bashing you because I dont wanna stoop so low…

N guys..about wolves….Alpha is most powerful n head of all..Beta is second powerful and Gamma,the third..

love u guys…

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  1. Superbb friend. Thanks for making ragsan ff.

  2. Superbb friend. Thanks for making ragsan ff

  3. Inu

    superb. Nice promo.

  4. Follybraverl

    Awesome Abhi

  5. Sindhura

    Awesome ability I loved you answer and silent treatment for basher

  6. Lovely7

    Awesome abhi

  7. So I was right…Its rag san….Why the hell are u writing on them…swasan is our heavenly couple n plz ,…dont write on that bro sis pair…You blo*dy f**king girl..u think that replying me like stooping low…really!! Then till u reply..u will hear a lot more.

    1. Mind you are language.there are so many beautiful ffs for swasan.go and read other than bashing

    2. U know what u r such a disgusting person…… Its fine… Swa-san might b heavenly couple for u but not for all… N u r no one to abuse the writer. .. No one asked ur typical ” Swa-san fan ” types suggestions… Keep them with u and get lost…..

    3. Why are you bashing if you don’t like ragsan then please move ahead bashing others is not the right way even i don’t like rag—san i love our swasan but bashing is not the right way she/he is writing becuz he/she love rag–san who are we to tell them to stop their ff this section is of swaragini so any one can write on swasan swalak ragsan raglak there are so many amazing swasan ffs go and read them and just to remind you that swasan ffs are more than raglak and ragsan ff so if they are writing let them write it we’ll read our own favs grow up girl!!!!! And i couldn’t reply you more politely than i have ever could and u know one thing you don’t deserve politeness JUST because of your abusive tongue u don’t deserve it but hence your a swasan fan that’s y i m respecting you but please girl listen if you are a TRUE swasan fan then please don’t post abusive comment on any ff that relates to ragini PLEASE otherwise it will create an totally other war already there are no less wars please and one more thing THERE was a bond between rag—san so ragini or sanskaar favs can write on them it is not necessary that we have to write only on those pairs which we see in serial so please!!!!!!!! And you are a swasan fan like me naaa so please go and read swasan ff rather than commenting on raglak/ragsan ffs in abusive language it looks like you are interested more in ragini instead of our swara so please one more time i m repeating GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Asw

    Nice keep going

  9. interesting.small request plz change the cover pics of this ff and Antagonist ff

  10. It’s awesome!! Update soon…

  11. oh sweety i can understand u know science but not need to prove(alpha,beta,gama) but its really nice and different waiting for next. And i said in friendly manner.dont take it serious

  12. Awesome

  13. Ooh pls…I know this abhi…She is a creepy girl….N also long before she used to wrote ragsan ffs..n she stopped all that …so even rags..san fans cant trust,.she will leave in the middle n go,..Sharam nahi aati tujhe abhi….u r writing too many ffs on ragsan just to increase the number of rag. San ffs…i kno it…But ur that dream wont come true..u blo*dy cheapo…Bada aaya rag san fan…

    1. Y r u jealous if there r many ragsan ffs??? if u want to read Swa-san ffs go n read no need to comment here….. U r just SHOWING OFF Ur CHEAP THINKING and ur not-so-good side… So get lost….

    2. Asra

      Ohh sree…u know what…u r soo great yar….u r swasan fan but u read ragsan ff…..and u talk about ragsan ff’s are increasing….it’s clear show u Soooooooo jealous of ragsan…pity for ur thought…and don’t say that irrespectable word to others…if u say that word na it’s show how u r?..and what type of person u r…so be in ur limit…it’s good for u….u love ur heavenly couple swasan na then y u bother about ragsan…plz u concentrate on ur heavenly couple….don’t poke ur nose in other ff….

  14. nice dr update soon

  15. awesome another ragsan ff love u dear

  16. wow again u comeback with ragsan thanks for ragsan dr am crazy fan for them

  17. Asra

    awesome abhi dear…loved it alot….waiting for nxt one and other ff’s dear…
    don’t take that idiot word seriously dear…keep going dear…They r barking dogs…They always like that…tkcr dear…

  18. A.xx

    amazing xx

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