Mated to him!!! Swaragini!!!Prologue

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Hoiii everyone!!
Abhi here!!
Its a new ff!!
Its my first trial on wolf story!!Forgive me for the mistakes.

“Who the blo*dy hell are you”
“Kill them””Iam the most powerful wolf..Iam The Great Alpha ”

“He killed our people”

“What??Hoe dare he?? Wait!Our time will also come!Let him find his mate,then we will show him who we are”

“Hey!!where are you taking me.leave me….”

“Far away from your mate!!Your mate is your badluck”They laughs.

“Hey!!look at her….Her eyes are turning red!!What is she??”


Thats the prologue guys!!

Keep guessing things!

Oops!Forgot to say about pairs!!Guess it till the first episode!!N ha,I will give a clue “Writer Abhi hai toh pair definitely………”

love you guys!!

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  1. Shrilatha

    Abhi 1std question…obvious no abhi means ragsan…but looking at coverpic..letsseee

    1. Abhi142

      That coverpic accidently came yaar….hehe..Thankeww

    1. Abhi142


  2. Follybraverl

    Hey Abhi back with bang awesome love to read wolf story in your style…

    1. Abhi142

      Thankeww so much di..

  3. Good prologue may be pairs are SwaSan and RagLak. Don’t you dare to change this pair or…. Just kidding bro

    1. Abhi142

      Oops…forgive me dude!! Hope you will like the story.

  4. superb dear

  5. Asra

    abhi means ragsan….interesting prologue dear….eagerly waiting for ur update…and ur other ff’s….tkcr dear….

    1. Abhi142

      Thankeww so much yaar..i will post them too..

  6. abi meabs ragsan.famous writer of ragsan.hey r u a sister r brother because ur name suites both

  7. Shiksha

    Good one.. Continue.. Update soon..

  8. Awesome

  9. You blo*dy girl…you always write on that cheapo bro sis rag…..san pair…if u cant write on swasan then u better dont write at all…i will read it only if its swasan..Hate u fir chosing ragsan..i dont understand why are u writing on ragsan..Better stop all ur ffs..Else I will make u stop…

    1. it’s her wish…even i hate rag___san…but who r u to abuse/bash her…and seriously u r threatning writers…shame on u girl..just mind ur business…if it is rag____san then just move on from this…no need to bash or abuse anyone

  10. nice…if it is our heavenly couple swasan??then i’m in?orelse all the best…

    1. and a suggestion…pls dont do this guessing drama’s….bcs of that ppl r bashing u as well as couples…it will be gud to u if u reveal before…n also readers☺thank u!!!

  11. ofcourse ragsan interesting post soon dr

  12. Interesting dear

  13. A.xx

    amazing and love ragsan xx

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