Will she ever be mine? – Part 1

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Hello everyone.. Thank u so much for commenting my ff..For u guys I have decided to write one more ff..This will be completely different..

Very few changes..In anika’s​ life..

Shivaay- same as in serial..Loves anika more than himself.. According to him anika is a drug..He’s very addicted to her..
Anika- daughter of Vikram Rana and loves shivaay a lot..Elder sis of soumaya, gauri, ranveer and ayan..A gynaecologist
Soumaya – sis of anika.. Wife of rudra..Studied MBA..
Gowri- sis of anika..Wife of Om..Studied designing (interior)..
Ranveer – as usual police officer..He’s the commissioner.. Husband of prinyanka..Loves her to the core..Little bit egoistic..
Ayan- singer and did masters in literature..He’s down to the earth..In a realation with Malika..
Vikram Rana: father of anika, gowri,Ranveer and ayan..
Tej Oberoi- father of Om rudra and prinyanka father-in-law of gowri, soumaya..
Shakthi Oberoi- father of shivaay and father-in-law of anika..
Jhanvi tej – mother of Omru and prinyanka and mother-in-law of gowri and soumaya
Pinky shakthi- mother of shivaay and mother-in-law of anika..Very sweet to anika..Because after shivaay married anika..Their stocks became more strong..And they came in the list of top 5 successful business tycoons..

So..I’ll start a small introduction..

In this ff.. Shivaay and anika consummated..So i hope this ff something interesting will happen..

Enough of introduction..I’ll start..

Early in the morning… in our shivika’s room..On the bed only shivaay was sleeping..Anika was not found..After 5-10min..Anika came out from restroom and saw her lady love sleeping so peacefully..She had thought some naughtiness…She came very close to him..She took a glass of water and was about to pour it on him Wen our shivaay told in sleep..
S: don’t u dare pour water in me..Then I’ll show u my tadi..
A:oh beti ki..He knew it before itself..I think it’s better i stop..Otherwise..There will some argument..
Anika kept the glass back at the table..She saw water droplets coming from her hair..This was enough for her to disturb him again..She went near him..And was about to keep her hair on his face..He didn’t even react..Then with her hair she turned left and right..This time the water was continuesly coming to his face..Then also he didn’t react..So finally wat she did..Just kiss him twice..In both the cheeks..Then also Shivaay didn’t react..She got very angry..And said..
A: keep showing ur tadi..I’m going to my ex-husband’s house..
She started giggling because it was not true..
Shivaay woke up with a jerk..And asked her
S: what did u say?? So I’m not the first one..oh fish..Now wat will i do?.
A: thank you so much hubby for believing it..
S: is that true or not?? Am i ur first or second??
A:idk..I have just one person in my life..
S: is it me?? Please tell me..I’ll do anything for u after knowing who that idiot is!!
Anika was on full rage..Because she never though her hubby to ask questions like this..So instead of scolding him..She kissed him on his lips..
He was first shocked and then reciprocated…
Then she told him that it was him..
A: shivaay u’ll be first and my last!! Happy??
S: y do u give me such type of shocks??
A: because i wanna see how possessive is my husband!!
S: u r impossible..
A: ik that..
And he kissed on her cheek…

Precap: nok-jok continues..anika’s ex comes and hugs her..Full of jealous, romance, and betrayal..

Stay tune people….
Love u all

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  1. Awesome

    1. Thank you..

  2. Awesome….Very Intrestingm.yaar waiting for next part

    1. Thank you..I’m happy that u liked it..

  3. Great
    Seems to be quiet interesting
    Waiting to see jealous shivaay

    1. Thank you..

  4. Sairan

    Wowww.. Really interesting

    1. Thank you..

  5. Awesome epi

    1. Thanks yaar…

  6. Great one!

    1. Thanks yaar..

  7. Amayaa

    This is such a short post
    Not fair ha
    It’s amazing
    PRECAP nd next part will surely made me speechless
    Shivay jealousy part

    1. I’m so sorry for the short post..I’ll make sure that the next update will be long..I’m happy that u liked it..

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Amazing… Really Anika’s ex??? Interesting! Eagerly waiting for next part.

  9. Haha…will get to see jealous singh oberoi

    1. Thanks for commenting..I’ll make sure i post the next update today itself..

  10. Sunanda12345

    Superb….very interesting
    Shivayy felling jealous….???

    1. Thanks for commenting..

  11. Awesome

    1. Thank you

  12. Nice one dear

    1. Thank you

  13. Nathan….. it’s was an awesome ff and nice starting. update soon…..

    1. *Nuthan

    2. I’m happy that u like it..I have no idea who to make anika’s ex..Will u please suggest me some names??

      1. Nuthan, I’m also a malayalee from Thiruvananthapuram. For anika s ex I suggest vikram Singh chauhan(atharv) from JNDD or varun toorkey(tushar Malik) from hum ko tum se ho gaya he pyaar kya karein.

  14. Archisha

    Awesome one. And Anika’s ex ??.

  15. SamSun

    superb!! keep going and post soon.

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