Mastaangi: A reborn love story (Episode 1)

A girl is sleeping when she sees a dream.

The girl catches a gun in her hand.A boy is proposing her but she shoots him on chest with gun.She jerks from her sleep.

She is Ria.Anu comes there.

Anu:Ria what happened?

Ria:I again saw same dream.

Anu:Since childhood you are seeing same dream.

Ria:What is the secret behind this dream?

A boy is in gym doing exercise.He is Karan.

Jiggs comes there.

Jiggs:Karan yaar how much exercise you will do?

Karan stops doing exercise.

Karan:We should always do exercise.It is good for health.Let’s get ready for college.

At college A boy is complimenting on every girl.

It’s Euro.

Euro:Oh ho she is hot and s*xy.If I would be able to control her then I would take her to my bed and then I will do everything with her.If in cloths she would look hot and s*xy then without cloths she would look a item bomb.

The girl tries to hide her self and goes from there.

Euro:This girl will be in bed with me.

He laughs.

Karan and Jiggs comes to Euro.

Jiggs:So which girl you are imagining without cloths?

Euro:All the girls of the college.See that girl will be in bed with me at night.

Ria and Anu enters the college.Su is standing at a corner so Anu and Ria goes there.

Anu:What happened Su why are you standing alone?

Su:I am very scared.Today that Europe was seeing me with bad sight.

(Yes she was Su)

Ria:Don’t worry Su.He can’t do anything.

Su:But then also.

Anu:Dint worry Su we are there with you.

College ends after some hours.Su decides to go with Ria and Anu.

Su is coming out of college when Euro takes her to a college room where no one comes.

Euro:Su don’t get scared.I will just remove your cloths and will have some fun with you.

He laughs.He takes her phone and messages Anu as Su that she will not be able to come to their house.

Anu reads it and says to Ria.

Anu:Su is not coming with us Ria.

Ria:She would be having some work.Let’s go home.

Both leave.At night Euro is applying deospray on him and thinks

Euro:Karan told me not to play with girls but I will play.I am not his doll.

Euro goes to Su.

Euro:Su get ready.

Euro comes near to her.Su is very much scared.Euro touches her shoulder.Then he touches her back.He kisses her br*asts.She shouts but Euro slaps her and says

Euro:Be quite or else you will get very much pain from me.

He touches her private place.He forcefully takes her to bed and lays her.He removes her cloths and says

Euro:You are very much s*xy.

Now she is in her undergarments and bra.He comes near her br*ast and bites her br*ast.He removed her bra and undergarments and removes his phone and clicks her photo naked.

Su:Please do anything but don’t click my photos.

Euro:s*xy I will click your photo.

Euro clicks her more photos.He touches her whole body.Su is crying.He kisses her pu**y.

He bites her nip*le.Europe gets very much mad and bites between her legs.She starts shouting and asks him to stop.He slaps her and rapes her.He kisses her br*ast and kisses her bumps.

To be continued

Guys I know it’s very much but next episode will be only based on Karan and Ria

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