LOVE(RagSan) Part-25

hii guys… here is the next chapter.nd please bear with my typos..

morning sun rays fall on ragini disturbing her sleep..she gets up and as usual does all her cores..

on the other side.. sanskar is seen talking to laksh and swara…

swara-do you think it works?

laksh-yes ofcourse ..what say bhai?

sanskar-i donno laksh..i want to meet her and talk to her thats it..

they all hear the cry of the baby adi nd rush to him..

its evening around 7 pm and dadi,shekhar went out on some work whereas sumi is down doing some work.ragini is all alone in her room upstairs..

suddenly she hear some odd sound.. she turns back and is about to shout but someone puts hand on her mouth stopping her from shouting..its sanskar.

sanskar-ragini..dont shout.its me im removing my hand nd please dont shout..

sanskar removes his hand and stands there.

ragini who is confused and thousands of questions were running in her mind like why he came here?what he want to say?if papa sees him then?why did he come at this time?

sanskar-i know u r thinking that why i came here..

ragini is shocked that how he knows what she was thinking..

sansakar gives her a chocolate and says that im here to tell you about our marriage.our love…

ragini hesitatingly takes the chocolate nd they both sit on the she also wanted to know what has happened.

sanskar has a bag in her hand ..he opens the zip nd takes out one dupatta..its ragini’s dupatta..

sanskar-you know ragini this was you favourite know why?

ragini nodded in no.because this was my favourite colour..nd i used to hold this dupatta nd walk behind you..

he then shows her a photo where he was catching her dupatta nd following her like a small child..

ragini sees it and laughs..

sanskar-ragini..could you recollect anything?

ragini nods in no..

sanskar-i know your papa nd dadi must have said some fake story about our marriage..

ragini-they told me that you came to mm to take revenge nd forcefully married it true?

sanskar-yes that was true.. a tear escapes from ragini’s eyes …he then continues.. but its only a part that you know.. its true that i came here to take revenge..but i didnt took any revenge.. you know why?

ragini nods in no

sanskar-becuse of came into my life nd changed made me realise how wrong i was.. your love has changed me… (guys here he dont want to say that ragini loved laksh nd tried to defame her sister for he thought that ragini would feel guilty )

he shows her all the pics …their marriage one.. nd the one in which both were dancing on their sangeet etc..

sanskar-ragini..please try to remembr something..atleast me..please ragini..just give a try..

ragini closes her eyes nd tries to remember..but of no use..she tells him the same..

sanskar-ragini… i know that i shouldnt do this all nd give the stress for you..but its should have to remember me before everything should get back your memory… ragini ..agar tum mujhe bhool jaogi toh mein jeena bhool jaunga yaar.. ek tum hi ho jisne mujhe phir se jeena sikha di..agar tum hi nahi ho mere saath mere jeena ki wajah hi nahi rahegi kyunki mere jeene ki wajah tum ho… saying so he kisses on her forehead bids bye nd leaves disappointedly…

ragini remembers his words nd tears roll from her eyes…why cant i remember anything…god ..why you always wanted to test me… why i cant see him sad…..

on the other side sanskar is seen who is looking from his window nd remembering all those moments with ragini.. the song starts playing in the background..

paas aaye..dhooriya phir bhi kam na huyii..
ek hamari kahanii rahi..

ragini looks at those pictures which sanskar left there..

aasmaan ko zameen ye zaroori nahi..ja mile..ja mile..

a tear escapes from sanskar’s eyes..

ishq sacha wahii jisko mite nahi manzilein manzilein..
rang the noor thaa..jab kariib tu tha…
ek jannat sa thaa ye jahaan..
waqt ki reth pe kuch mere naam sa..
likh khe chod gaya tu kahaa…

screen splits on sad faces of ragini and sanskar

humarii adhurii kahani…. humari adhurii kahani….

days pass on like this..and everyday sanskar would come to her something nd tell her about the moments that they spent together..there was no improvement in ragini’s condition..she is unable to recollect anything..but there was something about her bond with sanskar which she usually feels…she got used to him..unknowingly she got attracted towards him..sometimes there were fights when sanskar couldnt turn up..or when he was late..then he used to bring her somemore chocolates to make her cool down..

slowly ragini started feeling for him..she doesnt know whether she loved him in the past or not..all that she knew is that …now she loves him and cant stay away from him.. but there were still so many questions in her why her dadi nd papa dont wanted sanskar near her?she tried to ask many a times but no one were ready to answer her..there were some facts which were not told to her like she becoming pregnant nd loosing her baby…but neverthless…all that she knew is that sanskar loves her a lotnd she too does the same…

days passed into weeks nd then a month…

on one fine night as usual our ragini and sanskar were sitting on the bed..sanskar was saying her how she used to fight with him for small things…and then they started fighting really…suddenly they heard a voice with full og rage nd anger shouting ragini…its shekhar

shekhar dragged sanskar downstairs nd pushed him away..he fell down..everyone came out.. many times i told you to stay away from my daughter…

sanskar-papa please… listen once to me..

shekhar-shut up.. im warning you if i again see you here.. i swear that i wont leave you..

ragini was standing there with tears not knowing what to do nd shekhar dragged her in and closed the doors. many times i have told you to stay away from him..he is not worth of you..he dont deserve you..

ragini-papa..i dont know what happened before..but all i know is that he loves me a lot and..

shekhar shouts ..and what?

ragini-and i too started loving him papa..

shekhar-ragini..what nonsense are you talking?

ragini-its true..i love him..i dont know why but i see love for me in his eyes..

shekhar-fine..if you have decided then whats the need of my decision.. go ahead.. be happy..but remember one thing..if you want him then forget that you have papa nd dadi…you should break all relations with us..

ragini is hell shocked..shekhar leaves and ragini starts crying..

precap:sanskar to leave ragini and go back to delhi… what would ragini do?will she leaves shekhar or leaves sanskar..?

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