Swaragini – Royal Love episode 23

Hello friends I’m back. Sorry for late. I’m very disappointed with comments. Please all readers comments. And yashu sarah is having her exams thats why unable to reply you. And she said sorry for it. And I’m sorry too because today i will make swasan proposal and next episode raglak proposal so that i can give equal importance to both couple… Is that ok ??
Lets begin…

Swara : you’re his soldier. She used to speak about you and that too..one day she..
Laksh : slapping me…
Swara : yes…but you guys didn’t knew each other…
Laksh : yes and I’m surprised too..i have to return back I’ll come tomorrow.
Swara : ok. But please..
Laksh : don’t worry I’ll not inform dadabhai.

Laksh goes back, swara went near Ragini and take care of her whole night.

At morning
Ragini : jijji…no never
Swara : Ragini ! Drink it now its just Kara.
Ragini drinks it making faces.
Ragini : jijji im ok.don’t worry for me.
The whole day passed and no2 it’s evening, swara have forget about Sanskar.
Ragini : jiji..don’t stay with me all time with angry eyes…I want to play with Kali. You go and meet your fluter.
Swara : arre i had forgotten about him and its night… Oh god i cant break my promise…but you don’t move from here !
Ragini nods innocently

Swara gets ready just like cover pic. She wear his anklets whose were looking more beautiful in her ankles.
She runs through the fair and think will he Wait for so long…. Lets see but should i go empty hand..
She sees a shop and buys a very beautiful flute for her fluter. She think it’s a good gift for him.
And she procceds towards yamuna ghat.

Sanskar is waiting for swara since evening. He was nervous so he came before but she has not come yet. He is becoming more restless, he wants to propose and reveal his identity he will say his past and bad deeds too but when will she come…
Its a full moon night. Moon is reflecting on the calm water of yamuna. Everything looks heavenly beautiful… But it will complete when his pari will come…
Chan.. Chan
Sanskar heartbeat increased. Wind blows and he feels pari is coming. He turns back and saw…
A fairy…really his pari is looking something out of the world. How can someone look so beautiful… His eyes went on his feet his anklets are increasing her beauty.. He feels the moon is too jealous… She is looking like a pari who just don’t have wings…
Swara : im soo sorry… Please forgive me. Actually i was busy and…
Sanskar keeps a finger on her lip and she shocks she don’t know why current passes through her body..
Sanskar : no problem pari…i can wait for you.. Life long..
Swara : today i have bought a gift for you hope you like it..
She gives the flute. He takes it and feels no jewel is precious than this flute..
Sanskar : thank you. You’re looking like a pari..pari
Swara smiles
Swara goes near the water and touches it.
Swara : its so beautiful…
Sge keeps playing
Sanskar : pari..i want to confess something. I’m a very bad person… Im mean selfish and arrogant.. Im a very bad Prince..
Swara without turning : Prince ?
Sanskar : yes…pari im a Prince who have all bad habits…but after meeting you… I have forget all my addiction.. The first time when i saw you was the best moment of my life. I just fell for you unknowingly… Please accept my love… I will give you all the happiness of world… You’ll be my Queen… And now i know it’s not lust only a pur love… Will you accept my love…
Swara was not ready for it..but she is feeling immerse pleasure…
Swara : you know about me.but why you hide this…
Sanskar : im sorry but i didn’t had any bad intention… I was just scared that you’ll leave me after knowing im YUVRAJ SANSKAR SINGH OF MAHISMATI !
Swara looked at Sanskar in horror. Its the biggest shock she can get…the person whom she had said to go away.. Wants to marry her…
Swara (murmurs) kuwar ji !
Sanskar : pari !
Swara : you know everything about me ?
Sanskar : yes.. From the first day i know your reality… I too know why you came here.. But trust me all this doesn’t matters cause i love you..
Swara : what i did in past doesn’t matters..
Sanskar : yes nothing matters…only if you love me..we both will start a new beginning..will you marry me pari…
Sanskar sit on his knee and holds her hand

Swara point of view
Kuwar ji…who didn’t liked me a bit in childhood… Who used to think im not capable of a princess is fluter… Who was my best friend… He wants to marry me..he loves me ! Is it a beau beautiful dream…
From my childhood i used to admire him though he didn’t liked me but i used to wait for his call. I used to see from behind when he used to play with Ragini… Now he lovese…i felt stabbing my heart when i said him to leave…but i had to save Ragini.. Now he have forgiven me and wants me to accept his love….is this a dream..how should i answer him that i longed for 11 years just to see him…but i always feared i will see hatred in his eyes…but today it is filled with pure love…

Sanskar point of view
Will pari accept me…please God… I don’t care if she is a maid…u just cant live without her.. God please its my only wish.
Sanskar : pari…???
Swara : yes.. I. Love you too my fluter
Sanskar couldn’t just believe… He just hold her arm and asked again.
Swara : i accept you
Sanskar took her in arms and swirls around pari… I love you…

Yamuna and moon became the witness of this new bloomed unique love which doesn’t know its destination…..

Ragini smiles in her sleep.
Ragini and Laksh are roaming in a garden… Laksh : don’t leave my hand..
Ragini hides behind a bush and smile mischievously.
Laksh became shocked and tensed he started to look for her and saw her back.
He to smiles mischievously
Laksh : i think i should go back now its going to be night
He goes behind a tree
Ragini comes out now she is tensed. She looks for Laksh but doesn’t find him… She was on the verge of crying when Laksh taps her shoulder. She turns and hugs him tightly.
Ragini : you’re very bad…how can you leave me Alone…
Laksh : it was you’re mischief… I just add a bit…
Ragini show s faces and waa about to go..
When Laksh holds her and she lands on his chest….
Laksh : not soo soon princess…
Ragini blushes
Laksh leans to kiss her and and

? ? ? ? ?
They both kissed passionately. While kissing they both fall and Flowers fall on them from sky !!
(Just kiss..okay ? ??)
Ragini blushes in sleep.

Laksh saw the same dream and murmurs : I’ll have to propose you princess Archer…

Precap : raglak proposal , swasan little romance

Guys please all comment or give suggestion or tell me to stop it..do something friend ….
Guys let me clear
Ragini will know about Laksh in next episode.. Swara knows laksh Sanskar, Laksh knows Ragini , Sanskar knows Ragini , Ragini knows Sanskar is in fair , Laksh knows swara.
Only Sanskar will not know whom he loved, his pari is swara mahesmaheshwari.

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