I am married to don (epi-10)

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In city hospital
Doctor -Mr ashish agrawal I told you early also. ..her life is under risk…..with every Sun rise she is coming close to her death
Tittu-dr I know but problem is very big she is not only facing brain tumer but multiple personality disorder

Pancchi- Dr her other personality is very dangerous. ….
Doctor -your point is also correct but she has to be under medical treatment before its too late and let me tell you it won’t be easier after operation she will loose her complete memory
Ashish-oh god …….how much time is their
Doctor -merely one month. …but beta careful she should take medicine and precautions otherwise I am sorry
Outside doctors cabin
Pancchi-tittu now what we will do. ….she is very stubborn. ….she won’t agree…without bringing her parents and in laws in right path
Ashish-Pancchi ji atleast she can try to solve the problem of personality disorder
Pancchi-tittu. ..it’s will end when they all leave illegal activities
In mm

All were ready to start their life in right path
Dp- but our partners and business will not leave us easily it’s one way
Sanskar -dad i will everything only after killing that psycho killer
Sumi -no need beta ….I already lost my kids i don’t want to lose u…..
Laksh -firstly we will take one step rest will be guided by god
Ap-you take step towards Ragini and tell her we are coming to take her back as my bahu
Laksh happily hugs Ap and run away all smiles
In ragini house
Ragini is standing on lone … . . Lost in her thought regarding what will be Laksh decision so on …..Ragini feels someone presence ………….Ragini turn and get biggest shock .
”””””””””””””””””””Sahil “”””””””””””””””””””””

Sahil come forward and hugs Ragini and kiss her forehead …Ragini push him
Ragini -how dare you come here. I told you early also I am not with u
Sahil -don’t forget I am your brother
Ragini -how could I …because of u once I became animal. …u lied to me that our parents were killed by maheshwari’s …. because of that lie i became the killer of two innocent soul …
Sahil-yeah the bomb blast …my God what a brain u got u plant bomb in Dp’s car but the kids adi and ruhi bad luck
Ragini -how could u sahil..
Sahil holds Ragini’s shoulders
Sahil -how could I. Ha how could they married ishita to that raman. ..I more successful than him good looking. ..they all cheated me firstly they made her alliance with me……
Ragini jerk his hands
Ragini -bhaiya ishita di loved raman. .that’s why they broken your alliance
Sahil-what about my love ……they snatched everything from me…..firstly my love then you
Ragini -and u. …u tried molest ishita if I got to know about your intention earlier then I will not helped that knight so ishita ji is alive
Sahil-i will take everything from them ….
Sahil goes Ragini goes Inside but shocks to see Laksh standing on the way with eyes full of tears ……
Ragini’s point of view
By seeing him it’s like ground below my foot has vanished ….my world is finished i came forward to tell but he without letting me say anything he goes away ….I also run behind him but sudden pain rise in my stomach. …when I gathered the strength but it’s late he has gone. …….?????
Ragini point of view end
Laksh point of view
???????I heard everything she cheated me her love is fake she came to my life by planning. She killed my innocent nephews ..swara bhabhi is right we gangster are never worth for anyone trust ..????..she cheated me sometimes before I have dreamed a new life with her and our child….
Laksh apply sudden break
Its really my child or no no no its mine…as their is a war between my heart and brain
Brain say it’s not my child heart says it’s mine
Laksh point of view end
In mm
All were worried about swara she is missing from morning and all the guys gone in search of her came back ….sanskar also gone in search of her but no result…..sumi and Shekhar also came to mm All where worried. .then sumi received call from Tittu..he tell that swara is with Pancchi as she pregnant and tomorrow is her delivery date …..and she is not well…all convinced by tittu’s lie
Sanskar point of view
Swara what you did to me…I can’t say without you for a second and u have closed for phone also …I know your friend is needed your support but still u can talk to your husband for a second
I am restless I want my swara know…oh God is behaving like a kid ..i should take a shower and sleep otherwise her memory make me crazy. ..I saw blood drop near cupboard and remember morning incident
How could I behave like this with her from starting I am doing like this I am hurting a innocent soul I take my belt and punished myself for hurting my swara after one hour I am sweeting I thought to take a bath
I moved towards the cupboard in took my clothes I lost my balance. .oh God her clothes falls down. .somehow I managed to arrange it…I closed the cupboard…. something strike in mind …..I open the cupboard and see some medicine it’s xyz medicine which doctor told me….I am shocked …I search her drawer from it i got doctor prescription on it clearly written patient name swara
But how could she kill her own brother no no she can’t ..I lied on bed and closed my eyes .I totally disturbed ishu di and raman jiju memory. I get up collected the medicine and her blood samples from floor ….
Sanskar -i am doing it for myself satisfaction
I drive to the doctor and hand over and blood sample he told me he will give the reports tomorrow
Sanskar point of view end
Farm house
Laksh is sitting in bar counter and drinking wine then his pa comes
Laksh -what u know
Pa-sir I true that accident is planned by Ragini mam but sir for dp sir and sir she was the one who leaked the information to sengupta group 1 year before ….she came know about her pregnancy one week before and sir she
Laksh -what she
Pa-sir it’s not her first pregnancy
Laksh shocks and gets up and comes to his parents and hold his shoulder
Laksh -what u mean say it clearly
Pa-sir has aborted your first child

Recap -dramaka/blast

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