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All meets in party and wishes eachother happy new year and leaves for home…
Raizada’s house…!
Ishita:it was a great party
Raman:I met with many friends
Rudr:and new year was so good
Romi:btw whose face you saw on 12:00 clock
All looks at romi

Romi:yes you all guessed it right I didn’t show him my face
All laughs!
Ishita:mtlb seriously iss time you guyx didn’t saw eachother
Raman:then who you see?
Rudr:this time I saw…
All looks at rudr curiously
Rudr:my photo in my phone
He laughs
All give whatever looks…
Ishita:okay so it’s too late lets sleep
Khushi:Hmmm want to office tomorrow
Arnav:so much pending works
All put their hands on head
Romi:they start again
Rudr:their office work will never end
They laughs and All moves towards their rooms
Annika:party was so amazing and I really love that lantern thing
Shivaye:hmm it was good
Annika:may I ask something?
Shivaye:if I say no then also you will ask so continue…
Annika:I saw your mood little off what happened?
Shivaye(remembering all):nothing just aise hi
Annika(tensed):you okay na?
Shivaye:yah yah don’t worry lets sleep
Annika:hmm I will change and come.
Raizada’s house…!
Khushi after changing clothes was putting her clothes in cupboard
Someone knocks on door…

Khushi:come in!han bolo Arnav any work?
Arnav:how do you know I m here
Khushi turns face
Khushi:because I know no one can come to me this time other than you
Arnav(holds her hand):come sit here
Khushi:what happened Arnav?
Arnav:khushi you know na I can’t see you in pain
Khushi:Han I know but I m totally fine
Arnav:lie lie a big lie
Khushi:nhi Arnav pakka I m fine
And stands up from bed
Arnav:then look at me look in my eyes and say you are fine
Khushi:I m fine
Arnav:look in eyes
Khushi can’t it more and broke down hugging him
Arnav:shhh shhhh now tell me what happen?
Khushi(still hugging):Arnav today I feel no I m sure Bhai was here han Arnav Bhai was here
Arnav:Bhai?r u sure khushi?
Khushi:Han Han Arnav I m damn sure it was Bhai my Bhai Arnav my Bhai
Arnav for a minute feels insecure
Arnav:acha acha
He breaks hug and continues
Arnav:then why don’t you meet him?
Khushi:I was afraid and I ran from there
Arnav:ok stop crying i will find out! You sleep
Arnav makes her sleep by much difficulty and goes…

A sound echoes in whole house
Arnav:khushiiiiiiii khushiiiiiiiiii
Ishita:what happened chotai what happened?
Romi:what happened Arnav?
Arnav:I m not finding khushi anywhere
Rudr:she would have left for office
Arnav:but she never left without informing me and I have called in office to she didn’t reach there
Ishita:acha relax chore wait…(she shouts)HP
Hp:jeeee di
Arnav:have you seen khushi anywhere?
Hp:Han she went out early morning
Hp:don’t know but bitiya was looking very tensed she was talking in phone
Rudr:where khushi went so early?
Romi:did you hear what she was taking?
Just then Arnav receives a call
Driver:sorry sir I know you would be waiting but khushi man ask me to wait outside
All ask him to put the phone on speaker
Ishita:where is khushi?
Driver:mam wo Mrs khanna passed away khushi mam is in her last funeral
The phone falls from arnavs hand and he starts shaking all become shocked and runs so fast that no one can imagine…
All sits in car and romi drives the car so fst
All reaches there

Ishita(to a lady):excuse me I feel very bad for Mrs khanna do you know where is khushi
Lady:Han I saw her she went with Mrs khanna’s sister for her last funneral
All looks at eachother and run
Khushi was standing far from fire seeing Mrs khanna who was burning(Hindu’s custom)
Suddenly she starts getting so much flashback
Flashback 1…!
Someone was burning and everyone was crying
Flashback 2…!
Girl:crying?khushi you are crying?its you are the only reason of his death
Khushi(crying badly):trust me trust me I didn’t do that it was not my mistake
Everyone start shouting on khushi
Flashback 3…!
Man:you snatched my life you snatched him you snatched him goooo go from here

Khushi put her hand on Head and it starts paining
She loses her senses and shouts
Khushi:noooooo noooooo I didn’t did that I didn’t do that nooo
And runs near fire
Khushi:stop it stoooopppppo don’t burn don’t do it how will I live?
Just then three reaches there and runs to stop khushi
Ishita(crying badly):no khushi nooo see khushi khushi diiii diiii I m here
Khushi:seeee naaa seeeee someone see why r u all crying why stop it
All people become shocked
Arnav(hugs her):khushiiiiiiii Khushi no no nothing happened everything is fine see see
Rudr and romi cryingly
Rudr:khushi Sb theek hai

Romi:khushi kuch nhi kuch nhi huwa khushi Sb theek hai
But khushi was not ready to listen to anyone and was shouting and cryingly badly
Romi(cryingly):Arnav I think now we should do that
Arnav(helplessly):call driver
Driver comes taking injection
Driver:sir!here it is
Ishita sees Arnav’s Condition who was shaking and moving back
Ishita(controlling herself):chote no no you can’t lose strength you
Romi:Arnav you have to do it
Rudr gives injection in Arnav hand
Arnav helplessly having red eyes full of pain takes it and injects khushi feeling the entire pain
Ku dard hai itnaaa
Tere liye ishq mai
She faints in arnan’s arm
Rabave raba ve plays…
They take khushi home…!
After few times
A dark room…!
Rudr(shouting):enough is enough Arnav!we are tired we are seriously tired with this?
Romi(in full anger):did you even know Arnav it’s six years six years she is living with us
Ishita(scolding):and what’s the reason?we didn’t know wah chote wah today again it happened
Rudr:Arnav again again and again we have to see her like this
Romi:whenever she sees this she behave like this but whyyy?
Ishita:why Arnav why???answer na I need answer why she loses her sense whyyy!
All are in full rage of anger that they will surely kill Arnav
Arnav:stop you all!i told you na can’t tell this
Ishita(shouts loudly):arnavvvv!its enough it’s been six years we didn’t ask anything but today u have to tell
Arnav:so you all want to listen na ok so today I will tell you listen!

The whole flashback of khushis past
All shock and crying faces are shown!

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  2. Very nice dear

  3. Veronica

    Awesome yaar

  4. Nice episode…

  5. Kumud

    Superb and touching could feel khushi pain

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