Manmohini 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shiv accepts wedding proposal for Ketki

Manmohini 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya challenges Ketki to go and express her love to Shiv herself, she will go on her own and speak to Shiv. Ketki may stop her if she dares to. Sunanda had come home and hears this conversation. She stops Ananya and asks if she is going to Shiv. Ananya says she must speak her heart out to Shiv. She has been suffocating and won’t be able to contain her feelings anymore. Sunanda advises Ananya not to go at night, she may speak tomorrow morning.

Mishra ji and Radha approves to Amma ji of Shiv’s proposal for Ketki. Amma ji wonders why she could never think of this proposal earlier. Sunanda stood outside the room and happily hears the planning. Mishra ji plans with Radha that this proposal is the key to inheritance of this whole house. Sunanda was happy that her problem was being solved on its own.

The next morning, Ketki watches Shiv’s towel outside the bath. She decides to see his six packs as well. Ananya finds Ketki outside the door of Shiv’s room and wonders how she will talk to Shiv now. She thinks of an idea, goes downstairs and loudly speaks to Shiv downstairs. Ketki hears her voice and hurries downstairs. Ananya laughs at her innocence and runs upstairs. Shiv looks for the towel outside the bath and asks for his towel. Ananya was mischievous and hands him a pink saree. Shiv helplessly wraps the saree and walks out of the bath. Ananya breaks into a loud laughter. Shiv slips in the saree and fell over Ananya on the bed nearby. They share a prolonged deep stare. Ananya gives her hand to Shiv helping him to stand up, both fell again this time Ananya above Shiv.

Ananya speaks to Shiv that their meeting is a coincidence, and a blessing from God. They met at a moment which is the blessed one. She turns away to speak about her heart… but turns to find Shiv had already left. Annoyed, Ananya comes to Shiv’s room and bolts the door. Ananya questions how dare he left her talking. Shiv tries to stop her but she wasn’t ready to listen. Ananya says their fights and annoyance is a symbol from Mahadev. It’s a first step to love. She fall in love with him unknowingly. He won’t find anything but love in her eyes now. She smiles and says it’s not one-sided; he also loves her. Does he? Shiv stared at Ananya, then angrily stares back and replies, no. Ananya was taken aback. Shiv says how much they know each other for love. These films have ruined her mind. She must keep seeing things practically, it was only his soft nature and his humanity. Amma ji comes to Shiv’s room. Shiv makes Ananya hide behind the couch and opens the door.

Inside, Amma ji says she had to speak to him but it didn’t suit her to invite him. Shiv has brought bunch of happiness in her family. He has been lucky for her family. She has brought a request for him today, as he always considers her as his Dadi. Amma ji requests Shiv to hold hand of her daughter. Ananya thinks about Amma ji’s promise with Ketki. Tears fill her eyes as she was hidden behind the couch. Amma ji says her Ketki will always respect him and his family. Shiv was taken aback at mention of name, Ketki. Amma ji says she hopes he won’t disagree and has brought a thaal of aarti. Shiv looks towards Ananya. He thinks Ananya is stubborn, but her life would be endangered because of him. If he accepts Dadi’s proposal, Ananya would back up herself. He can never tell Ananya about his love. He hurtfully looks towards Ananya, then accepts the proposal from Dadi. Amma ji was excited and prays for the couple.

Ananya appears from behind the couch, bolts the room and questions if he wants to marry Ketu? She tells him to return the Shagun. Shiv questions who she is to order him all this. He has to marry Ketki.

Update Credit to: Sona

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