Bigg Boss 13 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Paras and Sid in the secret room

Bigg Boss 13 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 71
10:45 AM
Sana asks Vikas if there is love? Vikas says they are talking about #SidNaaz, everyone likes you with Sid but then you told Paras that you love him and we got confused. Sid laughs. Vikas says you love Sid or Paras? Sana says it was for the camera, I say love you to everyone that leaves. I love people who live with me, I won’t be seen with Paras anywhere.

1 PM
Rashami tells Bhau that Sid is very cheap, I had to put up with him for work, he is so fake. Bhau says who will give him work like this. I heard that he was in a mental asylum. Rashami says he laughs when we get scolded or when my matter was discussed.

Arhaan tells Rashami that you know everything about me. Rashami says except one, we don’t get everything in life but this will affect my life but I have to take care of you. I have told you that we will not talk about this anymore.

2 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Sid is not feeling well so the doctors have to check him, he will leave the house for some time and will come back. Sid is confused. Arti says what is happening in this show? Mahira goes and cries. Rashami says what will Sana do now? Asim says he has to go for his recovery. Bagga tells Mahira that this is upsetting. Sid hugs Vishal. He hugs Mahira and Sana. Sid hugs Arhaan and greets others. Sid says I will be fine. He goes to the confession room. Arti, Sana and Mahira cry. Sana cries and says I am alone. Mahira hugs her.

8 PM
Sana cries. Arti hugs her and says I am with you. He needs that proper treatment. Mahira says I am with you. Sana says I can’t talk everything with you people. Mahira says I can’t but I am living without Paras.

9:30 PM
Vikas asks Vishal why he fought with her? You both were in the finale. Madhu says in the finale, he didn’t want to be in the show with me, we were different people. Vishal says when intentions are not right then nothing is good. Vikas says you both still have some good feelings with each other.

10:15 PM
Sid enters a secret room. He looks around and wears headphones. Bigg Boss tells him that the doctors have asked you to rest but you can watch and listen to the inmates. Take rest here.

10:45 PM
Shefali Zari says we should have fun here, I became a different person but now Paras and Sid are not here so we can make a good environment here.
Sana tells Mahira that I still feel he is here. Mahira says they hate him so much. Mahira cries. Sana says I am feeling good that you are crying, I am not alone anymore. Sid hears it and smiles.

11:30 PM
Paras enters the secret room and hugs Sid. Paras says they gave me anti-biotics. Sid says I have typhoid. Paras says you look weak now. They listen to the inmates in the house. Mahira tells Sana that I am attacked because of Paras not coming back. Sana says they have sent so many people, just send a hot guy for me. Paras and Sid laugh. Sana says please bring Sid back home, they don’t talk to me anymore. Sid tells Paras that Vikas Gupta entered the house. Mahira says I remember Paras’ smile. Sana says I can smell him on this couch. Mahira smells it. Sana mimics Paras. Paras laughs.

12:30 AM
Sid tells Paras that Arhaan, Rashami, Shefali were happy to see Vikas in the house. In the house, Vikas talks to Shefali Zari. Paras says he was the mastermind in his season, we will see who is the mastermind this season.
Sid tells Paras that Shefali Zari is hugging Asim, going near him which is not very comfortable. Paras says I am avoiding this topic, nobody is married in this house. I know my friend is a man but I can’t tell him that his wife is sitting and sleeping close to a man, going all over him. I have a cold war with Vikas too.

2:45 AM
Madhu comes to Vishal and says come out, I have to talk to you. He says no, we will talk tomorrow morning. Vikas tells Madhu that she did nice by trying to become friends with Vishal.

Day 72
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song dil luteya. They all dance.

8:30 AM
Shefali Zari asks Vishal if Madhu came to him then talk to her. Vishal says it’s better to avoid it as much as I can, I am filled with a lot of anger so let’s do anything after the nominations.

8:45 AM
Sana says Bigg Boss sends Sid back here, nobody listens to me here, all think they are intelligent but only Sid is. Sid hears it and laughs. Sana says I am sleeping but don’t play the alarm Bigg Boss. Sid says she is a cartoon.

Madhu is washing the dishes. Vishal comes there and says all are doing two duties. Madhu says I feel comfortable in doing this. Vishal says I was not nominated much here so I will become the captain soon. People also said that if you came here then I will win the show. Madhu says I heard you say that if I come here then you will not stay. Vishal says I kept asking them to call me in the confession room. Madhu says then think about me. Vishal says I don’t want to fight and curse. Madhu says we can understand each other. Vishal says we can’t, it’s been 2.5 years, you shouldn’t have come to this season. She says why not?

1:30 PM
Vishal comes to Sana and says don’t call me mausi, this is not a joke. Sana laughs and says Maasi.. Maasi.. Maasi. Sana says I don’t feel afraid of you Maasi. Paras laughs seeing that. Vishal asks Sana if she is taking Sid’s place?

2 PM
Arhaan tells Bagga that when I met Rashami, she had 0 balance in her account, she was on roads as she is a nice girl and people take advantage of her. Only I know how I brought her to this stage. Paras hears it and says make yourself something first. Arhaan says Rashami was on roads and everything was finished but she is so strong today, I feel good. I am standing with her because of her confidence. If they say that we are the finalists and I have the choice then I will give her the trophy. Sid laughs hearing it. Sid says Rashami showed him her account balance? Paras says I will use this, I will tell Rashami all this. Sid says that’s why she beats him with a slipper and he becomes her puppy?

2:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that Sid is already nominated. You all will nominate others. He calls Vikas in the confession room.
Vikas: He nominates Bhau as he wants to go out of the house. He nominates Arhaan as he is not that excited to be in the house.
Arhaan: Sid says it would be fun if he nominates Rashami. Arhaan goes into the confession room and nominates Mahira and Sana for going personal against Rashami.
Vishal: He comes in the confession room and says I have been asking you to call me. Bigg Boss says tell us whom you want to nominate? Sid and Paras laugh seeing that. Vishal nominates Sana and Mahira for their bad behavior. She thinks I am not her friend. Paras says he is a coward.
Madhu: She nominates Sana and Mahira for fighting too much.
Arti: Sid says she might Rashami or Bhau. Arti nominates Bhau for fighting. She nominates Sana for nominating her earlier.
Mahira: Sid says she will nominate Asim and Rashami. Paras says no, she will nominate weak contestants. Mahira nominates Bhau for not standing up against wrong. She nominates Madhu for not being seen in the house. Sid says she wasted her vote on Madhu as others will not take her name.
Bhau: He nominates Sana for misbehaving. He nominates Mahira. Sid says he was calling her sister yesterday.
Rashami: She nominates Mahira and Sana. She has hurt my finger.
Asim: He nominates Mahira for violence. Paras says look who is talking. He nominates Shefali Bagga for not taking the stand for right.
Bagga: She nominates Arti for not being deserving. She nominates Mahira for shouting at others without any reason.
Shefali Zari: She nominates Mahira because of her behavior. She nominates Sana.
Sana: She nominates Bhau for going personal. I don’t like his attitude. She nominates Madhu for being slow.

Bigg Boss says nominates inmates are Sid, Madhurima, Bhau, Sana with 7 votes and Mahira with 8 votes. Sana laughs.

Arti tells Sana that I nominated you for what you did, I had to pay my debt.

Arhaan talks to Madhu that play your game, be like you are.

Sana tells Arti that I didn’t hurt you and I don’t care.

Shefali Zari tells Mahira that you are a sensible person so realize that if all are saying then there must be something wrong that you are doing. I am telling you as an elder sister, I don’t hate anybody here. Paras says you hate me.

Vishal tells Arti that people have stopped fighting with you as you say words here and there. Arti says they don’t want to give content to me? I don’t need their content, I can enter any fight I want. Sid and Paras look on. Vishal tells Arti that I wanted to stand with you but Sid said to think about it, he always want people to talk about him only, he wants feedback about himself so he can use it. He told me to not give you content. Arti laughs. Sid says I never said anything like that.

3:30 PM
Asim tells Rashami that don’t run away, he has proposed you. Do it. Where is Himanshi.. Rashami tells Arhaan that I feel love for you, you have brought change in my life. You take my anger and beating with love. You handle me with love as I am a little rough, nobody would love me as you do, I never thought I would fall in love but I did. I am lucky to have you and I love you. Arhaan hugs her. Rashami says I never said it before. Asim hugs them and says good.

7:30 PM
Arti tells Vishal and Madhu that you both have egos. Madhu says others come in between us. Vishal says I am not talking about us. Arti says clear with Madhu. Paras says let them talk. Madhu says why only Vishal get the advantage of everything? You talked to the media about us, why shouldn’t I come to the show? Only you should take the offer? Vishal says I never talked to anyone about you. Arti says you both didn’t nominate each other, the problem is that you don’t talk it out. Vishal says enough Arti.

9 PM
Bagga reads the task that nominated inmates will be able to save themselves. In the task, in one hour they have to be in the limelight as much as they can, they need to take footage. They have to create topics around themselves. After one hour, the audience will decide which inmate has won this task and that inmate will be out of the nominations. In the secret room, Bigg Boss tells Sid and Paras that you are the audience so you will decide who impressed you most, that inmate will be saved by you.

9:30 PM
Arhaan tells Shefali and Vishal that we will be organic in the task.
Sana asks Mahira to keep doing her work.
Vishal says their hard work should be seen.

Bagga tells Madhu to fight with Vishal and show your feelings. Madhu says there are no feelings.

10:15 PM
Buzzer plays, task starts. Sana tells Rashami that I took a stand for Mahira as she was alone. Rashami says if she thinks she is right then she can fight with me, why are you fighting with me for someone else. Sana says I am sorry. Rashami says I felt bad about it.

Madhu calls Vishal and says I have to talk to him. Vishal comes there. Madhu tells Vishal that you show the status of others but have you seen your status? have you seen the mirror? You tell Sid that he is not good with girls, what about you? Vishal says why did you come here? Madhu says I was ignoring you only. Vishal says then why did you come in this show. Madhu says why? is this your father’s show? Vishal says I said to not come because of this drama.

Arhaan talks to Mahira and says if you want to clarify with me then do it after the task.

Madhu tells Vishal that I know the kind of person you are.

Mahira says to Vikas that Vishal and Madhu are loud so we can’t do the task, all are avoiding me. Vikas says you are here to do your task.

Madhu tells Vishal that you don’t deserve me.
Sana tells Mahira that I can’t fake it. Rashami tells Sana that I am upset as you have hurt me without any reason. Mahira says clear things with me. Rashami says no I don’t want to talk to you. Mahira says I know this is a task but clear it with me.
Sana comes in the washroom area and says I miss Sid, I don’t want any footage.

Madhu tells Vishal that you are crazy, dumb and stupid. Vishal says I will remember this, you are a *****.
Arti hugs Sana. Sana says I miss Sid, only he can give me the footage. I can’t fake it, I will talk to people that I like.

Vishal tells Madhu that if I wanted this then I could have done this earlier, I could have fought with you. You can’t play the woman card with me. Madhu says I am a strong girl and I am happy with myself.

Bhau brings food to Arti and Sana. Bhau says they all took food.
Arhaan tells Mahira that Paras would never misbehave with Rashami but you crossed that line. We will talk about this after the task.
Vikas tells Shefali that Mahira should have targeted Madhu for the footage.
Sana comes and hugs Rashami. Arhaan says Sana is a match stick. Sana says this is not for footage.

Mahira says no one is talking to me, everyone is ignoring me. I can talk to Shefali. Shefali runs away from there.

Arhaan tells Sana that there are many pretty girls here but all liked you, we want that girl back.

Vishal is sad. Mahira says you don’t want me to be saved? Vishal says I nominated you for your mistake. Mahira says it’s okay, you did a mistake too. Buzzer plays.

Bigg Boss asks Sid and Paras to mutually decide who is the winner of this task. Paras says Mahira found the way and they tried to ignore her but she did well.
In the house, Bigg Boss says the audience found Mahira’s performance well and she is safe now. Mahira is shocked. Bigg Boss says Mahira is safe. Mahira hugs Shefali.

Vikas tells Bagga that Vishal and Madhu were shouting but Mahira had a storyline and cried too.
Arti tells Sana that people like you. Mahira says I want to cry.

11:30 PM
Vikas tells Madhu that this relationship has affected you, decide first what you want then and talk to him. He leaves her. Rashami asks what happened? Madhu says I like him but I have done that loving thing but it’s been crazy.

Vikas tells Vishal that she loves you very much, she is here for you. She didn’t say a bad word. She loves you a lot. Madhu comes there and says I am sorry Vishal. You are a nice person. Vishal holds her hand. He thanks her and says you should try for yourself if you want to live in this house. She says I will.

12 AM
Madhu asks Vishal if she said a lot? Did you come to fight with me? Vishal says no, I said that I didn’t want to fight with you. I want you to stay in this house, I didn’t nominate you. Madhu says I thought you nominated me. Vishal says I didn’t want to fight with you. Madhu says I know you were helping me. I didn’t want to say those words. Vishal says I couldn’t handle what you were saying, I knew we would fight the moment we start talking. It was always about you, where was I? My fault was that I just wanted to love you. Madhu says I am sorry, let’s be friends. Vishal says we can try. Madhu pulls his nose and cheeks, she says I will come after you anywhere you go. Vishal laughs and says you are crazy about me, keep coming behind me. Madhu says this is my game, she laughs. Vishal kisses her head.

1 AM
Mahira asks Vishal and Madhu to become lovers again. She asks Vishal to say I love you to her. Madhu smiles. Vishal tells Madhu that I love you. Mahira says say in reality. Madhu says I love you too. Vishal says when did I hear that? I never heard it in the dialogs too, she doesn’t say it like that. Mahira and Vishal laugh. Mahira says say it again. Madhu says I love you Mahira. Mahira laughs and says I love you too guys, you both said it.

PRECAP- In the morning, Madhu comes to Vishal and plays with his hair. Paras watches it and says this is good. Kiss and hug her, she is your girl. Madhu kisses Vishal’s cheek. He smiles at her.
In the captaincy task, the inmates will have to break each other’s cards. Asim says I want the captaincy. Vikas gives the decision to Rashami. Vikas becomes the captaincy contender. Mahira says this shows the pain of others. Vishal says I will get this task rejected. Paras laughs at Rashami’s face. Asim shouts at Rashami that if you can’t play with your hand then use your mouth, you could have said that you don’t care. Paras laughs seeing Asim shout at Rashami. He says Vikas played his game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. God!!!! Madhu is nominated means mahira will not leave the house????????dono khel gyi….KB to weak logo ki wajah se yeh chhipakli bachtu rahegi…abhi toh arti, bhau, arhaan sb Hain…do something madhu so that people can see u ….u wasted an entire week just bcoz u were safe…yeh dono secret room mein Hain toh sach mein khud ko raja aur wazir smajhne lge?????Sid would have realized right or wrong if Paras was not present with him….he’s sometimes playing with raja also to himself become raja ????????pehle bikhari bnne ki aukaat pe aaja..tujhe Ghar mein sirf????ke liye rkha hai….face dekhne layak hoga iska aur mahira ka jb Asim ko Sid ke sath finale mein dekhenge…I hope yeh Dynamics dobara see change ho…Sid akele strong….bheed mein acha nhi lgra especially with paras, mahira ??????????????????????

  2. Channel favorites- Sid, Paras, Sana
    Sid and paras get benefits- secret room is the biggest benefit
    Sana uses Sid for limelight
    Mahira always gets saved from being bottom 3 since start of season
    Paras leaves for “surgery” when he is in the bottom 2


  3. Never mind the contestants, the makers of Bigg Boss are the biggest narcissist. How they get away with it is disgusting. The games they set and how they manipulate everything. When Paras was low on the list after the Asim fight they cancelled elimination that week in order to keep him in. My first year viewing and I’m appalled I’ve already given up but reading the updates makes me really angry. There’s so much biasness it’s ridiculous

  4. Sada Abdullah

    Sana show that she love Sid and thanks Bigg boss for sending Sid to secret room

  5. When Asim also had a fight with Sid.. everyone ganged up against’s then when paras ki himmat bdi, uski aukaat mein nhi Asim ko kuch bhi bole…Sid ka sath Kya Mila saala khud bhi raja smjhne lga…agar poore season we have to see their friendship then I’m sry I’m not at all interested..why these housemates don’t understand from caller’s ques what is being shown outside..want a major fight between Sid and paras…let’s see who’ll win…uske sath toh violence bhi maaf Hain…saala ek hathon see maarta hai aur doosra shabdon se….phir mahira ko bcha liya..yaa toh isse zyada non deserving ki wajah se bch jati hai ya phir Paras ki wajah se…bhau niklega yaa madhu????yr I hate this..ek toh hai Jo aasani se nikal skti hai show mein phir Kyu ussee bchane kinitni koshish ho rhi hai….Sana irritate krti hai isliye koi issse baat nhi krta

    This shows that even the reviewers junk that this time biasednesss is at its level best…bol do naa Yrrr ek baar…ki Hn TRP KING SIDDHARTH SHUKLA IS THE WINNER
    uss bechare Asim ke naam PR log bahr pagal ho rhe Hain..Sid ke fans se Twitter pr war chl rhi hai..lekin naa usse smajh aa rha hai aur naa hi uske fans ko ki iss show ki kismat already likhi hui hai..dosti bb ki Ras nhi aati isliye apne mzeee aur trp ke liye ladaai krvange???
    Pehle lgta tha ki do rajaon ki laadai hai
    Shuklaji vs Asim
    Dono ki queens
    Shehnaaz Gill vs himanshi khuranna
    Dono ke wazir
    Paras chabbra vs shefali z.
    Aur baki sb prja
    Lekin King toh wohi hai jiska show..jiske issharon PR yeh sb ek doosre ke dost aur dushman bn Chile Hain…BIGG BOSS??
    Bs ek baat hai Paras ek bikhari bnne ke bhi layak nhi hai…apne aap ko wazir(Mastermind) smajh rha hai..raja bnne ke liye…Sid ki Perth pe chura marega aur khud bnega raja???????????????????

  7. I am a silent reader but couldn’t hold back after today’s episode. Its ridiculous on the parts of the makers. They are being so biased that they deliberately give such tasks where the power reside in the nominated member’s friends hands and then they expect us to assume that there will be a fare decision. I so well knew right from the beginning that Mahira is gonaa be saved. How stupid and fake is that! Also, Mahira wants other people to be nice to her and is like kitni nafrat karte hai yrr bla bla. If I remember isn’t she the one along with Sid you smirked when Salman told Rashmi about Arhaan. The entire show seems fake and there’s really no point in voting and wasting money… Votes doesn’t even matter. Agar Paras yaan Mahira ko jaana ho toh eviction cancel hi ho jaayega…. Cuz they spread so much dirt and Bigboss gains from dirt… Such a cheap concept… Plus the issues that are discussed are so unimportant… Pasta was discussed and not Paras saying all that crap to Asim… Mahira’s lips and doll was discussed and what about Paras and Shehnaaz mimicking Himanshi from so many weeks… Rubbish show… Also Salman should refrain from mocking Asim’s accent cuz that gives liberty to other housemates to do the same… Please grow up makers… This isn’t how the world runs

    1. Like others viewers are upset im also the same, why so much power to Sid and now to Paras Mahira, why biggboss saves Paras Mahira?
      Sid got power to mominate others thats why Himanshi evicted.
      Now they given advantage to sid paras by keeping them in secret room and more power to save mahira today.
      Biggboss is so partial towards Sid paras mahira and sana, only privilege given to them.
      Mahira such a weak contender still they are dragging her in biggboss, again got saved.
      Very upset as an audience to see such biasness towards sid and team.
      Salman also never supports Asim, such bad push by sid to Asim many times, Sana pulled Asim hair, Paras spoke about his financial status all these topics were never given any importance.
      Please biggboss team if u read comments audience not happy for all this biasness, 2e want to see fair game, equal advantage.
      Himanshi captaincy pulled by biggboss cuz mahira and team eaten chips, no punishment to those who dint work under her.
      So much biasness in the show, now either Bhau or madhu will leave

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    I hate to comment here, as this season is only baised game.. Like paras and sid saved Mahira with stupid reason that she tried, but task was to be in eyes of viewers… And this Shehnaz is over acting mall, where is want to be in lime light always using someone else… And for sure this season will be either won by aarti due to krushna and Govina or by Sid for his over smartness….
    These people are useless on their part who destroy games…

  9. Big boss from now on don’t let public vote as contestants votes get priority saving the least voted person like Mahira n Paras. Disgusting!!!

  10. Bigg boss Bring Back Himanshi Khurana.. missing AsiManshi ?

  11. Too much favouritism towards Paras, Mahira and Sana
    When Paras should have been evicted, he had a surgery and hence, saved and Himanshi had to go out :/ Who does that??
    Now, Mahira got saved again??
    Bigg Boss is intentionally giving the game in favour of Paras, Mahira and Sana in order to create more fights among housemates and increase TRP

    Sooooo bad!!
    I hate this!

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