Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 9th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Tanya Finds Out Kajal Is The Girl in Video

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 9th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anshuman kneeling down requests Kajal to accept to become his dance partner in Ticket to Bollywood dance competition. Kajal says she can’t. Anshuman shocked asks reason. She has she has her personal problems which she wants to solve first and walks away. Anshuman thinks what must be her problems which she doesn’t want to share. At home, Dr. Sharma speaks to inspector over phone and requests to quash case against the girl/Kajal. Tanya walks in and confronts him for sparing the culprit and asks why he is not bothered about his family. Dr. Sharma sees money bag in her hand and asks what is this. She says she will find out who the girl is and will punish her in own way, because of whom her family’s reputation is at stake. Dr. Sharma informs that the girl is innocent and somebody has trapped her wrongly. Tanya says she doesn’t care if he is supporting the culprit, she will punish her though and walks away. Dr. Sharma thinks Anshuman’s future is related to Kajal, hence he has to protect her identity.

Rashmi happily informs family that she got a big order for her bakery and now can expand her bakery without any tension. Naani and Parth congratulate her. Kajal returns home. Rashmi informs her good news, and Naani dances with Kajal happily. Parth says let us play antakshari. Kajal walks to her room and reminiscing all the problems she faced, another doctor informing that Dr. Sharma was right about her retinitis pigmentosa and she should get treatment soon, etc., thinks she will not her problems spoil her family’s happiness.

Anshuman vents out his anger on punching bag and thinks how dare Kajal is to reject his offer. Tanya reaches police station and insists inspector to show Dr. Sharma’s case file. Inspector says it is against rules, so he cannot. She insists and snatches file from his hands. File falls down and Tanya is shocked to see Kajal’s photo as culprit. She thinks Kajal ruined her father’s life and family name and now is behind Anshuman, she will not let Kajal ruin her brother’s life now.

Kajal plays antakshari with family and when brother cheats runs behind him to hit him. Rashmi seeing children’s nok jhok laughs and hopes there shouldn’t be any problem in her children’s lives, she can get her children’s studies well and can plan their better future. She asks Naani to inform if she wants to go on holy pilgrimage. Naani says she just wants to see her children happy.

Rochak’s mother fumes while cleaning Rochak’s room that Kajal is spoiling her son and he is lying because of Kajal. She finds night club’s ticket in Rochak’s pocket and realizes Kajal took him to night club last night. Rochak enters. Mother confronts him. Rochak nervously says he went alone and Kajal is innocent. Mother continues yelling when Kajal rings door bell and asks Rochak to come out. Mother opens door and verbally abuses Kajal and insults Rashmi. Rochak tries to stop her, but mother continues and warns Kajal to dare not meet her son again.

Precap: Anshuman walks into Kajal’s room at night thinking of convincing her to become his dance partner.

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