Manmohini 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Last Episode

Manmohini 4th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ret Pisach says Rana is the reason for problems and he will end him first. Mohini says he is right, let us kill Rana first. Mann says she is really bad. Mohini says he hasn’t seen her evilness at all and she will get all her powers soon, but he will not be alive till then. She asks him to go and save Mansi instead. Mann provokes Ret Pisach to fight with him instead of fight with his father. Ret Pisach warns that he does not fight with kids and lifts Ram holding his throat. Mann warns him to spare his baba. Mohini attacks Mansi’s mother and tries to kill Mansi.

Siya rushes to temple and prays god to help her end Ret Pisach. Shivji’s Rudraksha mala breaks and bead falls down. Siya asks if he wants to end Ret Pisach himself and lifting shivling walks out. Ret Pisach starts sucking Mann’s evil’s powers when siya reaches there. Ret pisach boasts that he is shapless and free flowing sand, nobody can capture or kill him. Mann captures him in a bottle with Shivji’s idol’s help. Mohini is shocked to see that.

Siya boasts that evil never survives. Mann says he will never be bad boy. Shivling destroys his evil powers. Mohini feels weak. Ram says let us end Mohini. Mohini escapes. Ram and Siya say they ended evil however powerful it was. Mann says let us have a family hug. Ram and Siya walk towards him when Mohini stabs them from behind and they fall down fighting for life. Mohini challenges Mann to try and escape from her. Ram and Siya hold her legs. She stabs them again. Mann pleads to spare her parents, he will transfer his powers to her. Mohini says she will see how god will save him and attacks her. Dayimaa enters and protects Mann. Mohini reminisces killing Dayimaa and asks how did she escape. Siya asks Dayimaa to take Mann away from here. Mohini stabs Ram and Siya repeatedly and runs behind Dayimaa and Mann. Ram and Siya breathe with great difficulty expressing their love for each other. Ram says their fight will continue. Siya says they will be alive in Mann’s memories forever who will continue their lineage. They peacefully breathe last reminiscing their romantic moments.

Mohini walks towards Mansi. Her mother tries to protect her, but Mohini stabs and kills her. Mansi wakes up. Mohini sees Mann running with Dayimaa and thinks she will never spare him, brainwashes Mansi that Mann killed her mother.

Precap: New chapter with a leap will start on 12th November.

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  1. Leisa s morris

    This is d most bullshit crap ever best they had just ended d show and done. What was d need to kill off ram and siya along with their child dey waited so long for? No longer r d stars heroes of d serial.cause evil always win while dey continue to get killed smh. There was no need for leap thank god i dont watch dis shit and just read from time to time. U writers are pathetic.!!!!!!!!

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