Hamari Bahu Silk 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Naksh-Pakhi collect proof against Rimjhim

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Naksh comes to Pakhi in the room and asks what the plan ahead is. Pakhi says they must find the proof. Naksh was worried what if Rimjhim shares the proof with Mamta, she won’t be able to bear it all. She always taught her children to stay true to life partner. Pakhi assures she is with him, but watches Mamta behind them at the door. Mamta stares first, then slaps Naksh hard on face. She asks how Naksh can do so. Pakhi asks what the matter is. Naksh asks what she is angry about. Pakhi tries to convince Mamta. Mamta says now, they will have to remind him of his past. She tells him to see the photo. Pakhi says Naksh regained his memory, but he is silent only because of these photos. Mamta was at once emotional, but quizzical. Pakhi says what the photos show isn’t the complete truth. Naksh had given up, as everyone thinks it’s true. Pakhi was determined that they will prove it as true. She convince them that they must keep his memory regain still hidden from everyone. Mamta assures her support. Naksh asks where she got the photos from. Pakhi and Naksh look towards each other.

At night, both peek through the window. Rimjhim enters a dark room without lighting the room. She notices the wardrobe was open. She looks into a bag for photos, then finds a bundle. She decides to keep them at some safe place. She keeps it in safe of cupboard. Pakhi tells Naksh they are now sure, Rimjhim has a single copy of these photos. Now, she will accept on her own where they came from.
In the morning, Rimjhim sat on Baa’s chairs. Mamta asks how dare she. Rimjhim gives them a few papers to read. Pakhi asks what these are. Rimjhim says these are Pakhi and Naksh’s divorce papers. She got some other for Mamta. She says once, Pakhi and Naksh will be divorced whereas the others are for Naksh and her marriage certificate. She asks Naksh to sign these. Until they are together legally, they will live in separate rooms. She leaves the hall.

In the room, Ketan asks Mosmi what she will do. Mosmi says she will now slap Rimjhim and send her away. She shrewdly got divorce papers for Naksh and Pakhi ready, only to legalize her relationship with Naksh. Ketan warns that Rimjhim is extremely cunning. Mosmi drags Rimjhim down the staircase. Pakhi asks why she is behaving like this to Rimjhim. Mosmi says she wants to show Rimjhim her right place, her worth is outside the house. Pakhi whispers to Naksh to stop her, else she will show the photos to everyone and their plan fails. Naksh tells Mosmi to leave Rimjhim, she is his wife. Rimjhim was happy. Naksh takes her inside.

The next morning, Naksh and Pakhi come to Mamta’s room. Mamta gives them a bag of money and jewels. She says she wanted to give these to Rimjhim, but now she decided Naksh and Pakhi must go away from here. Naksh makes her sit down. They convince Mamta that they will resolve the matter, and live here together. Pakhi insists Rimjhim might use the photos for their family’s disgrace. They have to fight from within the house. Naksh asks Mamta to have faith, everything will be fine.

It was night. Pakhi was setting a lamp in the room. Naksh and Mamta come inside and asks if she is done. Pakhi says she has fit a camera on the lamp, they only need to place it in her room. Mamta had an idea to engage Rimjhim outside the room.

Rimjhim was in her room. Mamta speaks on phone to the lawyer, right beside the room door. Rimjhim goes to hear the conversation. Mamta leads her downstairs. Naksh and Pakhi bring the lamp to set it in a corner. Mamta speaks to the lawyer that this girl is taking advantage of her son’s memory loss, she got the witness and will meet him with the file tomorrow. Rimjhim thinks she will look into the matter. Pakhi assures Naksh they will have to do this.

Rimjhim comes to the room and was mesmerized to see all the decorations and lighting around. Naksh sat on the bed. Rimjhim asks if he did all this. Naksh holds her hand and says he has accepted the defeat. Their wedding will be legalized already in two days; he thought about celebration. Pakhi was hiding behind the curtain. Naksh vows to drink a lot tonight. Rimjhim turns to change, but he pulls her closer and forces her to sit with him. He now pours a drink for the two. Rimjhim gulps the whole of glass. Naksh smiles towards her. Rimjhim was now dizzy. Naksh gives a thumbs up to Pakhi. Naksh says he will spend a second night with her. Rimjhim says this is the first one, the prior night was only to get him trapped.

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