KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 26


Ranbir comes to the terrace of Prachi’s house and looks onto his watch, he says “There is just five more minutes left to become midnight??? Hope you will come Prachi, I need to talk a lot to YOU!!!”

In Pragya’s House

All are fast asleep except for Prachi and Shahana. Shahana is keep on talking, while Prachi gazes at the clock and thinks, Ranbir had asked to come to the terrace at Midnight!!! Winters have started in Delhi, and it is quite cold outside, I hope he is safe, because I won’t be able to come upstairs until this Shahana stops talking and sleeps off.


Ranbir sneezes twice and thinks “It’s really cold and I’ve forgotten my jacket!!! Why isn’t Prachi coming??”

In Prachi and Shahana’s Room

Shahana says “Wow, this bracelet is really lovely and matching with yours, now everyone will know we are BSF.” Prachi asks her “What is BSF?” Shahana says, “BEST SISTERS FOREVER, thank you Prachi for giving me, such a beautiful DIWALI gift.” Prachi tells her “Now shall we sleep??? It’s already 10 past midnight!!!”, she is about to turn off the night lamp, when Shahana tells her “Wait Prachi, wait, tell me how your love story is progressing !!!!” Prachi thinks “For that only I’m asking you to sleep, soja meri maa!!!” Shahana taps her, “What happened??? Did you meet Ranbir and did guys talk well? Did you apologize to him??? Did you thank him for risking and saving your life from the fire???” Prachi shouts “STOP!!!!” Sarita behen gets disturbed and asks them “What is happening Prachi, Shahana, you guys have not slept till now???” Shahana gets scared and quickly pulls herself inside the blanket. Sarita behen calls out, “If you both are not asleep, would either of you just come and please press my legs??? It’s too cold and my legs are stressed out!!!!” Prachi thinks “All this is only happening because of you Shahana, now you have pulled yourself under the blanket, I’ll have to go and help Sarita Auntie.” She goes to help Sarita behen, while looking at the thick fog outside the window.

Upstairs Ranbir is shivering in cold, he tells “I will die in cold but will not leave until Prachi comes here.”

Prachi is in Sarita behen’s room pressing her legs, she keeps looking at the clock, time passes by, it becomes half past one, then slowly half past two, she gets worried. Then, slowly, Sarita behen dozes off to sleep. Prachi looks at her and breathes a sigh of relief. She comes to her room and without making any noise takes out two woollen shawls out of her cupboard. She wraps one around herself, and then the other she takes it with her in her hands. She goes upstairs to the terrace and look all around and does not find Ranbir, she thinks “He must have gone after waiting and not seeing me for such a long time.” She turns to leave when her eyes fall onto the corner of the terrace, where she finds Ranbir cuddled around himself and shivering in cold. She gets shocked and runs towards him shouting “Ranbir, have you gone mad, who asked you sit here in the cold without anything to protect yourself.” She helps him to get up and pulls him into the flat. She says, “You need to come to our house and take something warm, immediately, otherwise, you are already wounded with burns and will also fall miserably sick.” Ranbir stops her and tells “Prachi, I need to talk to you before that!!!” Prachi scolds him and tells “Not now, Ranbir, let us first go to the house and get yourself something warm.” Prachi pulls Prachi’s hand such that she lands on him with her hands on his shoulder. They have a romantic eye lock with a romantic song playing in the background. Ranbir goes near Prachi’s lips, but Prachi pulls her face down. Ranbir then hugs her tightly and says, “I LOVE YOU PRACHI!!!” Prachi is mesmerized at those words from Ranbir and keeps looking into his eyes.

Ranbir slowly pulls her back and continues, “Prachi, I did not fall in love with you just like that, it was a part of the plan played against you by Rhea.” Prachi gets shocked, she starts frowning her lips and her eyebrows, Ranbir notices it, takes a deep breath and then narrates each and every incident regarding Rhea’s plan to make him woo her, make her fall in love with him and then finally BREAK HER HEART. Tears roll down Prachi’s eyes, Ranbir’s wipes them and says. “That was not all Prachi, Rhea was also the one responsible for putting you behind the bars in the DRUGS DEAL SCAM, and not only that, me and Aryan also think that she had something to do with you becoming unconscious in Priyanka’s room during Diwali Party. Prachi remembers the rest of the events of how Sanju had molested her.” She gets angry. Ranbir continues “Maybe it was my BHAGYA, that I would fall in love with you in this manner, I didn’t realise when and how, but I know now that I truly and deeply love you, AND ONLY YOU, you have become my life, that I can sacrifice it for saving you, I can do anything for you Prachi, I can fight with anyone or anything in life for you.” Prachi slaps him hard and says weepingly “I guess you would have told the same to Rhea, and that is why you agreed to play such a CHEAP TRICK with me.” Ranbir tries to make her understand, “I know Prachi, I started off on the wrong foot, but BELIEVE ME, now I have realised the meaning of TRUE LOVE and also who is MY TRUE LOVE!! I will not do such cheap tricks again Prachi, neither with you, nor with anyone else”

Prachi starts to leave from there, Ranbir takes both of her hands and cups them into his, “Trust me Prachi, whatever I’m saying right now, is from my heart.” Prachi takes off her hands and moves quickly downstairs. Ranbir shouts, “Fine Prachi, if you don’t trust me now, then I will wait here in this cold weather, without your useless shawl (he says this while throwing Prachi’s shawl towards her), until you come and tell me that “YOU TRUST ME!!!”

Prachi stops herself while hearing those words but does not turn back and goes hurriedly downstairs crying. She goes inside her room, checks if Shahana is asleep and then lies down, clutching her pillow tightly towards her chest. While Ranbir waits outside in the terrace, shivering in cold and leaving out condensed breath.


To be continued

  1. So romantic

  2. Please update the next part 2 of proposal. By the way loved the episode

  3. Oho maar hi daaloge??so much love in the first half. Hope that prachi soon expresses her love to Ranbir☺️☺️loved the episode and the turn it took towards the end. Keep up the good work.By the way I love ur unique name Aleyamma??

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks Shanaya, you one among the thousands i guess who likes my NAME.

  4. Good job?????????????
    You turned both the b*t*h daughters ??? of Pragya into ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS??, where they have some brains and do some good unlike the real bullshit series

    1. I whole heartedly agree but practice was already human it was rhea who needed to change.

    2. No Prachi is also a b*t*h, when she comes in front of Ranbir, she doesn’t know how to talk to him, neither she is patient to listen to him, both are very different from Pragya

  5. If rhea turned good there won’t be any excitement left. Please update I beg you with my hands folded

  6. Please try to update. Your series are just amazing I can’t keep or stay patiently anymore please I beg you update soon

  7. Please update asap

  8. Can you please update it’s been 5 Or four days

  9. next episode kab dalneh waleh ho fan fiction writer

  10. i love this ranbir and prachi pair character so please update it soon

  11. Aleyamma

    Guys, this is not FAIR, if you like my ff, and are missing it, then you should giving your opinions too in the episodes

  12. Jasminerahul

    so sweet of ranbir to wait at the terrace bearing the cold waiting for prachi.eye lock…ranbir hugging her n telling how much he loves her was romantic. good that he revealed the truth to prachi.if ranbir was a cheater he wouldn’t have told her the truth.still prachi not trusting him n slapping him was too much.poor ranbir is waiting at the terrace for prachi to come n tell him how much she trusts him.poor boy’s health?

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