Manmohini 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Family notices Ananya’s inclination for Shiv

Manmohini 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya cries in her room, thinking about Shiv and herself; and Shiv’s desire to marry Ketki. He had vowed on Mahadev that he can’t marry Ananya. Sunanda comes to Ananya and sits beside her. Ananya hugs Sunanda. Sunanda tells Ananya to cry as much as she wish, she wants Ananya to shed all her pains with every tear. She wonders why Ananya agreed for this proposal at once. Ananya sobs that Shiv said a no to marrying her. She had considered this relation and him as her life, but he only considers it as her stubbornness. Sunanda smirks while she still hugged Ananya.

On phone call, Shiv tells Dai Maa that he is marrying. Dai Maa was happy that he is marrying Mansi, but was worried for her birth chart and the witch. Shiv says he is marrying Ketki, Mansi’s sister. It doesn’t matter he doesn’t love Ketki, she loves him. Sunanda has a doubt that he is Mann, but once he is married to Ketki he can live here and protect Mansi. Dai Maa agrees he has taken the decision thoughtfully. She prays for his protected life.

Rahul comes to the room with Radha. They were planning something so that Shiv doesn’t only say a no to wedding, but leave the house as well. Ketki caught them red handed. Rahul asks Ketki why she is been blinded. The siblings have an argument, and a fight. Mishra ji comes to part both of them. Ketki complains that Radha and Rahul want to kill Shiv and break her marriage. Mishra ji now bolts the door and grabs Rahul’s collar. He says he doesn’t want any hurdle in Ketki’s marriage, as Shiv is the source to take them to Amma ji’s treasures.

Downstairs, Amma ji sat for the drums for Pooja and boasted about the weddings in her village. Ketki watches Shiv come into the room. She stands beside him and holds his hand. He withdraws his hand. Amma ji invites Ketki to sing a song. Outside, someone beats a large drum. It was Ananya. She stares at Shiv, sharing an intense eye lock. Later, Ananya dances around Shiv. Ketki dislikes her moves. Ananya continues to show her dance moves, “Banno Tera Sweater Laage…” Ananya now drags Shiv into the dance. She takes a move while swirling in full speed and was about to slip. Shiv holds Ananya in mid-air.

In the room, Sunanda sat upset. Kamal asks Sunanda why she feels so sad. Sunanda was concerned for Ananya. Kamal asks what happened to Ananya. Sunanda asks what if Ananya becomes to reason for Shiv and Ketki’s wedding. What the world would say; two sisters fought for a single guy. She sends Kamal to speak to Ananya, and treat her well enough for her to forget Shiv.

Ananya was happy to see Kamal knock her room door. Kamal walks inside hurriedly. Ananya asks if it’s something important that he came to the room. Kamal slaps her on her face, and was angry that he is ashamed of calling her a daughter. Did he teach her to flirt with her sister’s fiancé? Ananya thanks Kamal for such a gift. At least he reads her eyes; she wish he had seen her love for himself in these eyes as well. Kamal says the word doesn’t suit Ananya; she is selfish and didn’t care for her mother’s life. Ananya asks if this is how he thinks of her. She brings a photo from her cupboard and reminds Kamal the trip with her mother in Missouri. The moments are still frozen in her mind. She can’t sleep without recalling these memories each night. She reminds him the moment when he had touched her head with his hands affectionately. The day her mother died, she lost both parents. Sunanda mummy returned her mother, but where she will get a replacement of father. Kamal was moved. Ananya says she dearly loves Shiv and is even unable to accept a life without him. She needs her father the most at such a moment. She requests him to become her father from the past. She hugs Kamal.

Shiv stood outside the door. Kamal hadn’t hugged her back yet.


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