Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update : Teekas birthday

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks to Anu and gets in blanket says its so.cold, Anu busy in mobile, Vibhu says tomorrow i will go market get carrot and make halwas, Vibhu notices Anu isnt listening and asks where you are lost,Anu says calculating expenses, we have spent 20000 in grocery, Vibhu says why blame me, Anu says who do i ask then Tiwari,and you keep doing stupid expenses,Vibhu says right im behind everything behind GST, behind onion price hike,Anu says shut up Vibhu just keep in mind we have to reduce expenses. Anu says see you stop drinking that will reduce expenses,Vibhu says you stop buying exotic fruits and salads,Anu says okay okay. Anu says this month budget is 3000.

Vibhu says okay lets go to bed. Angoori on call with bhori, Bhori invites for her sons birthday, Angoori says me and Tiwari will surely come bye now. Tiwari says she looks rich brat keeps throwing party, Angoori says you earn well too,we shoulf party and arrange get together too,its fun,lets plan a party.
Tiwari says that is 15k expense, Angoori gets Amaji call,Angoori tells her she is bored and wants to throw a party and arrange get together, Amaji says not now,Pandit Ramphal told me for period of 1 month you shouldn’t arrange any party that will be bad for Tiwaro, Angoori says okay.

Boys drinking, discussing weather, they say last time we went to party it was so cold but whoes birthday was it. Teeka gets angry and says you two forgot it,it was my birthday, Tilu says its 15 tomorrow and we will celebrate your birthday, Teeka says that we dont have money for food how will we party, Tilu malkan says dont be upset we will throw party for you.Teeka gets emotional.

Angoori singing birthday song,Vibhu walks to her,Angoori says im so excited to go to party and also tells him about Amaji party suggestion.
Vibhu says let me match clothes with yours,Angoori says why will you, Tiwari will.
Saxena walks to Vibhu emotional and hugs Vibhu says i cant stay without my plant, Vibhu slaps him.

Anu and Tiwari jogging, Tiwari says check this place, lets pranayam here, Anu sees boys potting there, Tiwari sees it and shouts boys,Anu says its illegal, Teeka says we sorry. Anu says i dont want to see you like this again. Teeka invites Anu to his birthday party.

Malkan Tilu ask Prem for help,Prem denies, Tilu Malka tensed about party finance, Teeka walks to them excited and asks whats the plan, Teeka says please full fill one wish make bottle guard sabji for me. Tilu says teeka we can’t party, we tried to ask many people fkr finances no one agreed. Teeka says i was so excited this is wrong.Teeka starts crying.
Saxena walks to them emotional missing his plant.

pre cap : Teeka requests Anu Vibhu for party,they deny. Teeka asks Angoori she denies.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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