Bahu Begum 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Shayra flees from Adil’s captivity

Bahu Begum 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mashuqa asking Noor if they shall put the fuse back. Noor says nobody shall know that she took the fuse out. Dilruba says if Azaan comes to know. Noor tells that they will think that inverter’s water was dried up. They look at Razia who is unconscious there. Dilruba feels sorry for her. Noor tells that she has sent Azaan where Shayra and Adil are staying. She calls Commissioner and thanks him for keeping his team on stand by. Adil blindfolds Shayra and takes her somewhere. He then opens the blind fold and asks her to try to reach the door. Shayr asks what do you want? Adil says Shadil…your mum is very clever. He switches on laser beams and says if you touch it even by mistake then you will get shock and your hands and legs feet can be cut. He says you have to save Shadil also else he will die. Noor hopes and prays to God to help Azaan. Azaan comes to the place and asks them to open the door. He calls Razia. Shayra hears him and takes his name. Adil says if you takes his name even once then I will…keeps hand on the remote. Azaan breaks and gets inside the door. Adil asks what are you doing here? Azaan holds his collar and asks him to say where is his Ammi. He hits Adil? The remote falls down from Adil’s hands. Shayra is tied and kept in the cupboard. Noor thinks if she shall call Azaan. Adil tells your Ammi is not here. Razia gains consciousness and sits on sofa. Azaan says I know that my Ammi is here and asks him to move from his way. He looks at the cupboard in which Shayra is tied.

Adil searches for the remote and finds it away. Azaan is about to open the cupboard, but just then his phone rings. Razia calls him. Azaan asks are you fine? Razia asks where are you? Azaan leaves from there, talking to Razia. He asks where are you? Razia says she is at home. Azaan asks about the note. Adil asks him to leave and takes the remote in his hand. He tells Shayra that she accepts his words like a small child. He tells that the remote fell down from his hand, and if she would have shouted then she would have been saved. He opens the cupboard and couldn’t see her. He shouts Shayra and says why do you forget that your husband’s life is in my hands. He says if I presses the button then your husband will die and will not marry. He starts the countdown. Shayra comes back and asks him to press the button. Adil says ok and presses the button, but nothing happens. Shayra tells that she has taken out the battery when you went to close the door. She says you can’t harm Azaan now. Adil says I can harm you but and says weak woman like you can’t face me. Shayra tells that no man uses a woman as a weapon. Adil says I will forget that you are a woman. Shayra says I will forget that you are Azaan’s brother. She pushes him and runs towards the laser switches. She switches on the laser lights. Adil says Azaan will marry Noor. Shayra says I don’t care about me. She runs out.

Azaan comes back home. Noor asks what did he see in Adil’s house. Dilruba comes back and tells that they put back the fuse. Azaan looks at him. Razia comes there. Azaan asks if he is fine? Razia tells that someone made her smell chloroform. Azaan asks who made her unconscious and asks for the CCTV. Noor tells that light was off, so there will be no CCTV footage. She asks if he met Shayra. Azaan tells that he heard her voice, but she was not there. Noor tells that something might be wrong and we shall….Azaan says marriage will happen tonight only. He says this is final. He says before Shayra marries someone, I want to marry someone. Mashuqa asks what will happen now.

Precap: Qazi Saheb asks Azaan if he agrees to marry Noor. Noor prays to God to send Shayra. Azaan is teary eyes. Shayra runs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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