Manmarziyan OS… Will You Still Not Forgive Me?

Hiloo ev1… here m with an OS on our HEAVY CUTE couple ARDHIKA.. hope u all like it.. sorry for my grammatical mistakes n spelling errors…

Now let’s move inside d story….


“Chall mere ghore tik tikk tikkk,, Papa move fast,, chall mere ghore tikk tikk tikkk”…

” Papa i want that balloon.. that blue walaa. !! Papa come naa.. i want that balloon plzz plzzz.. get it to me.. !! ”

“Arrey Radhu beta,wait…Radhu ahistha chalo beta,, see cars r (couldn’t complete)

“Radhuuuuu”….. a terrible scream.

“Papaaaaaaaa” …. a girl wakes up from her nightmare with a jerk sweating badly.. tears r flowing like never ending.. !!

After some minutes she gets normal n looks around finding herself in her own room… !!! that incident or accident or nightmare is not in her sleep only.. even that has become d bitter reality of her life..

She wipes her tears n gets up making way to a room where alady around 45-46 nd a girl around 20-21 is sleeping peacefully … d girl is sleeping in that lady’s lap with a smile nd that lady is sleeping in sitting position leaning her head against d headboard… looking them like that a lone tear escapes from d 1st one girl’s eyes which were already wet… !!!

“Chasni ,, what r u doing here?That too at this time? Is everything okk?” Someone asks her from behind…(*yup d 1st girl is our Radhika)..

She hurriedly wipes her tears n turns around with plasteringa cute smile “Haa, woo bhai, i came to take water,,see my jug is empty(shows him d jug)…(*haa that person is Neil)..

“Soo u should go to kitchen naa.!! Why u staring mom n Bonny?, (realise something n asks in concern) Chasni did u got those nightmares again? U r okk na? Shall i call mom?”

He is about to enter d room …“Arrey mera buddhu bhai,, wait .. !! ( drages him to out of room) nothing like that.. it’s just i was going from here n saw Maa n Bonny sleeping .. look na they even forget to close d door !! N don’t disturb them.. let them sleep peacefully….” Radhika says admiring Malla n Bonny…

“Chasni ! But what about u? What about ur sleep? Till how long u r going to bear the pain? Till how long they will punish u? ” asks Neil averting his gaze from Radhika to Malla n Bonny …

“No bhai, they r not punishingme.. infect Maa is punishing herself for my stupidity for whom all r suffering.. Maa lost her husband, Bonny n u lost Papa.. just bcz of me we r left alone.. Papa is no more with us.. ” Radhika says looking at Neil then Malla n Bonny.

“Chasni that day u also lost”(Radhika cuts off)

“Let it b bhai, i don’t want to dig that incident again.. it will hurt everyone..”she says once again wiping her tears…

“Okk !! Okk ,, i won’t say ..u plz don’t cry..u know na,i can’t see u crying.. u r my strong/Sweet Chasni rit?”..

Radhika happily nodes her head with a slight smile…

” Chasni say Ramu Kaka to make d guest rooms ready, “..

“Guest ROOMS, but why? is anybody coming? “Asks Radhika Confusingly…

“Yeah, Arjun n his sister Sam is coming.. actually both has opened new branch here at Kolkata..sooo … n also for a reason u will get to know soon… ” Says Neil looking at Radhika’s facial expression keenly…

“Ar…jjuuunn,, whyy here ? At our home?”Asks with stammering voice n wide eyes..

“Soo what? R u not happy? He is coming after soo many days!! It’s been almost 2 years since i have seen him or Sam,, i don’t know what happened that he suddenly left d city without even informing us” Says Neil checking mails in his cell phone…

“Noo no nothing like that, i just asked as he is coming suddenly naa? Soo. Anyway im going to inform Ramu kaka” Says Radhika n runs from there to her room..

As soon as she enters her room,, she closes d door n falls on floor leaning against d door where tears start to flow from her eyes ….she gets flashback of some beautiful memories , 2 persons chasing each other with great laughter sound….


“Radhika wait,, i will not leave u, how dare u call me Frogg…. waittt ” Says a boy continuously running behind agirl with a small angry pout showing his fake anger…

“Arey at first catch me, then u will show me n i will see u na Froggggg.. come n catch me if u can(sticking her toung out n showing her thumb down)” says a girl running kinda marathon laughing wholeheartedly…

The boy frowningly increases his speed n holds her wrist dragging her towards him….The girl gets shocked with his action but she is not ready to loose soo “Ahh Arjun !! (Screams) my ankleee,, !! “(Haa d boy is our Arjun)…

“Radhika u okk,, ? what happened ? Kahi lagi toh nehi? Let me see !!! ” asks Arjun in a worried tone n frees her wrist in order to touch her ankle…Taking this as an opportunity Radhika completely frees herself from him n again starts to run….

Arjun didn’t took much time to understands her flop plan n again runs behind her… but this time with a sly smirk…

Radhika bites her lower lip in tension as there is no way to escape for a beautiful sa colourful wall ….

“What u called me ? Frog rit?“ he says taking a few steps towards her…

“Radhika!! Now u r gone… bear UR Arjun noww… God knows what he is upto”….she Thinks still biting her inner lips…

~~BG Music {“Piya o re Piya” Remix}~~

{Piyaaaa o re piya…
Piya re piya re piya..
Piya o re piya…
Piya re piya re piyaa}..

“Tohh Radhika u were saying something me like Karela,bhindi,frog”… whispers Arjun near her ear …

Radhika comes to sence finding him soo near to her…

”nehi Arjun.. woo toh mai bass aise hii” Radhika says breathing heavily as he started to blow air in her ear..

{Main vari javan,,
Main vari javan,
Satoya ki ho ya bekasur re…..
Main vari javan,,
Main vari javan,
Dil to hoya majbor……
Main vari javan….
.Main vari javan}

Radhika feels tickling sensationn smiles due to shyness…. “Arjun !! What r u doing? Let me go!!…”

{Piyaaa o re piya…
Piya re piya re piya..
Piya o re piya…
piya re piya re piya}.

She is about to move but Arjun again drages her through her delicate waist n murmurs “Nah, u can’t escape.. let me taste u my Karela taste… what’s say Miss Radhika Mishra??” Says Arjun all time continuously gazing at her rosy lips…

“Haa, i remember.. i have some work.. will meet u after sometime Arjum… now i need to goo… !!! ”she Says avoiding his killer gaze on her…..

{In duriyo ne nazdiki yo se
Saouda koi kar liya,,
Jhuke nigaho ne dil se ishk ka
Vada koi kar liya}..

He holds her waist more tightly demanding whatever he want …. She looks at his handsome face who is now eagerly waiting for her approval….She shyly closes her eyes giving him a positive sign … in a friction of seconds she feels his rough lips on her rosy lips…. !!

{I love you baby
I’m gone derive a crazy
O baby hole me nov
I’vana fel you
Don’t you make it love or life
I love you baby
I’m gone derive a crazy
O baby hole me nov
U’vana fel you
Don’t you make it love or life}…

There was a sweet kiss between ARDHIKA that turnes into a passionate one testing EO’s essence of love showing how much they love each other.. ..

Soon they broke d kiss feelings out of breath….

{Main vari javan,,
Main vari javan..
Sato ki ho ya bekasur re
Saou saou taro se bhar ke ye daman
le chal mujhe kahi dur..
Piya o re Piya…
piya re piya re Piya..piya…}

“Soo how was my taste Radhika?” Asks Arjun teasingly…

“Shut up Arjun!!” Says Radhika beating him playfully n hides her face in his chest….

Arjun smiles watching his blushing Radhika n protectively warps his arm around her hugging her as tight as he can… both has a satisfying n bright smile,,, feeling blessed in EO embrace…

{I love you baby,
I’m gone derive a crazy,,,
O baby hole me nov…
I’vana fel you don’t you make it love or life…
I love you baby
I’m gone derive a crazy
O baby hole me nov
I’vana fel you don’t you make it love or}


Radhika’s chains of thoughts r broken hearing some sound…

”Rashu beti, jaldi aao… Neil baba is calling u for Puja…

“Abhi Ayyi Ramu Kaka..just give me 10 minutes…” she answers back n goes to washroom…


@ Hall :::

Malla is doing Puja n Neil, Radhika n Bonny is standing beside her…After finishing Puja she moves towards them to give Arrti n Prasad…

Shomi gives Prasad to Neil… he happily takes Prasad as well as her Blessings… “always be happy my son”!!…

Radhika extends her hand with a smile to take Prasad but it fades away when Malla passes from her doesn’t even looking at her once n give Prasad to Bonny… She kisses her forehead “Always b happy my daughter.”…

Radhw withdraws her hand back , wiping her tears from d corner of eyes… !! She looks at Neil who is about to say something …. “No Bhai.,, not now Plzz” …

Neil fists his palm “Then when Chasni? Whennn? ”

“Arrey let it b bhai.. now give me Prasad (indicating to d Ladoo).. at least i can have it from u rit.. !! So give me d big piece”… says Radhika trying to lighten his mood…

“Tuu bhi na Chasni!! U will never change… loo open ur mouth(feeding her a big piece)…Pagal..!! “…

“Bhaii.. it’s tasty..!!U r d best bhai… Thnk u.. “she says giving him a side hug again wiping her tears without his knowledge….!!

“Arrey bass bass abb rulayegi kyaa?(now will u make me cry?)” Says Neil in a very dramatic manner wiping his fake tears.. !!

“Hawww bhai!! U can also shade crocodile tears like Sam.. !! U both r same !! Mr n Mrs.Crocodile.. !!! ” says Radhika to tease Neil..

Hearing Sam’s name Neil’s back get straight n he left d place with a smile that was surely noticed by Radhika… !!!

“Ohhoo my soon to b Bhabhi Sam.. !! Welcome welcome…“she shouts in joy..

“Sam,, where is Sam?¿” Neil comes back hearing Radhika taking Sam’s name…

“Bhai,,woo toh mai aisee hii chida rehi thi appko..,,,!!! Buddhuuu”says n again runs to her room…

“This girl naaa”…. smiles shyly…


Next Day :::

“Hey Buddy !! What’s up? After a longg time… !!”

“Arjun !!! My buddy part2.. !!How r u? Seriously yaar Aftera longg time. !! Missed u like hell !!”Arjun n Neil hug happily.. both r soo happy to meet EO after soo longg… !!

“Ehemm ehemm !! M also here.. !!. If u both have done ?Can i also meet Neil?” Says a girl giggling n looking at both buddy n buddy part2 who were hugging EO from long n not ready to leave …!!!

Both comes to sence hearing her giggling sound n breaks d hug.. Neil instantly looks at her n gets mesmerized seeing a Devine beauty … he is just too lost in her smile but comes to his sence feeling pain “ahh!! What’s this Sam? Ur habit of pinching is still not changed na?” Says Neil rubbing d place where she pinched him hard… !!

“Huh i was talking to u.. n u were lost somewhere.. kyuu? M i looking like an alien?” Asks Sam looking at her once again from head to toe keeping a cute pout…!!

“U r looking like a Fairy.. ” says Malla descending steps from stairs… !!

“Malla aunty aunty.. !! How r u? How is ur health? “Asks Sam n runs to give her a bone crushing hug.. !!

Malla hugs her back,, caressing her hair with lots of love. !! “M perfectly fine Sam..!! How r u? U have become soo big.. now i should start to search a prince for u.. what’s say Neil?” says n winks !!

Sam blushes at her statement where Neil is also in a same situation.. !!

Arjun comes to her n takes blessing “Aunty !! How r u going on? U r fine na?”..

Malla gives him side hugg “yes my son.. m okk now.. !! Waise bhi…(Sam cuts off)
“Aunty,Arjun bhai.. now stop ur conversation… i m damn hungry.. !! My stomach is doing Gutur Gutur. ! aunty rest will u plz talk later.. now i wanna eat something…plzzzz” pleads Sam showing her puppy dog eyes..

“Sure Sam abhi laati hoon..u both go n fresh n up… !! I have made ur fav Gajar ka halwaa “.. ….says n goes to kitchen….

“Neil where is Radhu?” Here comes d most awaiting question for whom Arjun is waiting..

Radhika,, who was watching all that scenario from corner of hall comes wiping her tears …she has still not seen Arjun,, but only could hear their voice….. “Sammy ,, m here”…

Sam turns towards d direction from where d voice is coming n sees Radhika …. both runs n give EO breath taking hug… !! Both stays in a same position.. !!!RaSam ” I MISSED U SOO MUCH Sammy Radhuu“…

After breaking d hug Radhika looks at Arjun who is only gazing her like eating her alive.. !! His eyes showings lots of emotions like Pain,happiness,sadness,anger, as well as disgust… !!! They have a passionate eye lock …!!

“Buddy , Arjun come … ur rooms r ready..” says Neil to Arjun n Sam… !!“Haa Bhai chalooo… !! I m soo hungry.. let’s get fresh n up soon… i can’t wait more for Aunty’s hand made Halwa.. !! ” says Dragging Arjum with her..

Arjun turns n again looks at Radhika for giving her a killing glare showing his hatred towards her..

“M i going to marry this mad girl?” Asks Neil to himself scratching his hairs ….


@ Dinner Table :::

“Wah Aunty wah, kya Halwa hai… maaja aa gaya.. !! I guess U have some magic in ur hand .. u can cook soo well.. !! Neil, Radhu n Bonnny is so lucky.. !! Areey haa i forgot to ask about Bonny where is she? I haven’t seen her since i come here.. ” Asks Sam taking a big spoon of Halwa.. !!

“Well thnk u for d compliment…n about Bonny, Actually Sam, she has some assignments so went to her frnd’s home.. will come back after 2 days…. ”

“Ohh Okk , no problem.. !” Sa. notices Radhika who is playing with her food..

“Radhuu!! Why r u not eating anything?.. !! Look naa Aunty has made soo yummy Halwa..! Did u take it? Noo na… yehh looo.. !! ” She wants to give Halwa to Radhika but her hand doesn’t reach till her plate.. !!

“Aunty ..plzz pass d bowl to Radhu.. look her plate is empty .. give her some Halwa..otherwise i will finish everything.. !!

”Malla doesn’t say anything… Radhika can easily understands that she is not comfortable …

“Sammy,, u take as much as u want !! Don’t think about me as i always got to eat MAA’S hand made food.. but u don’t naa… sooo grab d opportunity n eat all..!! ”

“I know u can eat Aunty’s hand made food everyday but it doesn’t mean u will miss this awesome Halwaa.. !!”

Malla without having any emotion serves Radhika Halwa… !!

Radhika n Neil’s eyes r filled with tears…Radhika without anyone’s notice wipes her tears n takes a spoonful of Halwa …. she feels soo blessed to eat her Maa’s hand made food after soo many years..

Neil sees this n smiles …..!!


Evening :::

Radhika is passing through Arjun’s room murmuring something underbreath… !! “This Sammy na.. she will kill me one day.. She is still a kid.. don’t know how Bhai will handle her… !!! Yeh Arjun bhi(her words left incomplete as a strong arm drags her to a room n obviously it’s of our Arjun…) !!!

Her eyed widened at his sudden action n is about to say something but “Shhhhh Radhika(pressing his finger on her lips in order to shut her mouth)… let me see u

Arju. hugs her whispering “I MISSED TO SOO MUCH RADHIKA.. !! “.

Radhika’s breath stop for a second feeling him soo close to her like before.. !! She couldn’t help out controlling her tears n reciprocate d hug…

He breaks d hug inhaling her scent nuzzling his face in het hair “Did u missed me Radhika?” She breaths heavily …

“Arjun !! I missed u” She couldn’t complete as Arjun jerks her ….

“How could u miss me Radhika Mishra? We miss them whom we love .. But u never loved me … rit? Soo how can u miss me?” ..

“Arjun nothing like that .. u don’t know how much I MISSED U there 2 years.. !!N u also know i LOVED U n I ONLY LOVE U.. !! ”

“Ohh is it sooo Miss Radhika Mishra?… !! But i really don’t think soo. !!”

“U know Arjum,, u know it very well..!!”i love u d way u love me.. !! . I missed u d way u missed me.. !! ” says Radhika Looking straight into his eyes.. !!

Arjun smilies n says mockingly “ohh really!! Then why d hell u broke my heart that day? Why d hell u did that with me.. with us Radhika?Why? (Holds her arms tightly)Was I a thing for u to hand over me to other’s.. !! ? Was our LOVE so weak that thattt u forgot about us so easily !! (Jerking her arms)u wanted me to marry Bonny Rit? See m doing d same thing u said me.. !! Now m going to marry Bonny in front of u. !! U just wait n watch Radhika.. !! I will punish u d way u punished all these 2 years… !!! “Says Arjun wiping his tears.. !!

“Arjun can’t u forgive me once?”

“No !!! never.. Radhika. !! I can’t forgive u ever … i will never forgive u Radhika.. !! NEVER.. !! ” Says Arjun shoutingly… !!

Radhika shivers at his tone n rushes from there where tears were flowing for their eyes…!!

Arjun bangs his hand on wall” I will never forgive u Radhika..!!. ”


Next Day :::

“Toh Pandit jii,, Day after tomorrow will b perfect day ford engagement rit?.. !! Soo Neil n Sam r u ready for taking a step forward to ur new life?’ Asks Shomi to both NESAM !!!boty nods their head with a positive sign.. !!! Both takes blessings from Malla.. !!

“Always be happy my children”…

“Bhai was d reason Sammy came here.. ohooo !!! Now i get it.. !! ”Radhika hugs both NeSam ” M soo happy for u bhai n my soon to b Bhabhii !!! Finally u both r going to b One… !! ”

“Of course Radhika… afterall they love EO truly.. !!” Says Arjun giving them side hugs… (indirect taunt)…
Radhika doesn’t say anything n left from there… !!

Arjun closes his fist tightly… !!

Neil notices Radhika being somehow changed from d day Arjun has come … neither she talks with him nor she passes time with him like before.. !! As they both know EO from college… infect both were soo closed …

Their this kinda behavior makes Neil confuse… !! Finally he decides to talk with Radhika at night.


@ Night :::{Radhika’s room}

“Chasni u r happy na with our relation.. !! I mean … (Radhika cuts him off)..

“Bhai what u asking? Huh why will i not b happy too see u both Happy? Haa tell mee..!! ” answers Radhika adjusting her wardrobe …

“Then what happened Chasni?”..

A file falls down from her wardrobe… !! Rashika has still not seen that..

Neil moves n picks up d file… !! After reading d file he gets d biggest shock of his life.. !! He searches for another papers n gets some pics of ARDHIKA… !!Tears start to flow from his eyes..

“what is this Chasni? (*huh don’t think wrong readers..Radhika has no any disease)… !! U r leaving for California that too day after my engagement.. !!!

Radhika shockingly looks at him but acts as she doesn’t care much.. “Haa Bahi..!! M leaving ..actually it’s very good job offer n i seriously don’t want to miss it.. “…

“U love Arjun ?”that was really a thunder storm for her.. !!!

“Whaatt whatt u sayying Bhai? Nothiingg likee thaaat?” stammers n avoids eye content .. !!

“What is this Chasni?”shows her all d pics ..Now Radhoka didn’t take much time to broke down.. !!! She was hardly holding her tears back.. but now she couldn’t.. she couldn’t stop her those pearls from flowing…

Neil is shocked to see her in devastated state n takes her in his embrace where she cried her heart out n says everything from starting till d day Arjun left d city… !!

“And after all this.. i don’t know to be here.. plzz Bhai,, don’t say it to anyone.. even though this news will not effect any of them.. but phir bhii.. !! Promise me u won’t say it to anyone… Neil just nods.

Anyway Bhai(wiping her tears) let’s enjoy ur engagement together.. !! ..Neil without even uttering a single word left her room.. !!!


Engagement Day :::

Both NeSam exchange Rings.. ev1 claps for them.. !!

Sam- Neil r u not bored?

Neil-Hmm!! U2..!! ?

Sam- Haaa.. we r same..!! Gimme hifi.. !!

Neil – yeh loo Hifi..!!.

Sam- Waise i have an idea..

Neil- N what’s that?

Sam- I will say Bhai n Radhu to sing..

Neil- Whaatt? Nooo.. !!

Sam- Attention ev1..!! Today is my engagement with my soon to b hubby Neil Mishra.. !! N i want My Bhai Arjun n my friend Radhika to sing a song together as we all know both sings soo well …. soo what’s say people? Do u all wanna ARDHIKA to sing.. !!

All people ” Yesssssss we want”…

San- Soo Bhai n Radhu… get ready to sing n make ur tune of throat ready.. !!

This is my upppsss sorry it’s our Demand.. We wanna hear ARDHIKA…..!!!

Radhika doesn’t know what to say or react … she can’t deny Sam as she doesn’t want to spoil her mood.. !!She looks at Arjun n signals him through eyes… he nods his head as he also wants d same…

{~it’s d song from d film Super Nani,,,”Maheroo”~.. }

[Taking a deep breath Radhika starts],,,,

Thoda Thoda Shor Hai
Dil MeinThoda Thoda Gum Sum Hai
Thodi Thodi Saaf Hai Baatein
Thodi Thodi Uljhan Hai

{Yeah,,There is little bit noise in heart
It is little bit lost
Some talks(conversations) are clear
There is little bit complexity}…

[This time Arjun closes his eyes n statrs to sing],,

Thoda Thoda Shor Hai Dil Mein
Thoda Thoda Gum Sum Hai
Thodi Thodi Saaf Hai Baatein
Thodi Thodi Uljhan Hai

{There is little bit noise in heart
It is little bit lost
Some talks(conversations) are clear
There is little bit complexity}…

[Radhika takes few steps towardsLaksh]….

Maheroo De Sukoon Kar Meri
Chahat Qubool
Kar Qubool
De SukoonMaheroo Maheroooo..

{Moon-faced give peace
Accept my love
Accept, give peace
Moon-faced, moon-faced}…

[Arjun also takes few steps towards her],,

Maheroo De Sukoon Kar Meri
Chahat Qubool
Kar Qubool
De Sukoon
Maheroo Maheroo

{Moon-faced give peace
Accept my love(desire)
Accept, give peace
Moon-faced, moon-faced}

[Radhika sings d next few lines remembering her 1st meet with Arjun where she was about to fall but he held her from her waist helping her from falling…]…..

Tum Se Mili Toh Yun Laga
Khud Se Huyi Hoon Main Rubaroo
Mere Pyaar KiHar Daastaan
Tujh Pe Khatam
Tujh Se Shuru..

{When (I) met you,felt like
I have come to myself,
face to face..
Each tale of my love
Ends with you, starts with you}

.[Arjum follows her next lines remembering d same incident when Radhika kissed his cheeks tight to fulfil her Dare]….

Tum Se Mila Toh Yun Laga
Khud Se Huya Hoon Main Rubaroo
Mere Pyaar Ki Har DaastaanTujh Pe Khatam Tujh Se Shuru…

{When (I) met you,
felt like
I have come to myself,
face to face..
Each tale of my love
Ends with you, starts with you}…

[Radhika continues her singing n looks at Arjun… their eyes meet instantly placing a painful eyelock]

Dil Ki Sar Zameen Pe Tera Sajda Main Karoon
Aaja Mere Maahi Khud Ko Tujh Se Jod Doon

{On the territory of heart
I bow to you
Come my beloved
I will bind myself to you}….

[Arjun moves towards her cupping her one cheeks n kisses her forehead]….

Maheroo De Sukoon Kar Meri
Chahat Qubool
Kar Qubool
De Sukoon
Maheroo Maheroo.

{Moon-faced give peace
Accept my love
Accept, give peace
Moon-faced, moon-faced
Moon-faced give peaceAccept my love}..

[Radhika sings d last few lines closing her eyes feeling d touch of her LOVE]…..

Maheroo De Sukoon Kar Meri
Chahat Qubool
Kar Qubool
De Sukoon
Maheroo Maheroo.

{Moon-faced give peace
Accept my love
Accept, give peace
Moon-faced, moon-faced
Moon-faced give peace
Accept my love}..

Both ARDHIKA comes to sense hearing d clapping sounds n they find themselves at d same palce… !! It was just their imagination… imagination of their heart n soul.. !!

Both wipes their tears…. !! Radhika hurriedly goes to her room .. Arjun had an urge to go behind her but couldn’t due to some of his friends.. !!

After sometime Arjun goes towards Radhika’s direction but he stood froze at his place watching a drunken boy trying to misbehave with her..

She is trying her best to frees herself from his clutchs but it’s of no use.. that bl**dy moron is touching her neck, exposed waist n belly sensually… !! She is feeling disgusted .. tears of helplessness is continuously flowing from her eyes.. !!

Arjun looks at them with blood shot eyes(*omgg look at his eyes) n rushes to them .. !!
He holds his hand n gives him a tight punch.. in no time d boy was lying on floor with blood all around his body…

Arjun beat him balck n blue…Radhika runs to her room following by Arjun who is so damn tensed thinking about his LOVE in this state..!!

Arjun enters in her room but doesn’t find her … he is about to leave but again turns around hearing sobbing sound…He looks on shock finding Radhika in d corner sobbing hard.. !! He immediately goes n tries to calm her… !!

He holds her wrist but she jerks it saying “stay away from me,, don’t touch me,, stayy stayyy awwayy”..

He tightly closes his eyes”Radhika it’s me,! It’s mee Arjun ! Look at me.. RADHU !! (Cuping her cheeks)”..

Radhika looks at him n hugs him”Arjun,, hee.. heee touchh heree(rubbing her neck).. Arjuu.nnn.”…

That is it for Arjun.. he picks her up in his arms n moves towards bathroom… !

He makes her stand n turns on d Shower…Water starts to flow through their body.. ! She is not in her sence just blabbering n saying Arjun to stay away..“Radhika open ur eyes n look at me,, it’s me UR Arjun. ! Look at me damn it(holds her shoulders tightly)…

“Noo noo Arjun leave me..! Plzz ” pleads Radhika with her shivering lips n Arjun didn’t take much time to capture her those shivering petals..!!

Neither Radhika reciprocate nor she did any movement..Arjun stops sucking her lips after making her calm..”Nothing happened Radhika. nothing.. u r safe “..

Radhika nods n he immediately left her alone..

Arjun runs his hand through hairs n shouts” i will not leave that bastard.. ! I will kill him..(*God knows what happened to that sinful soul)…


Next Day :::

“Knock knock”…

“Yeah come in”..

“Arjun woo i wanted to say thnk u for yesterday’s help.. Thnk u “.. says Radhika avoiding eye contect..

Checking his files n without even looking at her Arjun answers ” No need of Thnk u n all Miss Radhika ! I should have done d same if there was any other girl instead of u .. U know it’s like my duty.. !! “..

Radhika gets shock at d way he is speaking..”Yeah, i can understand, it was ur duty… anyway i came here to say Thnk u.. n i said that”..

He sees her with corner of his eyes “These bags,? R u going somewhere?”..
She stops n says “m leaving for California”..


@ Hall :::

Everyone is present at hall.. !
Radhika bends to take blessings from Malla but she takes a step back n moves from there without saying anything… She touches d place where she was standing …She goes to Bonny to hug her but Bonny also makes a way after her mom..

Radhika helplessly wipes her tears n hugs Sam n Neil plastering a tight smile..

A lone tear escapes from Arjun’s eyes watching his love going away from him.. but he can’t do anything.. ! !his ego is not letting him to do what his heart wants..

But Sam n Arjun are confused with d behaviour of Bonny n Malla towards Radhika.. Arjun thinks to talk about it to Neil…


@ Neil’s Room :::

“Neil is anything wrong with Aunty ? I mean is Bonny n Aunty angry with Radhika..? Actually m observing them from many days both doesn’t talk with Radhika properly.. ! Why ?” Asks Arjun being so confuse…

Neil smiles painfully” Yes, Arjun ..Bonny n Maa is angry with Radhika.!”

“But why?”

“Not from today. She is angry with Radhika from d day Papa left us…Bonny n Maa is not talking with her from d day Papa left us.. !!”…

“What do u mean?”

Again a painful smile occurs on his lips..

…“U know Arjun. Chasni was only 9 when that horrible incident took place in our life..We 5(Maa,Papa,Me,Chasni n Bonny) were so happy.. i was 13 that time n Bonny was 6..we went to market for shopping but when we were coming back Chasni wanted to buy balloons, she was so adamant that didn’t listen Papa n run towards d balloon man ….

We were shocked bcz a car was coming with full speed n at d last moment Papa pushed her n”……..(couldn’t complete)…

“Papa was spot death”….“From d day Papa passed away… Chasni is curving for Maa’s love.. that day we lost our Papa… but She.. She lost everything.. she lost her mother too.. !! She was blamed for Papa’s uncertain death..Mom never talked with her from that day.. never show any motherly affection towards her..”

“Mom somehow consoled herself as we were still kids n she had to take care of us..!! N she did.. she became strongfor us. !! Looked after us without any hesitation.. !! Maa always tried to fulfil every duty as a mother as wellas a father.. !! “…(taking out a pic of Radhika)

“U know Arjun ,, me n Bonny always slept in Maa’s lap,, but Chasni .. she was left alone.. there was no one who can consoled a innocent soul… !! Who made her sleep without those nightmares… At that time Chasni wanted Maa’s embrace d most.. but nooo,, Maa couldn’t fulfil that duty … coz according to her only bcz of her Zid Papa is not with us.. !!
Chasni used to cried all night but it was of no use.”.

“That incident not only changed our life but also every got relation changed.. !! Bonny always blamed her for being d reason of Papa’s death.. !! Her hopefull eyes always searched for Maa when she got up from those nightmares but nooo Maa was not there with her.. !!Maa was not there … Maa was not there to take her in embrace.. !! ”

“I always asked Maa why she did this with her .but d answer was ONLY SILENCE.. !! ”

“People say Time heals every wound.. but some wounds r can’t be healed with times.. infect it gets more deeper… same happened with Chasni.. she made her separate from us.. her behaviour got totally changed… our bubbly n naughty Radhika was no more.. She was lost somewhere… !!

From that day till now i have seen her crying alone… i have seen her sleepless eyes.. i have seen her breaking down… she still can’t sleep peacefully.. her eyes soo tired like has not sleeping from years.. !! But Maa never seen her face once with love.. there was nothing which can Maa shared with her … not even hated… all her tears were gone unnoticed by Maa!! ” (staring Radhika’ss pic)..

Turns around to looks at Arjun” N then one day u came in her life.. she once again started to smile , to laugh… We were getting our Chasni back.. but Destiny didn’t take much time to stole her even that smile.. !!”

“U remember Arjun when u both wanted to talk about ur relation to Maa!!?”

Arjun just nods in anticipation..

Neil continuous” That day was d most beautiful day for Chasni. she was soo happy n was going to share it with Maa but her words couldn’t come out of throat as Maa was thinking about our(NeSam)n urs n Bonny’s marriage.. !! ”

“From that day She never tried to talk with u… bcz she didn’t wanted to snatch anything from anyone.. specially when it was Maa’s decision… n after that u all know. “… Some droplets of tears falls from his eyes.

Arjun was standing there numb…there was no emotion in his face… he was blank..being rooted in his place he couldn’t move.. but there was thud sound for whom both turns n sees Malla … her eyes r filled with tears…

Neil sadly smiles n says ” Why r u crying Maa? Now everything is in d way u wanted… no need of crying Maa.. !!”…

“Noo Radhikaaaa,, u can’t do this..!! U can’t love my Arjun.. u can’t snatch my Arjunnn… u can’t Radhikaaaaa u can’t… ” Bonny Shouts like a mad scratching her hairs..

” i won’t leave u this time.. !! At 1st u took my Papa from us.. now u Want my Arjunm… noooooo Radhikaaaa. Nooooo.. !! ” says Bonny grabbing her car keys….

“Bonnyyy beta “….

“No i can’t let Radhika goo.. !! I LOVE HER.. I ONLY LOVE MY RADHUU MY CHASNI.. !! i need to stop her.. ”

“Arjun beta i will also come with u” says Malla…“Jii aunty..”


@ Airport :::

Bonny drages Radhika out of airport n starts to screams ” u wanted to snatch my Arjun. The way u snatched my papa.. rit?! Radhika why u want those things which i love d most.. Nooo nooo noooo this it won’t happen.. i won’t let u do that… understand u bl**dy murderer… u can’t snatch my Arjunn.. !! “Shouts at her top voice..

“Bonny calm down… !! Nothing like that… Arjun is urs only.. plzzz calm down.. ur health will” (Bonny cuts off)…

“I don’t care … i don’t caree..” again shouts Bonny taking steps backward …she is literally not in her sence..

Radhika tries to calm her down but she became out of control… By that time Radhika sees a truck is coming towards Bonny… that horrible day again flashes on her eyes but after some second there was a loud Scream ”Boonnyyyyyyyy”..

Malla n Arjun shakingly takes steps n view they witness took their breath away…

There Radhika is lying on pool of blood breathing heavily…Both couldn’t move but comes to sence when people r saying to call ambulance…

Radhika is about to shut her eyes but d next word she heard from her Maa feels like getting a new life… “Radhika, Radhika BETA open ur eyes.. see ur Maa is calling u.. !! Radhika…!!!” Calls out Malla tapping her cheeks…

Radhika slowly opens her eyes ”Maa”!!

“Haaa Radhika m here.. !! Seee seee… !!Nothing will (Radhika cuts off)“


Malla gets shock but answers
“Noo m not angry with u.. listen to me Radhika.. plzz don’t close ur eyes.. Ambulance is coming.!! “…

“Then why r u not calling me RADHU?? Maa,,, plzz call me once Radhu.. i wanna hear it from u.. !.plzz once call me Radhuu like u called me in childhood…”…

“Haaa Radhuu..!! Radhuu .. i will always call u Rashuu.!…” Radhika smiles broadly after hearing this n avartes her gaze to Arjun calling his name weakly


Arjun takes her in his embrace “Radhika !! Can u hear me…? Radhika. !(watches closing her eyes) open ur eyes Radhika.. !! Plzzz Raaa .! ”

“WILL U STILL NOT FORGIVE ME?”…. asks Radhikaa with her trembling voice…

Tears are continuously flowing from his eyes..
“Noo RADHUU .. m not angry with u. ! N i can’t b for long..!! Listen RADHUU everything will b fine.. !! U don’t close ur eyes.. !okk look at me. !.. look at me Radhikaaa. !! U know na i can’t live without u.. u know naa I ONLY LOVE U.. !! Radhika r u listening what m saying.. !! Radhika… !!”..

“I LOVE U TOO ARJUN”…She looks at Malla n Arjun for once with a bright smile.. it’s like she is going to get a new life.. She gets their forgiveness,now she doesn’t want anything..she is free now.. free from all her sins which she never committed..!! Tears of happiness drops from her eyes looking at the most important people of her life.. !!
But if she could see her BHAI once for the last time before she leave..!! And see even God is with her today..!! Neil comes running towards her but couldn’t react watching HIS CHANSI in this state..!! There is nothing more dreadful than this..!!

Radhika smiles looking at him n Whispers in an audible tune to Neil “THNK YOU FOR EVERYTHING BHAI”…

Neil rushes to her in a devastated state “Eyyy Chasniii,, sunn,, sunn..!! Nothing will happen..!! U r my strong Chasni na..? Look look now everything will be all rit.aeee Chasnii dekh na meri taraph…!!”

Radhika unsteadyly looks towards Bonny “I’M SORRY BONNY”…just.. just these words she could convey that time.. JUST… !!

She wants to say many things.. !!she has many dreams ,,, she has lot’s of feelings to share… but she has no time.. !! She needs to leave.. !! She needs to sleep peacefully without disturbing anyone… without informing anyone… !!! With every passing moment she is becoming past of d past…. There is no future for her just d past steadily accumulating…. n her dreams for her future is now leaving her soul.. NOW it’s her turn ,,, She has to goo.. !! “I NEED TO LEAVE”…
PAPA IS CALLING ME !! ” that was d last lines Radhika said for d last time n her hand fall from Malla’s grip … She shut her eyes peacefully n her heart finally stopped beating ….“Radduuuuu/Radhikaaa/Chasniiiiii”… these three words echoed in d whole place…

~~~The End~~~


” So what u think about d script Mr. Ahem & Miss Monica?!! Will i take ur tears as a positive sign.”…

“ Ahem Sharma & Monica Sehgil” are in this project”…

“That’s awesome.. !! Let’s rock this film with KaChu Tele Films”….

“Suree !! Well will rock it.”…shaking hands with EO …

“Than See u both soon”…

———-THE END———


#Sorry if it was not good enough to read or it really didn’t reach upto expectations..!!..

Thnk u sooo much for reading…
God bless u all… <3 <3…

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    The story is outstanding, brillent writing, and very emotional, at the end her mother forgive her, which meant alot to her before she closed her eyes, you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Kakali

      Brinnnnn !! Thnk u sooo very much dear for ur appreciation and golden words.. it means a lot..!! Yup she got forgiveness for the crime she never committed..!! though it meant a lot for her..!! once again TY dear.. ! ;-*

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