Guilt ( A RagSan FF) Epilogue

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Ansh: Nakul Mehta
Raghav: Mohit Sehgal
Ananya: Sanaya Irani
Sara: Disha Parmar
Swapnil: Ritwik Dhanjani
Pari: Tejaswi Prakash
Adarsh: Arjun Bijlani
Shekar: Kunal Jaisingh
Vikram: Faisal Khan
Kavya: Aditi Bhatia
Khushi: Roshni Walia

Hello everyone. You must be wondering who I’m? Ansh. You forgot me that’s not fair.
I was just kidding. I know you people love me and will never forget me hai na? Let me take you inside. You must be wondering why is MM decorated so much. It is because today your Ani matlab Ananya’s engagement. Come let’s go inside.

“Gosh Sanki this is just tuxedo can’t you fix that also” screamed Ragini. Sanskar kept his hands on her shoulders and said “Ohho Mrs. Maheshwari you never complain when you make ready your kids even if they are grown up like coconut trees” He stood pouting and Ragini pecked his lips. “That was for tempting me” said Ragini pulling his cheek when he stood shocked. “Mommy” screamed Ansh and both of them composed themselves. “Gosh today is your daughter’s engagement for god sake. At least close the door while romancing” said Ansh. “Again they started” said Pari entering. “What to do your poppy looks irresistibly handsome when he gets angry” said Ragini and bit her cheeks inside. “Mommy aap kabhi nahi sudhroge hai na” said Ananya entering. “Oye why all are behind my chotu ha” said Vikram entering. “See only my bhayyu is in my party” said Ragini hugging him. “He is your son mommy” said Pari hitting her head with her palm. “He is always my bhayyu and I’m always his chotu” said Ragini and kissed Vikram’s forehead and hugged him and all of them joined them and they had the family hug. “What about us?” said DP and Anu standing at the door. All of them ran to them and hugged encircling them.
“Maachi….” screeched Swapnil entering MM. “Arrey mera Swapu agaya” said Ragini and headed down. Sanskar DP and Anu followed her. “Aagya Maachi ka chamcha” said Pari twisting her lips. “Why do you fight with him always” said Ananya holding her waist. “Because he annoys me always” said she annoyed. “Again they fought?” asked Ansh. “Will they leave a chance?” asked Vikram. “Bacha party come down” said Sanskar from the hall. “Yes poppy” screamed all of them and ran down.

“Sheku” said Pari hugging Shekar. “She has problem only with me” said Swapnil looking at them. “You said something?” asked Pari glaring him. “Do I want to get admitted in mental hospital talking to you?” said Swapnil and Pari fumed glaring him. “Learn something from Sheku he is your younger brother only but not at all like you khadus” said Pari. “Pari” said Ragini glaring her. “You always tell me only to be quite” said Pari stamping her foot and headed to her room. “Pari” said Ansh and tried going behind her but Ragini stopped him.
“Pari” said Adarsh sitting beside her. “Mumma loves swapnil more than me Adi. I just hate him” said Pari crying. “Swapu is very close to Maasi maa you know na. But she always fights for you. You cannot say whom you love more. Love doesn’t have grade to measure. You know na maasi maa loves everyone equal but Swapnil is like her first grandson” said Adarsh. “How?” asked Pari confused. “You know badi maa was like maasi maa’s kid. So her first kid Swapnil is like Maasi maa’s first grand kid. He always cheers maasi maa. Nobody can do that. That’s why she becomes so happy whenever he comes. And he stays in hostel and very rarely comes here.

So it looks like she loves him more but actually she loves everyone equally. Now come on cheer up. Today is such big day for you. Your dee’s engagement, come on cheer up” said Adarsh and Pari wiped her tears. “He is just like Kavya. The way he makes understand nobody can. Kash she would have been with us” said Ragini placing her head on Yohan’s shoulder. “We can’t fight the fate Ragu. She had only so much time on this earth. But you never let Adarsh miss his mom. I don’t know how to thank you” said Yohan. “You always forget friendship rule Yohan no thanks no sorry” said Ragini and forwarded her index finger small finger and thumb finger signing for a handshake and he complied and shook hand with her and smiled.
“Kavi bacha” said Sanskar hugging Kavya. “Why are you late?” asked he. “Dadu and Dadi were fighting all the way as Dadu was driving hell slowly chote paapa” said Kavya pointing at Harish and Avantika. “Oye hello I was driving at the speed of 40 and that’s my best speed” said Harish and Avantika interrupted “Of course. Every snail says the same dialogue. Even a bicycle overtook your car Harish” said Avantika. “ Time please” said Sumi standing in between them and everyone burst out laughing. “Poppy” screeched Kavya as soon as she spotted Dayal. “Doll” said he and caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. “Poppy you know we are going for excursion from school this week that to Shimla” said Kavya. “How will your poppy live without you?” said he sad. “I will call you na poppy everyday” she said hugging him.

“Where is your mumma and Papa” asked he. “I don’t know I came with Dadu and Dadi” said Kavya. “Wo DN(Dayal Nanu) mumma and Papa went to receive Kishan Maamu and his family. They will reach soon” said Shekar. “How did you come then?” asked he. “Of course my super fast Swapnil bhai” said he and Swapnil glared him. “Swapu how many times should I tell you to drive carefully” said Ragini standing in front of him. “No maachi I was driving in speed limit only” said Swapnil. “Liar” screamed Pari. “Mumma you know he drives very rashly” said Pari and smirked looking at him. “Pari ki bachi ruk” screamed he chasing her.

“Ragini” said Sanskar holding her shoulders. “Nothing will happen. I will talk to him” said Sanskar and Ragini nodded her head smiling weakly.

“Ragu” said Mr and Mrs Somany entering MM. “Maa Papa” said she and hugged them. “NM(Nani maa) NP (Nanu papa) save me” said Pari hiding behind them. “Pari careful” said Ragini holding Mrs Somany when she stumbled due to Pari. “Maasi maa, Bade papa save me” said she and ran to Swara and Sahil who entered just then with Kishan, Anjali, Khushi their daughter and Sakshi. “Hold on Pari bacha” said Sahil holding Pari. “Swapnil what are you doing leave her” said Swara glaring him. “You always take her side mumma though she is wrong” said Swapnil complaining.

“Because she is cho chweet like your chote papa not karela like your maachi” said Swara and Ragini fumed. “Chipkali how dare you call my chotu as Karela” said Vikram standing in front of her. “Ohho Bandar. She is my sister first then your mom and chotu so keep quite” said Swara. “Chipkali” said Vikram running behind her. “Vikky bhai is small na then how can he call maa chipkali and Maachi as chotu. Whenever he is there mumma forgets that she is mother of three kids” said Kavya. “That’s because they believe your Vikky bhai is reincarnation of your Vikram maamu. And Vikky resembles upto an extent to your mamu” said Yohan holding Kavya’s shoulder. “Yohan mamu” screeched Kavya and hugged him.

“Kishan bhai” said Ragini hugging Kishan. “How are you Ragu?” asked he. “Fit and fine” said Ragini smiling widely. “BM(Bua Maa)” said Khushi pulling Ragini’s sari. “Ale my chutki” said Ragini hugged her and drooled happy. “Bhabhi” said she and hugged Anjali. “Hello Sakshi maa” said Ragini taking blessings from Sakshi and smiled caressing her cheek.

“Sansku” said Sara. “Sara baby” said Sanskar and hugged her. “Tarun what is this you are coming now” said Ragini. “Sorry ma’am” said Tarun nervous. Ragini burst out laughing. “Tarun bhai you are still scared of my Kaali maatha avtar ha?” asked Ragini. “Haa because he has become a prey for it maximum time” said Sanskar and all laughed and Ragini glared him. “And now you will become one” said Sara smirking and Sanskar gulped scared.
“Riya” said Ragini hugging Riya. Riya smiled and hugged her back. “Ohho madam now only showing Samdhan attitude haa?” asked Ragini. “I’m more than happy that you accepted my son’s proposal for your daughter Ragu. Otherwise where are we and where are you?” she said folding her hands. “Riya stop it. I have told you many times not to speak like that. Ananya and Raghav love each other. Love is important than status or money. Have you forgotten I was in worst financial condition than you” said Ragini caressing her cheek. Ananya blushed when her eyes met with Raghav.

“If his dad was alive today he would have been so happy” said Riya caressing her son’s hair. “He is here na aunty. Here” said Pari pointing Riya’s heart with her index finger. Dayal neared Sanskar and said “She is just like you” Sanskar smiled through his tears.
“Ragu…. Shona….” called Saloni entering MM. Maasi screeched both of them and hugged Saloni. “So bad you are Saloni maasi. So late you are coming Katti” said both of them. “What to do celebrity hu na” said Saloni maasi and both of them burst out laughing and hugged her and she joined others.

Everyone clapped when Raghav and Ananya exchanged their rings.
“Tarun I want to ask you something” said Sanskar after all the guests left and whole family was sitting and chit chatting. “I want Sara’s hand for Ansh” said Sanskar and Tarun looked at him shocked. He turned to his wife and she looked at him shocked. “Sir what are you saying” he said shocked. “Sara baby you have any problem with this?” asked Sanskar and she nodded her head no lowering it. Ansh looked at them shocked. “Ansh bacha you are okay with this?” asked Ragini. “If you people are okay even I’m okay maa” said Ansh. “So After Ananya and Raghav’s marriage it will be Ansh and Sara’s marriage” said DP. “Sir” said Tarun folding his hands in front of Sanskar. “Arrey Tarun what are you doing. She is like Ananya to me. I always wished her to make my bahu” said Sanskar holding his hands. “But sir we don’t match your status” said Tarun. “But Sara matches our family” said he and hugged Tarun.

“Sanki” said Ragini placing her head on Sanskar’s chest. “Hmmm Bandariya” said he caressing her hair. “Life has changed so much na. Time really heals everything. Only thing is we have to wait for it.” said she. “Hmmm” said Sanskar. “Sanki” said she and she heard him snoring. “You have grown old Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari” said Ragini and pecked his cheek and slept back on his chest.

“Love was really unexpected. I never knew I will fall in love with you. May be I needed peace for my mind by forgiving you. That’s what my bhayyu wished. And you taught me that. Thank you so much for being with me always” thought Ragini.

****************************The Real End***************************************

A/N: Ha without my bakwas how can I end my story. Thank you so so so much for loving this story. And I hope you will love my new story also equally. I may end up with some same characters name. You have to bare me for that. I hope I don’t mix the same emotions there also.

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      Joona first thing thanks a ton for that edit. You know I fell for it at first sight. Though I have used so many edits I haven’t mentioned them in my story. Through your comment I want to thank all of them. I specifically reserved for the epilogue. And sorry dear I have deleted my ff account an year ago. You can reach me on hangouts at [email protected]. Love you. ??????????. And autograph really I feel do I deserve this much but still thank you so much. And about the comments I have always told that I love all my readers even if they are silent readers. So you read my story that gives me kind of happiness. Once again a big thank you to you and all the editor who are doing a wonderful job. Sometimes your edits attracts the readers to the story we should thank you for that. Lots and lots of love

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    tarun what can I say about him…he is the only prey of our ragu and Sanky…poor soul…riya s sweet…
    adarsh dialogue in thz epilogue superbbb dear…loved it….swara and sahil both r lovely couple…and sahil mom and dad are also supper…finally our our mandh budhi and bandariya…what can I say yar…Both r unique couple…Both r hate each other also they can’t see another one pain…how much separation, hater, pain, guilty then also they love each other in infinity…They both r different from others…and their love story also different….
    ohh no i forget about shekher and kavya…u didn’t give much scenes for them but also I love them….kishan and anjali good couple….if I miss any character sry for that….i love all character in ur ff….bcz u give one character r connected to another one….i didn’t image u give riya son and tarun daughter in thz ff…u respect each and every relationship yar…
    thz epilogue s fully overloaded of happiness joy and blessings….i loved loved loved it infinity….u r marvellous fabulous writer…masterpiece yar….love u lot Sally dear….waiting for ur betrayer ff…love u dear….A big teddy hug to u from ur crazy fan….shower of candies dairies to u….takecare my Sally dear….

    1. Sally_blr

      Wow finally my chellame commented. I just loved your comment. Thank you for loving my characters so much. You defined everyone so well. And the decision you took to change yourself though it is trying only I’m happy I’m damn happy. Love you da chello (Prakash sir style la) ??????????

  23. Jazzy

    chooo chooo chooo sweet yaar this story is soooo special this is sooo close to my heart just like u r and will miss this story a lottt and bandariya too and saddu maheshwari fattu maheshwari heheheh all the cute fights between them

    1. Sally_blr

      Saare naam yaar Hai Haa? Thank you so much jj. I’m so happy this story had such impact

  24. Darshini

    Hey dear…actually for the first time am commenting here on ur ff…sorry for being late…and finally it’s an happy ending…
    U rocked…
    And one more thing U r a very good writer…
    and u said na u have started another ff betrayed and am waiting for it…
    In this ff u nailed it…i mean its full of emotions and I lovd it to the core…
    But one thing enakkum Adi kadi kobam varum…sometimes extreme…i will burst it out at that time but after that I will feel for it…after reading ur ff I will to overcome it…
    Thanks a tonne for the lovely ff and a big bone breaking hug from your crazy fan…love u a lot dear…take care da…

    1. Sally_blr

      I’m so happy that this story has such effect on you. I’m really glad. Thank you so much dear.

  25. Ragz_teju

    really very sorry for being so late… I saved last episode Link to read it when ever I get time as soon as I read it I want to read even epilogue so not wasting time I started reading epilogue… so I dropped my feelings for last episode and epilogue over here hope you don’t mind…..

    I being a emotional person always loved and adored your ff’s… I always said your ff’s touch my heart I will end up in tears may be Happy or sad…. last episode was so dam amazing every scene was so heart touching… vikram’s gift, ragini forgiving kissan and Sanskar were my most favourite…. you were right sometimes forgiveness gives us peace of mind… Sanskar sometimes acts as really dumb but his bandariya is their to always take care of that hahaha…. I always loved ragsan pair you made me to connect to them…. I am short of words to express what I am feeling….

    epilogue is like cherry on the cake… bonding of ragsan with every kid is just too adorable…. I was shocked to know kavya was no more but happy their is little kavya to fill her place in their lifes…vikram was just amazing even I was hoping vikram to reborn as ragu or swara kid after reading this I was on cloud 9… it’s such a amazing feeling when your wish comes true…. swapnil and pari nok jhok superb…. everything of this epilogue feels like a perfect ending…

    finally I would say you are such a wonderful writer and all your ff’s are on my favorite list…. I can’t pick one among them but this is really very special will miss it for sure… I was really bad at some times I can’t express what I am feeling and due to lack of time I would just say a word superb or awesome but believe me every chappy has something which is beyond amazing… words are not enough to describe it… love you so much for giving such a wonderful story with a very good msg ????

    1. Sally_blr

      First thing no need of sorry and all I do understand. And the next thing OMG you really spent so much time for me I’m thankful for that. And I’m speechless now. And I always appreciate your each comment though it is small or late you never miss my ff in busy schedule also. More than praising I really appreciate people if it touches your heart. Whatever you have commented is precious to me and it will remain precious all my life. Love you dear

  26. Hafsana

    OMG i am already missing ur ff..i have no words to express how beaitiful ur ff was..its my all time favourite story.i hope TeVar comes in a new show as a couple.Thank u soo much for writing such a heavenly ff.lots of love

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww that’s really so sweet of you yaar. Thank you so so so so much dear

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