Manmarziyan – A Note for Readers in silence…

Hi Everyone….!!!!

“Encouragement from any Source is like a drop of rain upon a parched desert”
-Claire Gillian….

So…why do I mention it here.. This one is for all those Silent Readers….!! Here.,am not going to ask you to comment on my posts or my friend’s articles….I just want to share few words with you…Well…we all…means we everyone here knew.,MMZ page has good number of readers…..then why less number of comments…. Tell me…!! Only we fellow aspiring writers on MMZ encourage each other apart from few un biased readers…!! Yes…!! I will call them so…they are really precious and I noticed them encouraging every new person who posts
articles here…I bow my head thanking you dear un biased readers.,coz of whom even I was able to write few stories….

A comment every writer/author demands is
nothing but a word of encouragement…it
doesn’t mean you should write pages praising us or our work…it just like a acknowledgement
we expect to know about ur presence…and tell
me what stops you from doing that….I was a
silent reader months back…when I came to MMZ page…but after reading the works I felt as
a reader i should give a word…Well…we do spent at least 5 mins in reading a article… why
don’t we make it worthy by passing a word…

And….why am posting it today….I read Written on stars today…and the author my friend Deepika’s question did made me think a lot..I too had the same doubt…a doubt,that may be am not up to the mark.that’s y am not receiving comments like before….the same she too asks…I had read once the same Myra’s n Sangee’s article too… why we people should worry about it even after writing something good….Just because we crave for Some one to acknowledge our works…No….!! Definitely No….when ppl are clever enough to stay silent even after reading requests from all authors here…then you should know what we ask for…its not a word of praise of appreciation we carve for…!!

Well..this was something which I held back in sharing …I won’t say am posting this on behalf of all authors here…this is something I do on myself after what I got to see here regarding comments…if anyone have qualms on my words here, feel free to show on my articles alone…I request the moderator of this site to publish this, for this is something which pesters every author’s brain irrespective of their quality of work….

Anyways…there should be someone to speak the feel of a person who loves to write….and this it was…!!! Readers….when you read a article without skipping a part it shows enormous love the person had for that work…And I find every article to be like that….


I dint say so…some forwarded msg…but suits now isnt……am too irregular now a days…I dint read many of the stories…sorry dear ppl…but as you all know…I will clear my dues.soon….teddy hug to all my friends here….the above is post is not for you Shona…Arti…Subha…Aadia..Aastha….Vyushu….Sulbi…and everyone who comments on my articles…hehehe…I know you ppl na…!! You are my energy boosters…!! Giving me litres of
Complan and Boost…!! And my crazy mmz
fellas..I miss you girls….!!

This post is not intended to gain comments in
this page…it’s for articles

Satz…avasarapattu comment panidatha….lol….(dont comment in haste)

Will be back soon to trouble you all…signing off…Tata!!!

  1. Even I was a silent reader in the starting but ur awesome stories made me to comment… Gr8 one… and am so happy that ur laptop is working now and u r back…

  2. Shree

    Jeeessssss!! first i need to apologize.. aaahh.. i love commenting.. time constrainta.. padikirade periya vishiyama iruku..i hate my life.. i seriously regret not being able to comment and skip stories.. now i will.. yenna being a writer puridu.. especially me.. enga tapu nu puriyave matendu.. aahh.. utu talu.. inime patukalam..

    lol sathya ka.. idhu semma

    love you di

  3. arti viswanathan

    I am so happy to read all ur writters episide… I loved everyone’s in this group of witters i know how difficult to write a story…..

  4. Dipika

    Jess tumane to rula. Diya…. Honestly m. Sooooo proud of u.. U wrote exactly qht author want.. A word of appreciation.. Here tu don’t paid us for writing but this writing gives us peace… N words frm. Reader gives immense happiness n smile.. I love u.. U spoke those words.. Now i can expect silent readers to speak word for us.. Love u lots Jb

  5. Gauri

    Jess you spk my heart ….well u said so comments but could nt stop myself ..yes I agree a word of appreciation changes everything…mw and satz too spoke about it…thanks a ton jess big hug to you love u

  6. Sorry hereafter we’ll promise that we will never fail to comment on your episodes

    1. Chashni dear jessie had convey ths msg behalf of al the authors… not only fr her… and she said wat she had in her heart… v al knw v luv reading all ff bt 1 single line comment will make more happier fr al the readers… thy cme to knw that u al hav read n enjyd it.. dnt be sry n do read al the ff… am sry if i said anythng wrngly… i dint mean to hurt u… i jus said wat i felt… am sry once again…

      And jas bby sry… avasarapatu comment paniten… enala cntrl pana mudila… chorry 😉

  7. Hey Jessie correcta sonna ma, actually naanum nerya perukku cmmt pandradhula, inga yen cmmt panninenaaa, nee No cmmts potrukka, namma makkal yedha panna vendum sollramo, adha kattayam pannuvaanga, adhuala naanum oruthi sooooo…

    & Satz semma Bulb

  8. Amore

    So true dear… it feels so disheartened when we don’t get feedbacks.. but yet some will always be there whom we can name on our series or shots… they are a true gem and mode of our inspiration…

  9. Sangee

    Hey jazz baby yes all your words are 100% truth… All we need is a word of appreciation ? seriously we authors known that there are many readers for our story.. What ever may be the quality of our work we just want a word may be bad or good which helps us to improve our work ?… Thanks for all who support us and thanks in advance to all silent readers who gonna encourage us in future ??? thanks to you too jessi for speaking on behalf of us take care love you ????

  10. It’s good to be open heart and open minded…I am glad that you put your thoughts to it…i promis that if i am following your Fan Fiction story than I will for sure put my comment…and if not that I am not following the ff. I m not registered member but at the same time i am not a
    silent reader either. Thank you…wish you the best dear…

  11. Great post. I do respect the work of the writers. I am not a silent reader used to comment earlier on my favorite ff’s. Even after requesting to update soon and can’t wait to read more. The result was that the writers would post once in a month.

    Now I would love to hear from my favorite writers when will I get an update of your stories….

    Where are the writers of My lost patience, Millionaire Banker and chirpy beauty, MMZ Legally yours, A werewolf love story, Taming the heiress,….. these are the few ff’s.

    But after sometime I just lose hope and honestly I imagine the story ahead to curb my curiosity to what will happen next. I don’t think that keeping the readers hanging in good.

    I love each and every writer. You guys are wonderful. I am not expecting long updates or even updating everyday. But I do expect that its posted at least once a week even shorter update is ok to stick the readers.

    Its just my point of view. Sorry if I hurt anyone. I was left desperate with many stories here left pending. I used to comment earlier but now I changed my name and writing this comment.

  12. Jessss….muaaaaahhhhhh. …this was amazing….we need energy boosters…n side kicks to motivate our brilliant n outstanding writers. …I’ve seen the beautiful stories stopped due to less comments….even one word of appreciation motivates the writer n bring huge smile on their face….for me. ..u all know me……I can’t stay quiet if I read something good……n I pour all my love n respect for that writer……interaction with them make them more improved……so please my humble request to all of youuuuuuuuu deariiiiiiieeess. ….plz comment….just one word is enough. ….muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheartssss ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

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