A day to remember Chapter 25: Malika’s birthday

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Chapter 25: Malika’s birthday

Sanskar’s pov
“What about you and Crazy, you were romacing in the changingroom.” TK answered back, while their mouths fell open and they left eachother’s hand, cause they were embaressed. They lyingly said: “nothing happend between us, I swear.” “So why are you guys blushing like newly wedded couples do?” Ragini and I asked them, which made them even more red and we all were enjoying it very much, except for AK and Crazy, AK was looking at TK like he is gonna kill him soon.
End of Sanky’s pov

Ragini’s pov
“Crazy, why aren’t you talking to me?” AK asked her “Cause I don’t want to talk to and thanks for helping me.” She wanted to go but AK held her back and asked, but he allready knew her answer: “what did I do that you are you not talking nicely to me?” He asked her. “You broke my heart to pieces and I don’t want it to break again, cause of you AK.” Then she went away with anger(fake). “I know Crazy you aren’t angry at me, you are just pretending to be, cause I know you very well.” “I know you don’t like seeing people in pain and you always hide yours in you, cause you don’t know how to express it yourself, but your AK is here na to help you with it!” He said to himself untill someone said: “kisi ki yaadon mein koya huwa hai humara Jeeju/Bhai(our brother/brother-in-law is lost in someone rememberance).” DiKiFaiHalCut and Anjali said.
End of Ragini’s pov

Swara’s pov
“I promise you miss attitude, that I will break your attitude and to prove to you, that I’m worthy of your love.” He said to himself, while he was lost in her very beautiful eyes. “Don’t look at me like you are going to kiss me just now!” Jazzy said with attitude(fake) and naughtiness. “Oh bro, you are gone!” His cute sister Anjali said naughtilly. “Today isn’t my day!” I
He said zo himself again, everyone was laughing at him, which annoyed and angered him.
End of Swara’s pov

Lucky’s pov
“My Fizz is looking so cute in her dress, I just want to hold and kiss her.” “She is my soulmate, my life, my morning and my night.” He said to loudly, cause his brothers, sister, her friends, my and Fizzo’s sisters were laughing their heads of, but she was blushing like hell, which made his day, his heartbeat got faster and faster. “Bro, you are crazier than me.” AK said, while he longingly looked at Crazy, which she realised what he meant, but still she ignored him, like she doesn’t care about him but she does.
End of Lucky’s pov

SwaRag’s pov
“Sinzo, I need to talk to you.” “Sorry TiK, I need to prepare something for Malika’s birthday, so I can’t talk to you.” She said. “But I need to tell you or I’m gone!” “Where?” “To America, my father wants me to get married to GG.” “Who’s GG?” “Her name is Goldie Gupta!” “What you are getting married with Goldie, she hates us!” Sanlak and we shouted very loudly. “What?” Sinzo and he said together. “Yeah, she hates us, cause of her brother.” “You mean Craybaby?” “Yes, she’s his sister!” We said. “Oh fish!” He said
End of his pov

SanLak’s pov
“No, one is congratulating and now they went to a weddingparty of one of Swara bhabhi’s friend.” She said to herself. “Why is it so dark here!” She said to herself again. Then someone started to sing Happy Birthday to you Malika, first it was us and at last but not the least the K bros and my sisters. She was very surprised, then she cut the cake and wanted to feed our sisters, but they said no and said, that she should feed TK at first, so she did, then he fed her and the rest did too. She’s so happy, but Sinzo doesn’t seem to happy, so she went to her and asked her: “Sinzo, why are you upset?” “TiK is getting married to GG akka Goldie Gupta.” “Who’s Goldie?” “A SwaRagini hater or should I say SwaLak and RagSan hater!” Sinzo replied back to Malika. “What, we should do something you can’t just let your love go away from you Sinzo!” “I know Mali, but it hurts me so much to see him with someone else, cause I love him!”
End of their pov

RagSan + SwaLak convo
“We have to do something for Sinzo and TiK.” Lucky said. “Yeah, he can’t marry our enemy, it means she will ruin our lives, before she does, the Masked angels should take care of her.” SwaRagini said. “T K bros are going tomorrow, so the masked angels should go tonight itself.” Sanky said. “Yes, I will book their tickets!” RagSan said. “And I’m going to tell them, that they have a new mission.” SwaLak said. “Ok, done!”
End of their convo

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