Who will Yashu select? Siddhant or Namish?? (Happy birthday wala OS)

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Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday dear Yashu…Happy Birthday to you…May you have many more…May you have many more…Happy birthday dear Yashu…Happy birthday to you….

Happy birthday my jhalli sisso….So finally you entered your “Teens” 😉

Have a crazy wala birthday with full of madness as you are 13 now….


Also your big surprise is here dear…

Who will Yashu select? Siddhant or Namish??
A girl is seen walking in the corridors, dressed in a black stripped shirt, with a yellow coat over it with black tights, her silky hair left open. She looks as though she is 16…It looks as if she is waiting for anyone as she continuously eyes the watch while roaming here and there.

A boy comes, dressed in red shirt with two of the top buttons left open and wearing a blue denim. He taps on her back as she turns to see him..she is fuming in anger as she shouts over her lungs, “You idiot! Where the hell were you? Do you have any idea sine when I am waiting for you! And where is that Sid?” The boy looks on with a fearing face and calms the girl down saying, “Relax….I am sorry baba! You know na I am not used to getting up soon!” The girl does not speaks and shows attitude. The boy holds his ear and kneels down and says, “Ab toh maaf karde…Yashu!” The girl smiles and is revealed to be our Yashu and says, “Acha maaf kiya…Now get up! But if it repeats again I will kill you Nammy!” And the boy is revealed to be Namish Taneja.

A boy joins them who was wearing a simple white shirt and blue denims, with messy hair. He looks damn elegant. He just says, “Sorry guys…” but Namish cut him off saying, “Yeah, yeah we know you must be busy studying the whole night!” The boy looks at Yashu expecting a slap on his face but much for his surprise she says, “Koi baat nahi…” and all went to give their exams…

●After exam●

Yashu-How was it?
Sid-It went well .. just hoping that, that Siyappa queen does not get over me!
Yashu-Tu bhi na Sid!.. Hey idiot! Kya hua tere chehre par 12 kyoun baje hue hain?
Namish-Kya bataaon yaar…Maths ka paper woh bhi board exam 75 questions mein se sirf 30 aate the socha cheating kar loon magar woh sade hui invigilator kasam se 49th question pe pohachnay hi wala tha ke aakar -10 kar dia aur saari mehnat gayi paani mein!

Both Yashu and Sid look at EO and burst into laughter.

Namish-Kya hua paaglon ki tarha hans kyoun rahe ho?
Yashu-Har dafa ki kahani hai kuch naya ho toh sunao…

●Result Day●
All heart were pumping as it was finally the result day…

The results started to declare…

“3rd position goes to Siddhant Gupta, Class XI-CH”

“2nd Position goes to Jasmin Bhasin, Class XI-SA”

Now everyone held their hearts as the 1st position was about to declare….

“Any guesses…?…Yashasvi Lingwal, Class XI-SB”

A round of applause was heard as Yashasvi stepped and took the gold medal and certificate…

“The stage is yours”

Yashasvi- “Being here was bliss…I made lots of friends and maybe many enemies as well, but today standing on this point if I have to pay a token of gratitude so I would love to thank my teachers…and as it is my birthday today I would love a few people to join me here on this platform…My support system…Jasmin, Siddhant, and my idiot friend Namish!”

They all join Yashasvi on the stage, and hug her respectively…

Yashasvi-” Seriously guys if you guys weren’t there so I would have not been standing here! Thanks will fall short in front of you all”

Namish says, “Pagli ab rulaye gi kya?'”

Yashasvi looks at him and says, “Duffer….”

••Farewell Party was on••

All are having a gala time and are busy partying…

All congratulate Yashu for her big win…

Yashu looks at Siddhant lovingly when a girl comes and pats her back, Yashu turns and looks to find her best friend maybe…Zuha 😉

Zuha-“Ja Yashu…aaj use bol de phir shayad mauqa na mile!”

Yashu looks at Sid once again and says, “Aaj mein apne dil ki baat zaroor kahoon gi!”

Zuha smiles and says, “Go!!”

Siddhant is busy with his friends…Yashasvi comes from his back and says, “Sid!”
Siddhant turns and says, “Hey yashu..”
Yahsu-“I need to talk to you…Akele mein!”
Sid-“Okay…Guys please excuse me!”

Yashu and Sid are now alone…

Sid-“Bol Yashu…”
Yashu-“Voh Sid….” she recalls Zuha’ s word and closes her eyes and says in a go…”Sid mujhe nahi pat ke mujhe kehna chahye ke nahi but all I know is that I love u and only u!” And she opens her eyes and looks at Sid who is all the way in shock…

Yashu-“Sid please kuch bolo!!”

All sid do was to pull Yashu in his tight embrace saying, “I love u 2!”
●●The end●●

(Arey abhi OS khatam nahi hua abhi ahr bhi hai.)

“I smiled as I saw Yashu there, holding Namish’s hand tightly and the other side Jasmin had Siddhant’s hand on his shoulder.

Yeah this must not be the thing which you guys were expecting because this was just a story, my first ever novel on my BFF cum sista Yashu, the actual reality is what I know….”

Yashu was about to go and confess to Siddhant about his feelings when she was stopped by Jasmin who was crimson red…

Yashu-“Tujhe kya hua? Tu kyoun laal tmatar bani phir rahi hai?”
Jasmin-“You know what..”
Jasmin-“Sid proposed me and I accepted after all it was in such a romantic way!”
Yashasvi-“Waah yaar…Siddharth Mehtora is not a bad choice!”
Jasmin-“Pagal Siddharth Mehtora nahi apna Sid..Siddhant Gupta!!”

This was enough for Yashasvi to hear as her face turned pale…

Jasmin-“Look at the solitaire he gifted…Arey I met Zuha on the way she told me that u are about to confess your love for someone…Tell me that luck person…Tell me…Tell me..!”

Yashu passed a faint smile and said,”NAMISH!” As a drop of tear fell down her eye lid…


I continued thinking, “Despite being in love with Siddhant…Yashasvi sacrificed her love for Siddhant and moved on in her life forgetting everything just to fulfill her friendship…She moved on with the memories of Siddhant and made new memories with Namish and the duo respectively are ought to get married!”

My chain of thoughts was broken by a reported asking, “Miss Zuha, this is your first novel and you are dedicating it to someone special…What would you like to say about your story?”

I smiled on the question and replied, “All I can say is some story are meant to be incomplete. So whenever a chapter from life is closed a new chapter begins, and this is what someone taught me!” I looked at Yashu who passed a flying kiss to me, smilingly!

So it ended…sorry Yashu agar tujhe pasand nahi aaya…Dekh mein ne tujhe Sid ka bhi kar diya aur Namish ka bhi as you like both (U said) 😉

Chal happy wala birthday to u once again…

Also sorry for the delay…I hope TU posts it before 27th!

Still I am sorry….

Love u…Have a blessed year…

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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  1. Yashasvi

    Awwww Zuhu…..!!!!! A tight wala hug n many kisses * to u babes….. I loved it yrtrr….. I enjoyed it a lot….. Thank u shooo much fr this yrrr…
    Tujhe pata h i was waiting fr it so badly this Tu posted it today bt no worries…. Love uh…… N i loved it a lot….. Sach mein tune toh mujhe dono ka hi bna dia….

    Keep smiling n stay blessed
    Love you…..
    Yashu !!!!

  2. Nandana

    Nice OS der i really liked it and i opened this OS seeing yashasvi’s photo and the story was nice i really liked it .

  3. Malhotrarochika

    Hey zuha….seriously yrŕ mindblowing…rula diya aapne….such a kya bolu ,there are no words to say about your os…u just nailed it??????????????????????????????????

  4. Anshikajainn


  5. Awesome zuha Kya idea hai I just loved it dear

  6. SidMin

    Just Loved it Yashu tu tho 2-2 ha 🙂
    Loved it Keep writing 🙂

    1. Yashasvi

      yaaa shruti ab kya karu me hu itti sweet….

    2. SidMin

      Happy birthday you never told me your birthdate chall koi baat nahe .. Happy belated birthday ??❤

      1. Yashasvi

        thanksss shruti… sholly yarr…. thanku fr the wishes

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  8. oh ho rochika… kya baat hai… belated happy birthday dear yashu… drama queen… love u… aur rochika to chha gyi… nice os… creative thinking… keep doing the good work…

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