Manmarziyan 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manmarziyan 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhika joining the meeting. Arjun says his Maybelline girl is…. And shows video of Samaira. He shows her in video of the moments they spent. He says the one who is lonely in crowd, who has everything and does not have anything. Samaira is stunned. Arjun looks at her. He says whose eyes has her life trapped in it. He ends the presentation, and says her beauty lies in her happiness. Neil looks at Sam and Arjun. Piyali asks about Sam. Arjun says he made this with Sam, if Sam was not here, he would have not got this idea.

Piyali asks do they know each other. Sam says no. Arjun says since three days. Neil recalls Sam hiding this. Arjun says we met for this ad and spent time together, I got this idea from Sam. Piyali asks really? Arjun says yes. Sam says no mum, I did not…. Arjun asks her not to be modest, it does not suit you, she is brilliant. Zubin says yes, we don’t have any doubt. Piyali says you surprised me, good job.

She talks to Arjun and asks how will he proceed now. Sam looks at Neil. Neil turns away. Piyali shows cabin to Arjun. Sam tells Neil that she wants to say something. Neil asks her why did she not say before. She asks him not to be angry. Neil asks whats the big deal, if she told him that she is working with Arjun, their boss, he would have not felt like an idiot. She asks him not to take things ahead. He says the talk ended, and new started. He leaves.

Arjun looks on. Bonnie meets him and reminds who she is. Radhika makes a card and smiles. Birju says now everyone will hear your ideas. Kritika says we have to do something of her. Neil asks his staff for ideas. Radhika gives better ones. Arjun says he knows Sam, but not friends. Bonnie starts leaving. Arjun asks does she trust him so less, and stops her.

Radhika tells a story when her sister lost her kajal and was going for her exam, her kajal became her support. She says makeup does not lessen pain, but it gives confidence. Neil smiles and says very good thought. Neil asks them to work on this. They all leave. Neil asks Sam to get to work. Sam says she always worked with him.

Bonnie asks Arjun whats with Sam, if its not friendship. Arjun says its just revenge. Bonnie says the pics showed love, not revenge. Radhika goes and Kritika signs Changu. He makes coffee fall on her. Bonnie asks her why did she not tell her, what was he doing with Sam since three days, is he cheating her. Radhika comes towards the washroom. Bonnie asks him how did he get close to Sam. Arjun says he has to go more close, that she gets far from all her friends and loved ones, no one can stop Sam from ruining. Bonnie smiles.

She holds him. They hear someone coming and he hides Bonnie. Radhika comes inside. He asks did no one taught her to knock and asks her to get out. She says its common washroom, maybe he does not know. He says get out now. She leaves. Bonnie asks him to relax, she is no one. Arjun says every person is something, its his work to know. Bonnie says its not easy to make Sam alone, who will he make Neil away from Sam.

Neil finds Sam upset and says I can’t do it anymore. She says finally. He asks her to say. She says I met Arjun… He asks her to say whats his shade. She asks him to use pink. She says she loves him. He jokes and says she looks desperate and hugs her. Arjun comes and says I hope I not disturbing you guys.

Piyali throws a party for Arjun and Sam’s brilliant idea. Arjun asks Sam to come in the party. Sam stands with Neil holding his hand. Arjun says break their trust Bonnie, they will break up easily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I read it somewhere, Radhika and Arjun will be paired. And i dont want that. They dont look good. Sam and Arjun are a better pair. Neil and Sam are also good, i dont mind any. But big NOOO to Radhika & Arjun

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