Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with RK getting tensed seeing Neil and Ragini in a restaurant and to stop Pam seeing them takes her with him. Dimpy tells Karan his brother is too romantic and took Pam from there. Karan jokes it would be weird if even he goes with Pam. Dimpy gets irked and yells at him.

Aman sees Neil and starts hiding his face. He tells Nivedita that this table has rahu/astrology problem, so they should sit on another table. She laughs and asks why he believes in astrology being a doctor.

Raj takes Pam to washroom and asks if he can also come with her. She shows him gent’s washroom and asks him to go there. Once she goes in, he runs to Neil and asks him take Ragini from there as Pam is here and may overreact. He runs back and stands outside washroom. Ragini tells Neil they should go from there as she does not want Pam to yell at her in anger and she wants to make this moment memorable. He says truth has to come out some day, so let everyone know today itself. She insists.

Pam comes out of washroom and sees RK waiting for her. He starts reciting poems. She gets shy and asks if he is drunk. They then go and sit back on their seats.

Aman hides himself under table and gets up once Neil and Ragini leave. Nivedita asks what is he doing. He says he wanted to make her smile with his weird behavior. She smiles and goes to washroom. Pam sees her and says let us call her here. RK says she wanted to stay alone, so let her enjoy food alone. While walking out, Pam sees Nivedita with a man and angrily in car tells about to her group and says she considered Nivedita as her sister and shares all her secrets with her. RK comments and their nok jhok starts. RK tells he is seriously thinking about marrying Devika and she is very hot. Karan says she is. Pam says she is not jealous hearing it at all.

Neil and Ragini while traveling in car joke that Pam is like hindi film villain for them, etc., and laugh. They reach a dhaba to enjoy dal bhati churma. Owner identifies him and asks Neil to give autograph as before. Neil says he is not the one he is thinking. He says he knows him well. Neil after enjoying food drops Ragini home. She asks him to stop staring at her. He says he can stare her whole night and says he will come in the morning to pick her up for Pune. He shyingly walks out.

In the morning, Sunny tai taunts Ragini how was her dinner yesterday. Ragini gets shy. Agam and Suhani come and say they saw dad coming, so they came with him. Sunny jokes again and Ragin gets shy.

In the morning, Nivedita sees Pam and greets her good morning smilingly. Pam asks the reason for her happiness. She says her mood is good. Pam asks where was she last night. Nivedita says she went for a casual dinner. Pam says she was in the same restaurant and saw her with a man on a date. Nivedita says she went with Dr. Aman. Pam makes weird faces hearing Aman’s name (who is much handsome than all men in the serial though). Nivedita also makes weired faces and says does not like Aman and says Aman loves Ragini and she likes Neil. Pam says she can date Aman if she wants as he likes her dressing style, etc. Nivedita thinks till engagement brokeup, she was forcing her against Neil and now she wants her to move ahead with Aman.

Precap: Nivedita over phone tells someone that Neil and Ragini fought again and smiles. She sees RK standing behind and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nivi get a life!!!!!
    Dr Neil/Ragini ul just rock n mk A Awesome couple….writters plese show more romance Dr.Neil/Ragini…

  2. Wow tat Chemistry between Ragini an Neil was undeniably Awsome so much of heat, just great n pls giv us more of that romance. Dr Aman ur just tooo cute, ur on the rite track wit Nivedita sense some chemistry between u guys toooo. Lovely episode

  3. amusing episode.

  4. unlike Ekta kapoor serial they should not drag the serial & have a good ending. Both Ragiini & Neil are mature ppl & the chemistry between them is good. they should come to a conclusion soon

  5. Clare Monnier

    So far so good. Definitely there’s more coming later stage

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