Tere Sheher Mein 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tere Sheher Mein 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rudra being worried about Sneha’s loan matter. He tells his friends that Sneha wants to take loan by bank, not any private money lender, he is not worried for spending money, but he will keep his haveli mortgaged to bring them on roads. Sneha says I m sorry, but I don’t have any way to bail Hari. Jaz looks for her specs and says she has to get ready. Amaya asks her to smile and find. Amaya teases her and shows her specs. Sneha comes to them. She gives money to Amaya and asks her to do all formalities and come, she is going to bank, Rudra took the appointment.

Rama goes for interview and arranges a file of someone. The man scolds him. Rama talks to the staff and arranges things in table, while giving interview. The man says it looks we are giving interview, you are not focusing. Rama says its my habit, I always arrange things to right place and keep thing clean, I heard you and also answered. The man asks him to leave.

Rudra scares the bank manager and asks him to reject Sneha’s loan proposal. Amaya asks Jaz to come along, and Chiklu is waiting. She says she will get payin slip and calls Mantu. She tells Mantu to send Chiklu. She asks Jaz to go, and Mantu will drop her. They decide to go to Mantu’s home together. Sneha reaches the bank and calls Rudra. Rudra bumps into Gajanand and apologizes. Gajanand taunts Sneha. Mantu asks Chiklu to get ready, as Jaz and Amaya are coming here, see the home, what will they think.

Mantu and Chiklu get ready and clean the home. Rudra talks to Sneha and Gajanand looks at Sneha. The bank manager says Gajanand has big bank account. Mantu says I m looking good. He sees he did not wear pant and sees his towel. He rushes inside to change. Chiklu welcomes Amaya and Jaz. Jaz says congrats. Amaya says let Jaz teach Chiklu, I will go, Mantu you drop Jaz home. Mantu pays the auto driver and sends him. Amaya asks why did he pay. Mantu says he came to their home, so its his duty.

Jaz says she wants peaceful place to teach Chiklu. Mantu asks her to go inside. Gajanand says he has come to make Fd for Neeti. Sneha talks to the loan manager and asks the time. The man says one month process. Gajanand says no one knows about future, so its his duty to secure family’s future. Mantu asks Chiklu to study well. Chiklu asks him to go. Rudra thinks now Sneha will meet the private money lender and smiles.

Amaya talks to Mantu in friendly way and Uma gets angry on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The serial looks interesting .

    1. amaya acting is nice

  2. emraan haasmi

    Show is already flop poor tvr hope its will axed soon.

  3. Nooo…..this uma wl be a obstcle for ManYa luv story

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