Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (PROMO – 7)

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Hey guys, wassup?? Missed Me, good….?. Will Miss u all after dis story gets over…. Keep Loving Me N My Story….

“Manik” said Nandini….

“Haa” said Manik….

“Chodo mujhe” said Nandini breaking the hug….

“But—” Manik got cut by Nandini….

“What but Manik, see am I crying??” Nandini said pointing her cheeks….

“No, oh I forgot that u r an unique peice, u never cry” said Manik sarcastically….

“Good, that u remember I am an unique price, so now leave me n go to Mukti, (pointing Mukti) see how she is crying, go” said Nandini….

“U r right” said Manik n went to Mukti so was seated on the bench….

“Mukti, stop crying, please….” said Manik….

No response, Manik sat n took Mukti in a side hug, while Cabir noticed Mukti, went to Nandini n whispered something to her, she nodded….

Both went to Mukti n Nandini said

“Mukti, y r u crying, Abhi is my best friend but I am not crying, but u toh hate him na, (taking a drop of tear) then y these tears??”

“No response”

“Oh cmon, now don’t act, inside u r very happy” said Nandini….

“What r u doing Nandini, now is not the time to discuss these things” said Manik….

“Chup Manik, she is very happy that Abhi met with an accident, n bow these fake tears, she is —”

“Juz shut up Nandini, please….” said Mukti….

“Y should I, n stop shedding these tears, n if they r true also, what relation y share wid Abhi that u r crying this much” said Nandini smirking….

“These tears r bcoz I Love Him” shouted Mukti angrily….

FAB3 shocked ?, Cabni rocked ✌….

Unexpected isn’t???
Liked it???
Or not??
How many of u remember the last chppy, it was ‘MD’s Arrival)?? Raise ur hands ?

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  1. Amore

    arreyyyy wrong question.. u should ask “WHO WANT TO KILL ME (NAAZ21) FOR GOING TO MEDITATE AT HIMALAYAS? ??”
    I’ll be the first one to raise my hands… not one but both hands…
    you girl where were you yaar… I thought you took SANYAAS 😉 hehehe jokes apart… I missed this ff so bad.. update fast yaar…

  2. Missedddd youuuuuu dear soooooooooo much can’t describe in words how much I missed your ff I literally checked this page everyday with this hope that might I get your ff there
    Veryyyyyy happyyyyy to see you back HOw are you dear ?
    And I remember all parts of your ff again soooo happy to see your ff take care dear

  3. Hello nazz….what do think of yourselves….took this so much long….waited for your update….really got angry at some point that there is no update and after seeing your story felt so happy….please update regularly

  4. Neehaa

    arey nazz di apsa ma bahot naraz hon kaha thi ape itni din kitna miss kiya pko bata hai and promo acchi thi

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