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hi frnds…. thank u for the response but expected more…. ok lets start our episode.

the episode starts with shagun speaking to aakash on phone….
shagun: i wish i could go with bhai… to new york… it would be fun to go there.
aakash: oh god… any one will think of going with their BF not with their bro for a trip… u r different girl…!!!
shagun: arey pagal… u too forget whats there in NY..?
aakash; statue of liberty…?!!
shagun: oh man… u r terrible…!!!

aakash: y baby…?
shagun; yaar… ishu stays in NY…!!!
aakash: oh i jst forgot it…
shagun: hmm… vaise ur mind always be there on useless things.
aakash: yaar shagun plz dont call urself useless.. i cant bear that.
shagun gets shocked: what…? u call me useless.
aakash: yeh lo… u called ur self useless nd blaming me… my mind always thinks abt u na.
shagun gets confused: ok leave it…(aakash laughs) i ve to pack luggage for bhai…. nd give him many gifts for ishu.

aakash: is raman going to meet ishu?
shagun: ha… he promised me that he’ll go nd meet her nd make her call me.
aakash: ohh… then ok bye… go nd help ur bhai even i ve to pack mine.
shagun: akhi… come home while going na.
aakash smiles: y.. will u miss me…?
shagun; hmmm… will u come..?
aakash: of course baby… bye.
shagun: luv u..!!!

aakash yeah bye.
he cuts the call nd smiles.
shagun: how rude… he ended my call… dont know how to reply when said i luv to him…. let him come.
toshi: oye…!! shagun…!!! r u mad..? talking to urself… come fast nd help me in packing.
shagun: this maa na… always disturb me…(a lil louder) haanji mummy coming.
shagun nd toshi packs raman’s luggage… while raman came out frm bathgroom freshen up.
toshi: raman come here..
raman: ha maa…?

toshi: seee i ve packed all ur luggage….
raman: what’s this four bags…?? im not going there for permanently … its jst a matter of one week.
shagun: babu raman…!!( toshi looks) sry… bhai… only this bag is for u.. other three r for my darling ishu.
raman: what..? for ishita…?

toshi: see i ve made many things for her… what she likes nd all. nd this sari is for her… her fav colour… also these bangles… she like bangles na….
raman smiles while toshi nd shagun discuss abt those gifts… he thinks…
raman thinks: how lucky u r ishu… u ve got such a sweet family… infact my family is lucky to ve u as a bahu to this house…. nd this is going to happen soon…. i promise.
raman: ok fyn u guys dont unpack them again… it’s getting late. maa serve me dinner.
meanwhile jaanvi is feeding aakash.
jaanvi: akhi beta… eat on time… dont take more stress… nd sleep more. ok nd also take care of ur self.
aakash: arrey amma… plz stop it.. i’m full now.
jaanvi: arey in london there will b no one to feed u. nd haa call me twice a day. no prblm if u call even in midnight… i’ll attend ok.

aakash: haa amma.
jaanvi makes him drink water: beta… i’ll miss u so much.
aakash hugs her: even i too miss u amma. ok now i’ll leave.
arjun: take care beta…. call us everyday ok.
aakash: ok appa…..(he hugs him) bye.

he waved them nd came to raman’s house.
toshi; arey aakash beta… u came…? come come ve dinner.
aakash catching his stomach: oh god… aunty ji there’s no space inside… my mom na.. she fed me for one week.
all laugh. shagun: what akhi… u still make ur mom feed u…. such as a small kid…?
toshi hit shagun on head: u jst keep quite shagun… feeding but mom is not a silly thing… u dont know the value of such things.
shagun: maa…??!!! dont make fun of me.
raman: acha okk…u guys dont fight now. aakash come lets go.
aakash: raman where’s uncle…?
raman: papa..?… here he’s.
mr. bhalla: arey aakash.. u came.
aakash: ha uncle..actually i came to inform u thjat i’m leaving.
mr. bhalla; ok… all the bst… may u complete the work. haa.. toshiji… plz send me my dinner to room.

toshi: haan ji.
saying thgis toshi goes to kitchen nd mr. bhalla to his room.
aakash: so now… shall we leave…?
raman: ha… i’ll get my coat.
he goes to his room.then aakash nd goes to her room. shagun looks with teared eyes… aakash came to her.
aaaksh: arey my baby…!!! y’s she crying ha…???
he wipes her tears, nd she hugs him.

shagun; is it necessary to go..? dont go na.
aakash: yaar i’m not going away frm u… its jst a matter of one week..?
shagun: dont know how will i live this one week without u seeing u..!!!
aakash: tujhe nahi lagta hai ki toda zyada hua hai…? ( dont u think it became…. more..?)
shagun hit him: here i’m serious yaar akhi….(she hugs him more tightly) i will miss u soo much akhi.
aakash; shall i stop going…?
shagun: actually my say s to stop u… but my mind says no…my akhi shld make me proud na… my dad shld praise u nd everyone shld get impressed by my akhi…!!!
aakash; y to impress all… will i marry everyone..?
shagun breaks the hug: u r really such a dumb…!!! ohhhh i forgot.
aakash: whatt,,,??

shagun; actaually i was angry with u.
aakash: acha… that’s y u came nd hugged me.
shagun: but cant stay far frm u akhi… i luv u.
aakash smiles: ok i know.
shagun beats him: is this the reply frm u when i say i luv u…?
aakash: then what shld i say..?
shagun fumes: leave it.
she heads to leave but he pulls her nd hold her by waist.
shagun: leave me aakash.

aakash: u r soo red… angry on me.
shagun: ha.. what will u do.. u dont what reply when i say i luv leave me.
aakash smiles nd she keeps on saying to leave him… nd then she feels his lips on hers…. which shocks her. that was jst for 10 secs nd she pushed him.
shagun: akhi,,,???!!!!!
aakash: this is my reply when u say i luv u. how shall u give that on phone. nd… this will last until i come back frm london so keep missing me… i’ll call u everyday. bye… it’s getting late nd ur bro will come searching me.
shagun was dumbstruck. aakash went out nd raman bid bye to everyone. they went to airport.

raman in flight is excited nd thinks abt ishu…. their first meet their first sight nd first fight… he smiles remembering all those.

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  2. Rashita

    Very nice…… Shagun giving 4 bags to Raman and in that 3 bags for ishu… Get..
    ????? shaakash scene was nice… Precap was awesome Raman thinking of first sight and first fight ??? ????? update soon akka… And when r u going to update you r my life????

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  4. Zaira

    Aaaaawwwwweeeeesssssoooommmmeee update Priya???????loved it very much!!!…Raman ki to lottery nikal gayi ???….When r u updating u r my life?Update that soon n this one too …N till when r u staying?

  5. awesome update

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