Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uma explaining Kanak that her heart will get lightened up, once she meets her family. Kanak thinks of her family. Uma says tell me where is your family. Kanak imagines her family members tied and getting beaten up. She asks Uma to leave them. Uma says they are my inlaws, let me treat them well. They all get beaten up. Kanak cries. Uma asks what happened. Kanak’s imagination ends. Uma asks where is your family, tell me about you, so that both families know about each other, our relation will get strong by blessings. She thinks I understood you Daku Singh, I will never get my family trapped in this problem. She cries.

Uma says I want to end your fear and pain, we are going to start a new life, you are my wife, your happiness and respect is my duty now, I know our relation started in a wrong way, but emotions are not wrong, tell me what shall I do that will make you feel good. Kanak asks do you really want my happiness, do you really want my fear and pain to end. He says yes. She says then let me go, forget all this, I won’t tell anyone about this. He says this can’t happen. She says please, this is just coincidence, not Lord’s sign, we can’t keep this forced relation. He says Lord’s sign is not coincidence, you are my wife, you can’t leave my house, we are husband and wife now, our ghatbandhan can never break in any births. He does their ghatbandhan.

Uma and Kanak come home. The lady praises their pairing. Maasi smiles. Paulmi gets sad. The lady says we have seen Uma liking someone for the first time, this girl is very lucky. Maasi says you are right, she is new, she will need time to get bindni qualities. Maasi says we were surprised by family reaction, we believe his beliefs, see entire village has come for Uma’s grah pravesh, come inside by touching kalash. Kanak refuses to do grah pravesh. Maasi says you got good time to understand things, everyone is waiting, Uma is requesting you since long, now come inside the house.

Kanak thinks I came Ladno to find that man to get Bhabho’s shop back, where did I get stuck. Paulmi tells that old man Gabbasa to attend guests, this will take time. Gabbasa goes. Kanak does not see him. Suman praises Paulmi. Paulmi says many people have come, none should have problem, everyone came to see Uma’s wife. Saraswati stops Paulmi. She talks to Kanak. She asks Kanak to believe Uma, he will love you a lot, your marriage happened by Lord’s decision and Dharm. Maasi asks Kanak to come. Kanak signs no.

The lady says enough now, come inside silently, entire Ladno is here, we can do anything on Uma’s command. Uma asks lady to go and sit, if she gets angry, her BP and sugar will get high. He says Kanak is my wife now, I don’t want anyone to put pressure on her, till she does not go herself, Grah pravesh ritual won’t happen.

Maasi says we will respect your wife, it does not look good if bahu stands at door alone. Uma says who said she is alone, her husband is with her, I will also stand here. He says I told you its lifelong ghatbandhan, it will never break, I will always stand by you, till you don’t accept this new life by your heart.

Pavan says I m happy Bhabho, you said Sooraj and Sandhya’s story, they had much love between them, I heard Lord makes pairings. Bhabho says my diya and baati kept 7 vows always, they fulfilled each other’s dreams, they accepted entire family, none could tell them its not love marriage, if one called, other used to come, if one got hurt, other used to feel pain. She recalls Sooraj and Sandhya, and says they lived as shadow and died together.

Uma asks Kanak to sit, she maybe tired. Kanak sees the sunlight. Uma keeps his hand in front of her face to block sunlight. She moves ahead. Tu jo nahi…..plays….. He stands after her. She sees him and moves aside. Diya aur baati hum….plays…….

Ved meets Payal’s parents and asks is this small thing, will everything get fine if Payal married a photo, you did not file police complaint. Payal’s dad asks why are you saying this, Payal is in inlaws and happy, Aditya will come back after some time. Ved says you raised Payal, you know her happiness well, you tell me is Payal happy, I want to help Payal. Payal’s dad says Payal is happy, if you interfere in our personal matters, we will complaint against you, you don’t go to Payal’s inlaws again. Ved cries seeing Payal’s pic.

Maasi says you all heard what Uma said, till his wife does not want, Grahpravesh won’t happen, till when will you wait. The lady says we won’t go, till Uma and his wife’s grahpravesh happens, we won’t go, Uma’s respect is everything for us, we won’t go till rasam gets completed. Maasi says fine, Paulmi arrange the food for guests. Paulmi asks Gabbasa to get food utensils upstairs. Suman gives juice to Uma and asks him to have something, till when will he stand like this. Uma gives the glass to Kanak, else she will get dehydrated. Kanak does not listen. Uma asks Suman to take it away. Suman says I wish this girl does not come inside the house, she is not suitable for Uma, that ghatbandhan should open. Saraswati asks her not to say this. He thinks I just did this according to Dharm, I wish my wife understands this. Kanak sees Gabbasa and recalls him. She thinks he is the same man, who has Bhabho’s shop.

Kanak sees Gabbasa and walks ahead. She does grahpravesh and ring finding ceremony, while seeing Gabbasa. She follows Gabbasa.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Ved’s part was very touching..D way he looked at Payal’s photo.. Awwwww!! He looked so sweet

  7. what a non sense serial…padh k hi gussa aa rha…kya zabardasti h ….reel life me hi itna gussa aa ra..real life me hta to aag lga deti….i hope kanank us kamine ka dimaag thik kre…mad person

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