Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha cries that she lost her young son. Avinash asks her to control herself as they have to think about Shikha. He calls Shikha who says she could not tell her truth to Aditya fearing losing Manav and apologizes him. He says she did right and says she would have lost her fight. Shikha says she will not let Vineet’s death in vain and will now kill Aditya and Madhu.

Mohanto looks at unconscious Madhu and asks doctor if everything is alright. Doctor says Madhu has gone into coma. Aditya asks how can she go into coma with such a small wound. Doctor says she lost a lot of blood with that head injury and got into coma. She says cannot guarantee when will she regain consciousness, maybe it may take 1 year or more. Mohanto asks if he can take Madhu home. Doc says he can as Madhu is in deep sleep and she will set up bed at his home. Mohanto requests inspector to arrest Madhu once she comes out of coma. Inspector agrees. Shikha says she will punish her as she killed her only brother.

Mahi’s fiance and his parent’s reach Avinash’s house for condolence. Mahi hugs him and cries. Sudha says they were busy with Mahi’s wedding arrangements, but this accident happened. Fiance’s father says they can postpone wedding.

Neeraj reminisces Shikha slapping him and asking her to get out and thinks he helped her like a shadow without thinking about himself, but she slapped him, why??

Shikha sees Madhu sleeping on bed in coma and asks why did she kill her brother when she had a grudge on her. She tries to stab her with a knife, but stops and says she will not do that mistake and will wait until she gets conscious and begs for her life. She turns back and sees Aarya standing behind and asks her when did she came. Aarya says she came just now to look at Madhu. Shikha says even she is waiting for Madhu to wake up as she has to talk to her.

Vineet’s body is brought back after most mortem. Sudha looks at Vineet’s face and cries vigorously. Mahi also starts crying vigorously. Avinash consoles her and asks her to inform Shikha. She informs Shikha and asks her to come and see their brother last time. Shikha says she will come and to console papa/mummy till then. Shikha thinks how can she go there like Shikha and has to disguise, cries for her ill fate. She then thinks she will go there somehow.

Shikha sees Mohanto looking at Madhu and asks her not to worry as Madhu will wake up someday, to thank god that she is alive and to think of a family whose son is killed because of Madhu. She suggests him to go and meet Avinash’s family. Mohanto says because of them, media insulted him, so any of his family member should not go there. Shikha thinks how to go now.

Aditya enters Mohanto’s office, looks at his name plate and chair and thinks he will get that chair and will become owner of Jagannath empire. Aarya sees him siting on Mohanto’s seat and asks why is he sitting there. Aditya says in a few days, Mohanto himself will make him MD and she will just look at him like a fool.

Precap: Shikha apologizes Neeraj and asks him to help. He says he cannot help him from now and leaves while she pleads.

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