Sasural Simar Ka 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar stands up. Karthik smiles at her. Karthik says you made a mistake sunnaina bhabhi. So this is you who wants to destroy me. You were behind everything that happened to me. Siamr says listen to me. He says shut up. What you thought you will scare me and my mind wont work. I knew it was someone in the house. no one else knows about what I do. Today you gave me answer of all my questions. these hands that cook food will ever reach my neck I never thought. What you think I will never doubt you because you’re living as sunnaina in our house. I knew that you were not sunnaina. You were simar but I never let you know. I always said you sunnaina. you know why because you were a curtain between life and truth. Truth is the reality behind sunnaina’s death. You gave us a lot of benefit. Even vikran started thinking that your sister killed sunnaina in a road accident. he never tried to investigate. Everything settled. Why you satred i8nvestigateing after these two years. simar says you will never be safe karthik. I will get you and your partner punishment. he says I have to appreciate your courage. You are threatening me in my hospital. Oh you know who is with me in this racket. Lets meet them. He says come out bhabhi is in my contols he won’t go anywhere. Baa comes there on her wheel chair. simar is so shocked. baa says sunnaina you and vikran left me alone in Ahmedabad. This voice of wheels were killing me. I am the mom how can’t I not care anout my children so I came here. Won’t you touch the feet of your baa. karthik is that sunnian of some ghost why is she not moving. Bind her with a tree, because ground will move from beneath her feet. she says sunnaina you forgot everything but I have to hug you. Let me come. Baa stands from her wheel chair perfectly. Simar is dazed. Baa says look sunnaina baa is on her feet. She says karthik this is because of the food of your bahbhi. You gave me a new life. Whats in tonight’s menu. I will feed you tonight by giving you answers. This all, this hospital and racket is all my business. He works and my mind runs him. Everything karthi has done is taught by me. Even I know that you are simar not sunnaina.

Scene 2
Roli says mama is praying for you. Anjali says why is everyone saying she is lost. roli says you remember that game thing. She is hidden because of that she will lose if you keep nagging. Anjali says okay I will not say anything. She asks prem to tell her the story. Prem says okay papa will tell you.
sid says to roli we should sleep as well.
Vikran is going to navjevan hospital. He tells roli I got siamr’s call and she told me her life is endangered I promise I will being her. Roli says I will come with you. He says what will say to the family. You should be here with sanju and Anjali I am going to bring simar. Roli says that means we were wrong about vikran.

baa says you wanted to know the truth this is truth I am the player of all this. Simar says you were respected for me. Two years I treated you like a mom. I couldn’t get that you could do this. Baa says I will give you all the answers you know but answers bring death with them. I will give you that gift. When I asked vikran not to marry sunaian her left me married her. he forgot that I brought her up. their father’s pansion couldn’t give us anything so I started this work. I educated them. I was happy that I will live happily. I didn’t know that virkan will do all this for sunnaian. He became good and I never wanted him to. Karthik became like me and made this hospital. I had to shove that sunnaina because she came to know our reality.

Precap- ikarthik is taking simar in the car. Someone comes there . baa says who could this be ? siamr says your ram/. I called him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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