Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mata and mahadev see the world. Dhani ram and his friend chats, while washing their hand. Asur heard whole conversation and kill dhani ram’s friend. Asur says, come here dhani ram, i will not kill you. your friend said, you will also one day become rich and now get this gold. 2 Gold coins fall down then asur says, you will take this gold coins otherwise, i will throw into water. Dhani ram take the gold coins and then he converts into asur. Asur says, look dhani ram, now i also made you pisach. You become pisach by your greediness. Now i will made everybody pisach here. Mata ask, who is pisach and why he become pisach? Mahadev says, man becomes pisach only for their evil thinking , dhani ram become pisach for their evil. Jivak is my devotee, he always worship me. Jivak always does their work and he thinks that he is really great devotee and he also gets distracted by people and he gets jealous with grahak worship. Jivak says, i dont know, when will people think that i am more intelligent that grahak. One day, jivak comes to meet grahak. Jivak says, you always takes my blessing then why will you not say to people to listen my god notes. Jivak says, if you will say then isn’t people will come and listen my notes. Jivak says, it is pnly people when you will leave my path. grahak says, i am giving curse to you that you will become pisach. Mahadev says, due to this jivak is living there and now he is spreading their evil. Now he is expanding pisach by generating evils in people and in other way, rohitang is trying to getting their goodness in his heart. Mata says, when will rohitang get to know his work. Mahadev says, it’s all depend on person deed.
Rohitang thinks about mata conversation. Rohitang feels something and gets happy. He says, i am hearing music here, i am feeling something after mother meets me. Andhak comes and says, i am seeing some changes in you. YOur father is trying to kill you and it is unfortunately for us that we are his parts. My son also gone there and he killed them. Think that mahadev dont want to see us live because we will display his cruelness and now we will fight.
I calls a teacher to make you more aware, dev kampan. Ravan had lanka in patal and after some time they went away from patal and he left some weapon and dev kampan has all the education of it.
Guru ji gives knowledge to their students and says, collect water into your utensil. Pisach does magic and students fight with each other. Guru ji gets worried and says, they love each other then why he is fighting. Then students become pisach. Jivak comes and says to guru, i made them pisach and now i will also made you pisach. Come on students and takes blessing from your teacher. Then guru ji run away from there.
Mata asks, why will people becomes pisach. Mahadev says, when their internal evil comes arise outside from his body. He cannot control himself. Mata says, what will pisach can do? Mahadev says, pisach can generate more pisach and he exploits people and he feels bad when he cannot exploit someone. Mata ask, pisach cannot exploit to whom. Mahadev says, truth saying person, obedient. These kind of person will not destroy the world.

Precap:- Guru ji comes in front of mahadev then mahadev transform their face and comes to help guru ji.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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