Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohanto requests Avinash to agree for Aditya and Samaira’s alliance. Avinash says, I have some responsibility towards my daughter’s safe future and asks Mohanto for a commitment. He asks him to transfer 15% share of Jagannath Group on Samaira’s name. Mohanto is shocked. Avinash says, he himself is rich and just wants a safe future for Samaira. He is doing this for Samaira. Wnat if Madhu returns home. Mohanto says, I think it is justified. He agrees to transfer 15% shares of Jagannath group on Samaira’s name. Aditya and Samaira smiles. Avinash asks him not to think him wrongly. Mohanto and Avinash hug each other. Samaira smiles.

Aditya takes Mohanto and Avinash’s blessings. Samaira gets a call. She leaves with Aditya. Doctor thinks, they didn’t come till now. What if the senior doctor does Madhu’s check up. Samaira and Aditya come there and are informed that Doctor is asking questions from Madhu. Madhu answers right to Samaira’s shock. Doctor asks her, who is PM of India. Madhu says me. She says, didn’t Adi told you about it. She asks him to come to London with them. Samaira thinks, medicines is showing results. Doctor tells Aditya that your wife have to be here for some more time. Madhu laughs.

Aarya comes to Jai and tells him that Dad fixed Samaira and Aditya’s alliance and agreed to transfer 15% share of their company on Samaira’s name. She asks him to show the recording to Mohanto. Jai says, they can’t before their wedding as it will be their loss.

Madhu says she will herself act madly and will kill them. She asks them to count their days.

Mohanto and whole family are in a hall. Panditji comes there. Mohanto greets pandijti and Sunaina asks him to find a suitable date for Aditya and Samaira’s marriage. Panditji finds out date of 1 year later. Mohanto asks him to find another date. Panditji says it is tomorrow then. Avinash says Samaira is his only daughter and he does not like her marriage in a simple way, so he is ready to wait for 1 year. Mohanto asks what about Arnav, he cannot be without mother for 1 year. Aditya says with the situations around, we cannot marry lavishly. Samaira also backs Aditya. Avinash says Mohanto if his daughter is okay, then he does not have any problem. Mohanto gets happy and says marriage will happen tomorrow and even Samaira’s property transfer papers will be prepared tomorrow. He asks Sunaina to serve sweets to everyone.

Neeraj sadly starts drinking heavily remembering Shikha’s decision of marrying Aditya to get back her son. Mahi sees him drinking and asks him not to spoil his health. Neeraj says he knows she wants to say that he would have proposed Shikha before and says tomorrow is Shikha’s marriage and it is like his funeral also. He asks her to go from there.

Aditya brings Samaira to his and Madhu’s room and says it is Aditya and Samaira’s room now and shows her pic all over the walls. He says he does not want her to think it is Madhu’s room again. Samaira thanks him and hugs saying I love you. Aditya says even he loves her. Samaira remembers Sameera/Aditya trying to kill her by pushing from a cliff.

Precap: Mohanto and Samaira are in a marriage court finishing the formalities when Aditya comes and says he does not want to marry now.

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