Saraswatichandra 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saras telling Prashant about Kumud gone to Ratnagiri for few days. Prashant says fine, we will meet later, take care. Saras feels odd and leaves. Badimaa says Kabir does not want to have food today, I went to call him. Kusum asks Danny to have food first as he is busy on phone chatting. She sees him and is tensed thinking its Kiran. Vidyachatur asks Anushka to postpone her project submission. Anushka says no, I have much work. Badimaa says we will miss you, we felt after Kumud went, Lord has sent us another daughter, but we are sad as you are leaving.

Kabir thinks about Anushka and her words. He says I wanted this, that she goes from here soon, now she is going, so why am I so restless. He sits thinking about their moments, her smile, her concern for him, her naughtiness, and everything about her. He says whats wrong with me. Kumud comes home and stands at the door thinking I could not go Saras, home for me is where you stay, come home in evening and you will get the best surprise. She opens the door and comes in. She walks in and is shocked to see Saras and Nikki together. She sees Saras working at home for the first time, that too with Nikki.

Saras looks at her and says Kumud……….. He comes to her smiling. Nikki says hello Mam. Kumud says hello Nikki. Saras says you came back. Kumud says you at home. Saras asks Nikki to leave. Nikki leaves saying bye to them. Kumud says I stopped you from coming to airport as you had meeting. Saras says as you left, I got a call that meeting got postponed, so I asked Nikki to come here with file. She says but you could have told me. She says why, for such a small thing. Prashant sees Kumud at home and gets angry thinking Saras lied to him. Saras gets a call from client, and says don’t fight now, it’s a small thing, smile wifey, we are going out in evening. She smiles and says come soon. He says fine, I will go and change now.

Prashant throws the tea cup in anger. Anushka says I m feeling this for first time, so much attachment, I did not had with anyone, I feel this is my home, my family, you are my parents, Kusum and Kumud my sisters, Danny, Saras and ………… She says I will miss you all. Kusum looks at Danny getting messages. Badimaa says Danny…. But he does not listen. Kusum says Badimaa is saying something, keep the phone and have food. Danny says I will just come and leaves. Kusum gets a doubt.

The aunty scolds the guard and says I lost my purse, find it. Kumud looks at them. The aunty says you should be find it, else I will complain. Kumud thinks it looks like she always fights with everyone. She sees her purse and she picks it. She gives it to aunty. She says yes, its mine, thank Lord. She says thank you to Kumud. She says the guard has run, how will I take so heavy bags. Kumud says I will help you, its fine.

Kusum comes in her room and says I will ask Danny who is this Kiran. She calls out Danny and says where did he go. She sees his phone on table and says I hate this. A message comes and she checks it. Its Kiran’s message asking him to meet where they first met. She says who is this Kiran and why did Danny not tell me, maybe I have to find it out myself. She fumes.

The aunty asks Kumud to be here and have coffee, as she is like a mother to her. Kumud thinks is she asking me to have coffee or scolding me, Badimaa too does not scold like this. Kusum comes somewhere and sees Danny’s car. She says where did he go. She sees Danny with a long hair person(It looks a guy). She says why did Danny not tell me, and who is this Kiran, why does she meet Danny. Danny sees Kusum and she hides. She says who is this Kiran. Danny says no, she can’t be here.

Kumud sees a pic and says who is this. The aunty says he is my son. Kumud asks is she your bahu. Aunty says no, my son’s wife, have coffee. Aunty says they live in Mumbai. Kumud says I did not see them. Aunty says me too, he left home 8 years old, he used to visit me, but did not since 3 years, I understand he got busy in his life. Aunty cries. She takes out a pic from her purse and says this is my husband, who left me so soon and died. He wanted me to be independent, see I m, I do everything myself, manage this house well, and day passes so soon in work. But when its evening, this clock works slowly, this house becomes quiet, it looks lonely, whom should I talk to, so I play music, loud music so that I don’t feel lonely.

She says I don’t like fighting, but I do it as I can’t talk to anyone. Kumud says I m sorry, I did not knew this, else I would have not fought with you. Aunty says its ok, everyone calls me the same, now we are friends, but I will play music. Kumud says fine, we will come and dance. The aunty says I will teach you dance, we will enjoy, and show it to your husband. Kumud smiles.

Badimaa sees Saras and Kumud’s marriage pics and Anushka comes to her looking for Kusum. She asks Badimaa. Badimaa says Kusum and Danny went out. Anushka says anyways, what are you doing alone. Badimaa says I was missing Saras and Kumud, so was seeing their pics. Anushka joins her. She says I remember when I came here in childhood, Kumud used to be with you, and Saras is also close to you, he calls you Maai. Badimaa says yes, as I m like his mum, his mum died and he cried in my lap, when I kept my pallu on his head, then he stopped crying, he stayed with me till his dad took him to Dubai. Saras did not change ever, and our mum son love will not change. Badimaa cries.

She shows her more pics and smiles. They praise Kumud’s beauty and Badimaa tells her about the pearl which Dada ji did, saying the one who has this will rule, and they fought for it. They laugh. Kumud waits for Saras and says he is one hour late. A vase falls and she sees a crack in the wall and wonders how can a small vase make this crack. Saras says Kumud I came, come down fast. She says the wall got crack. He asks how. She says by a vase. He says what, strange. We will see later, come fast. I m waiting. She says fine and leaves.

Prashant sees the crack on the wall by his binoculars and is shocked.

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