Jodha Akbar 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Jodha Akbar 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jalal say all gifts have something common that they appreciated my thought of making slatanat one, he says ruks gave me sword as token for a warrior, jodha gave me turban which is my pride and is closes gift for me but the gift that touched my heart is of salim that chain which will be with me and will always make me remember to make saltanat one so salima has won the mena bazar, all are happy for her. jodha congrats her and says i am happy, ruks says congrats salima today you were able to beat em finally, jalal says i respect all the gifts so present me them in court, all smiles.
munim khan is playing with rahim, jalal comes there, jalal says you became naughty rahim, munim says no he is not, if you meet my son ghani kahan then you would see naughtiness but now he is mature, jalal says yes he is competent in politics and loyal too, he thanks jalal for praising him and says when he comes this time i will tell him that he made me proud.

Scene 2
at night, jalal is walking with jodha, he says moon is looking beautiful looking at jodha, jodha says you liked salima’s gift and made her won and her gift was good, she is close to heart, jalal says but there is something more close to my heart, jodha ask what, jalal says you are asking that you don’t know, jodha says I cant predict, jalal says you are close to my heart, jodha looks at him, jalal ask did I say something wrong, jodha says you never say wrong, jalal holds jodha’s hand and they walk.

Scene 3
mahaC is in her palace, she scolds one servant for making noise, she ask why are you not answering me, servant panics, mahaC puts knife on his neck and says next time if I had to turn my neck because of your noises then I will cut your neck, beg comes and ask her to have mercy, why killing him just to satisfy yourself, mahaC says what should I do then, I am not getting throne and jalal is not in my hands, till I get peace I will not let anyone sit in peace, beg says when you are going to attack agra then why are not at peace, mahaC says how can I attack agra when ghani is here, he will sent message to jalal and munim about my attack, beg says you have hot head, have some juice, servant brings two trays, mahaC says to beg that you have lost your mind, he ask her to just peep in trays, she sees in one tray there is watermelon and in other tray there is something on seeing which mahaC gets shocked, she recalls how ghani kahn was eating watermelon and saying to his fellows that I remember my father by eating, one fellow ask him to eat this water melon, gahni takes it and is busy eating when fellow attacks him and beheads him, beg comes there and smells water melon which gahni was eating, he says this have smell of blood which makes me happy. flashback ends. mahaC is still looking at other which probably have head of ghani, mahaC eats water melon and says I like it, he says both(head and water melon) are cut now onlu, mahaC says beg there Is only you who understands me so well.

Scene 4
jodha, salima and ruks are going to court with their gifts, todar welcomes them in court, he sees ruks sword, hoshiyar says why you are looking at it like its snake, he ask hoshiyar to go in, then salim comes, he inspects her gift and let her in, then comes jodha, he sees turban, zxakira says it is made with real pearls so no need to check, todar lets them in too. all sits in court, javeda says if I were competing in meena bazar I would have won, jalal says I want all my special wives to to give me the gift and I will accept it here, he says as salim won so she will gift 1st, he goes to salim, salim makes him wear the chain, the comes ruks, she takes the sword and gives it to jalal, ruks says I hope you like it, jalal thanks her, then comes jodha in veil, she is about to give turban when todar feels something in hands and he sees his hands wounded, he says whats al this, he runs inside and sys stop jodha, jalal don’t wear this turban, this turban has poison, jalal ask what kind of humility is this, todar says sorry but this turban has some liquid in it, todar says believe me, he shows his bleeding hands, he says sometime back I touched this turban and see what happened, chain and sword cant have anything on it as you have already touched them and you are fine, this means that turban have poison, jalal is shocked, todar says take this turban, it will be inspected, jalal says I want answer who did it and why, todar ask doctor to check this turban and tell us, ruks says its all jodha’s fault, she should have been protective with her gift, salima says how she could know that somebody had put poison in it, doc says there is special liquid in it, if jalal had wore it then his head would have burned and anything could have happened to jalal, all are stunned, jalal says to doctor to do the bandage of todar, atgah says question how poison got in palace, todar says your security is my responsibility so I wanna ask all the questions, jalal allows him. todar says to jodha that turban was with you so how somebody put poison in it, jalal says he would have done that when she was sleeping otherwise jodha’s hand would have wounded too, todar agrees and says there are things to be noted, 1st attacker knew that where turban was, 2nd that he was allowed to go in jodha’s room, 3rd is that he lives in apalce only, atgah says this means its done by jodha’s bandhies only, todar says we have to question them, jodha says moti cant do this, jalal says don’t worry, todar ask moti where she was last night, she says after jodha slept I went to sleep too, todar says I have investigate more, jalal ask to be lenient with moti as she suffered last time too, till you get proof don’t be harsh on anyone, jodha thinks that I cant belive that this time also I was targeted to hurt jalal, I was excited to make jala wear it but.. who can be the one who is close to me and did that.

PRECAP- jalal says to jodha that did you put poison in turban, jodha is in tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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