Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bauji is worried while everyone see the chaos in news. Prabhu sees and announces Rachna has come. Gunjan, Mayank and KT are also there. Shayl hugs her, and takes her inside. Bauji asks her to stop and scolds her that what was the need to go out of the house in such a storm. Shayl asks him not to scold her, she will talk to her later. Bauji agrees but says doesn’t she have an idea how we spent the last few hours, why didn’t she tell anyone or take her phone. He asks her for an answer. Rachna begins to explain when KT interferes and says he will tell him. He says that he asked Rachna to come urgently for a meeting with an important client, and Shayl had stopped her home that’s why she didn’t tell anyone. It’s none of her mistake. Bauji thanks KT for the deed. He says that I promised you that I will get her home, so I fulfilled my promise. Bauji says that you are quite older that her and sensible too. Gunjan pinches Rachna in the arm and asks her to say thanks to KT.
Rachna comes foreward and says thankyou to KT. He says Namaste and begins to leave, Bauji and Prabhu goes out with him. before leaving he looks back at her, she says Bye to her but he leaves. She looks at him and thinks he didn’t even say bye to me. Gunjan again pinches her and asks her that she got lost again.
At night Rachna thinks KT is weird, cant he call her to ask how she is. Shayl brings turmeric milk to her. she asks is she hurt, and why did she get a fever. Shayl tells her that she was very worried because of her and her father even went out of the house to look for her. she begins to cry, Rachna lay into Shayl’s lap and says sorry to her.
Gunjan comes there and says that this is a picture perfect pose, she complains Shayl that she is giving all her love to one daughter only. She goes hug them and take a picture again. Shayl says that she was happy when she got to know that she is with KT. Gunjan says that how would they know about her love foe them if such days wont come. Shayl leaves to meet Mayank.
Gunjan asks Rachna what she has to tell her. She say to Rachna that the concern of KT for her showed there is much more than just concern. She tells Rachna that she must now confess her love for him. Rachna tells Gunjan that she must leave as she is sleepy and pushes her outside. After closing the door, Rachna thinks what has happened to her. She was excited to tell Gunjan about this all, and now she herself is feeling shy.
KT thinks about Rachna, he gets up in the bed and thinks he can’t live without talking to Rachna. He didn’t ask for her health. Rachna thinks KT must have called her.
Gunjan comes in the room; Mayank was drying his hair with the hair with the towel when they come across each other. He takes her into his hands. Gunjan asks him to leave her, he denies. She gets herself loosened, and feels a cramp in her foot. Mayank sees the swelling and shows concern. She tells him that the balm is in Rachna’s hand.
Rachna gets KT’s call. She says Who? He says this is KT here. She teases that she didn’t see the name on screen. KT asks did he called in the wrong time. She says no, she was just waiting for his call. Mayank comes behind. Rachna changes the topic and says that ‘Yes sir! You don’t worry. The presentation isn’t ready yet but she will get it ready till morning’ and hangs on. KT thinks what happened to her.
Mayank asks was there KT, when has she started to call him sir. She doesn’t say anything. He leaves by taking the balm. Rachna calls KT after locking the door. They talk the whole night.
In the morning, Shayl finds Rachna asleep on dining table and is concerned. Gunjan comes and says that she must be busy with the presentation. Shayl goes to get the breakfast. Gunjan snatches Rachna’s cell phone and asks was presentation be prepared on phone? She says she can fool her Mayank Bhaiya not Gunjan. Rachna takes her phone back and runs to the room saying she is getting late.
Bauji shows the newspaper to Prabhu that there is news of a lady’s kidnap, and it’s not the first one in the village. Gunjan comes and asks which village they are talking about. Bauji hands it to her; she puts a glance at it when Mayank calls her. The newspaper had the news from Mirpur.
In the kitchen, Shayl and Seema discussed that they will have to go to Mirpur. Seema says that the life there is difficult, Gunjan might not go. Shayl says that they went there 15 years ago, now a lot must have changed there.
Bauji asks Shayl to reconsider going to the village, as it is very hot there. Shayl says that they must go there as Mausa ji helped them when they needed help, and today it’s his daughter’s wedding. Mayank says that Gunjan shouldn’t go as she isn’t used to spend village life; Gunjan also agrees that she must explore village life and meet the family as their daughter in law. Rachna comes there, Gunjan first teases her for swollen eyes due to overnight work on presentation then tells her to pack as they are going to the village.

PRECAP: They come to the village, Mayank hears the people saying that Mirpur isn’t safe for women. They all get worried.

Update Credit to: Sona

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