Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhu gets happy thinking about Aditya’s surprise. She calls Aditya’s secretary and asks if Aditya is in office. Secretary says Aditya left long back. Madhu thinks of suprising Aditya before goes to the hotel.

Aditya goes to Samaira’s room and searches for her. Samaira comes and hugs him from behind. She asks how is the surprise. He says he liked it. She asks if he liked her saree. Aditya says she is looking beautiful and asks she told she does not know to wear saree. She says she learnt for him. They both start dancing. Tere bahon me mili….. song plays in the background. Aditya tries to lure her with his moves, but she does not get impressed and just acts. Madhu travels in her car and thinks she will reach hotel before Aditya calls him and give him a surprise.

Aditya says Samaira that he liked her surprise and hugs her. Samaira says it is just a beginning. Snow fall starts. Aditya remembers the snow fall surprise he gave to Shikha. She says he told her that he liked 2 things of Switzerland, one chocolates and two snowfall. Aditya says he likes her than those two. They both reach their room. Madhu comes to hotel and asks receptionist about Aditya’s room. Receptionist says Aditya booked honeymoon suite for them and gives her keys. Madhu takes keys and happily walks towards the room.

Samaira tries to open champagne bottle. He stops her and says he does not need inebriation, picks her up and drops on the bed. Madhu happily comes to the room and is shocked to see Aditya on Samaira in bed. Aditya also is shocked to see Madhu there. Madhu asks Aditya what was he doing. She angrily breaks things around says that is the reason he was very happy since morning. She says she thought he was planning a surprise for her, but he is with another woman. Samaira asks her to stop shouting. Madhu says she does not want to talk to her and says she was behind Aditya since day one and now she is in bed with her husband. Madhu tries to slap Samaira, but Samaira holds her hand and asks her to stop her drama. Reporters come just then and ask why was she slapping Samaira as she was her company’s brand ambassador. They ask if it is their personal problem than professional. Madhu angrily walks from there. Reporters ask Aditya, but he does not reply and excuses them. They then ask Samaria who says things went wrong than they planned and that is all she can say.

Aditya asks Samaira how did reporters come there. Samaira says it is good reporters came there and says they can be together when he separates with Madhu, with the prenuptial contract, he cannot give divorce to Madhu, she can give divorce to him. She says with today’s incident, Madhu will give her divorce. Aditya says she is right and happily hugs her, he says now Madhu will divorce her at any cost and then they can be together.

Madhu calls her lawyer and says she wants divorce from Aditya and asks him to prepare divorce papers. Aditya on the other side says news must have come by now. Samaira asks him not to worry. They both hug each other happily.

Mohanto and his family with Avinash watch news about Madhu trying to slap Samaira and then Samaira’s explanation. Mohanto then calls Madhu. MAdhu does not pick his call and thinks he is coming home itself and as he had hold, Aditya is not fit for her.

Madhavi sees the news and asks Neeraj why did not he stop Samaira. Neeraj says Samaira did not listen to him and went ahead with her plan.

Avinash says Mohanto that he forgive Madhu once thinking she will change, but now again she misbehaved with Samaira. Mohanto says he will speak to Madhu. Jai says Madhu is repeating her same mistake which she used to make before. Avinash says Mohanto that he did not mean to hurt him and it is Madhu’s mistake. Madhu comes and says he did a mistake and not her.

Precap: Aditya says Madhu that she is doubting him unnecessarily and he really loves her. Madhu slaps Aditya.

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