Dil Dosti Dance 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance
Simmi and Rilli stand up looking at the guy who introduces herself as Mr. Jignesh. Simmi shakes his hand, he asks so you are Rilli. She introduces Rilli as her friend and points her to go now.
Swayam was in the college thinking VP sir was sounding serious.
Kriya and Rey were sitting in a cafeteria. Kriya says sorry to him that she spoiled his mood. Rey asks that are they going to get the tickets again by her sorry. She asks she didn’t know the tickets will sold out so quickly. They both get angry with each other.
Rilli thinks that the guy is so handsome; his name doesn’t suit his personality. Simmi says to Jignesh that she dislikes tea; he says they can have cold-coffee. She deters him and calls out the waiter herself for the order. She asks him from where is he coming, he says from home. She asks does he see stupid on her face. He says I am from Florida. She whistles telling Rilli that he is from Florida. Simmi asks him had the other girls died in Florida that he came here. He says he came here because he trust his parents. He asks that I heard your passion is dance. Rilli stands up, Simmi points her to sit down and tells Jignesh to leave as she cant marry a man who will have problem with her dance. He leaves while Rilli is upset about it.
Swayam tries to call Swayam as he was alone in the college. The phone is busy.
Rey says that he thought it will be a good day with his girl friend but the day is spoiled now. Kriya says she will make his mood better now, she disappears. He looks for her but she appears dancing. She takes him along and they dance in the café. Everyone in the café claps at the dance while Rey goes to hug Kriya. Someone in the café clicks a photo of them.
Rilli scolds Simmi to behave so rudely with him. Simmi says she wanted him to go away. Rilli says he must think badly about her, and papa would have disliked it. Simmi says her father would have sent a number of Jignesh has she not done this. Rilli says she doesn’t understand this and goes away.
Nil brings the tickets for 3D X-men movie for Vicky. He also brings volverine nails for Vicky for which he poses to make the photos.
Rilli come across Jignesh in the college. He says he forgot to give this box to Rilli as her mother sent it for her. He says her mood was off so couldn’t give her. Rilli says sorry to Jignesh from Rilli and says that she got defensive this time and he shouldn’t judge her by how she behaved today. He agrees to give another chance. Rilli thinks what she did; he will always like Simmi as Rilli.
Swayam thinks why no one is picking up the phone. He tries Simmi’s number but it also goes unanswered.
Jignesh sees Simmi and calls her Rilli Rilli but she doesn’t listen. He says he was calling her name but she didn’t listen. He asks her to come to a dinner as he wants to make her feel more comfortable. She thinks he is really sweet. She exchange numbers with her which Nil sees. Before leaving he also kisses her hand.
Swayam comes to VP and apologizes that he couldn’t contact anyone. Swayam asks did they get affiliation. VP says that they can do anything for this affiliation this has been proven. He says the problem is not about hacking, he says they didn’t realize what they will have to pay to sustain this affiliation. Swayam resolves they will work with all their energy. VP says that he doesn’t understand that working as a puppet of someone else is difficult. They will now have to pay for the dream of affiliation now.

PRECAP: Swayam shows Rey the contract. Rey says they will boycott the affiliation. He argues the board of directors upon which VP suspends Rey.

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