Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sakshi reaches hotel and asks forms to the receptionist. Receptionist gives her room keys and says forms are in the room. Sakshi comes to the room with Karan coming after her. Sakshi says it must be his surprise for her. Karan says it must be her surprise plan with Latika. They both then realize it was Shard and Lathika’s plan and laugh. Sakshi slips and is about to fall when Karan holds and says he will not let her happen anything. They both hug each other romantically. Rain starts and they both go to the balcony to enjoy rain. They then start romancing each other. Zeh nasi, zeh nasib, tujhe chahoon betahasha…. song plays in the background. Karan then takes her to the bed and they both consummate their marriage.

Sharda asks Suresh why is she going out tomorrow when he is still not fit. Suresh says he is fine and has some important work tomorrow. He asks her to go as he wants to rest. Lathika calls Sharda and asks her to ask Suresh about a file, she then gets the file and says she got it. Sharda thanks her for helping her in arranging romantic outing for Karan and Sakshi. She then asks why is she working till late night and says she should concentrate on her family first. Lathika says she will try. Sharda asks her to promise. She promises her and wishes her goodnight.

Sakshi and Karan are still sleeping in bed. Sakshi wakes up smilingly and tries to kiss Karan. Karan wakes up and sees her lips near her face. She gets shy and tries to wake up. Karan pulls her back and holds her. Sakshi asks her to live and asks what is he doing. Karan says he is doing what he had to do long back. He then starts praising about her eyes, nose, lips, etc. Room service just comes and disturbs them. Karan asks him not to disturb them. They both start making love again.

Karan and Sakshi come home. Daadi asks where had they gone. Sharda says they took her permission and went out. Dadi asks Sharda to prepare tea for her. Sharda says she will bring her tea to her home. Sakshi says Sharda that she helped her uniting with her husband and thanks her. Sharda says not to thank her as they both are friends. She says she helped her in every steps and even her own daughter would not have done it. Lathika just comes there and listen to their conversation. She gets angry on Sakshi and thinks she helped her unite with Karan, but she is trying to get her mother away from her. she angrily goes back without meeting Sharda.

Sakshi is confused about the dress to wear. Karan comes there and helps her select the dress. Sakshi does not like any dress. He then gifts her a new saree. Sakshi asks if it is for her. He jokes it is for daadi and then says of course it is for her. He asks if she liked it. Sakshi says she liked it and asks him to go out as she has to get ready ready. She pushes him out of the room.

Sakshi shows saree to Sharda and says Karan gifted her. Sharda says Karan must have bought it with Lathika’s help. Lathika says she did not help him. Sharda asks if he bought it from their store Sharda textiles. Karan says he specially ordered his supplier. Maid then brings a gift box. Sharda thinks it is Karan’s another gift. Karan says he did not send it. Lathika sees Mrs. Modi on it and says it must be for Sharda. Sharda opens it and sees a necklace set. Sakshi says Suresh must have sent it and jokes that Karan has got romantic genes from Suresh.

Sharda thanks Suresh for gifting him necklace. Suresh shockingly looks at her.

Precap: Suresh calls somone and scolds him for sending the necklace home instead of office.

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