Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya informs Samaira how Madhu planned and killed Shikha. Samaira thinks he killed her and he is teling lie. Aditya says with a kid, she took over Jagannath’s group and used him for that. He asks if she believes him now. Samaira says he is lying and he is a killer for her. Aditya says he will prove that Madhu killed Shikha and not him. Samaira thinks she will see what he will do.

Samaira/Shikha informs Avinash and Sudha what aditya told and says he is plainly lying. Avinash says Aditya must be true. Samaira asks how can he say that when he knows everything. Sudha backs Samaira and says she is telling right. Samaira says she cannot forget how Aditya killed her by pushing her from the cliff. Avinash says maybe he killed her, but Madhurima was the mastermind. Samaira says she knows Madhu is also a culprit, but Aditya is trying to fool her with his story.

Aditya connects video call on his computer with Samaira’s laptop and says she will know Madhu’s true colours now. Madhu comes and asks him why is he upset. He says he saw Stree Chaya magazine is tensed remembering Shikha. Madhu asks him why did he bring this magazine and asks him to forget Shikha. Aditya says Shikha comes in his dreams and screams and asks if she does not get Shikha’s dreams. Madhu asks Aditya if he is alright, else to get doctor’s checkup. She says Shikha is dead and to forget her. Samaira gets angry and cuts the video call.

Arnav plays with Mohanto. Avinash says he must be loving Arnav a lot. Mohanto says before Arnav came, they were tensed, and after Arnav came, everything is alright. Mohanto sees nanny feeding Arnav and he crying. Mohanto sees him crying and scolds nanny saying that Arnav is the legal heir of him. Sunaina informs Avinash that Madhu and Aditya were thrown out of house for Madhu’s misbehaviour, but after Arnav came, Mohanto let Aditya and Madhu in and got his legal heir as Arnav.

Aditya goes to Samaira’s room. Samaira asks him how dare he to come to his room and says Madhu did not react to his allegations. Aditya says Madhu is very cruel and does not give a heed at all. Samaira says he is trying to just blame Madhu. Aditya asks her to give one chance so that he can prove his words. Avinash hears their conversation and comes there. He asks Aditya why is he there. Aditya says he had some work with Samaira and goes from there. Samaira says Aditya asking one more chance to prove his innocence. She sees him tensed and asks why is he tensed. Aviansh says Aditya is not completely wrong and Madhu/Aditya were thrown out by Mohanto and accepted them back seeing Arnav. He says Madhu must be the mastermind behind Aditya’s plan. Samaira says she does not believe him, let us see what he does.

Aditya takes Madhu on a surprise dinner to a hotel. He says it is a celebration for her. Samaira hides nearby and hears their conversation. Aditya says it is his way to say her sorry as these days they were many misunderstrandings between them, so he thought of starting afresh. They both start drinking alcohol happily. Aditya thanks Madhu for forgiving her and gives her drinks continuously. Madhu gets inebriated after the drinks. Aditya says he is celebrating for the day when Shikha was killed and says he became fan of her idea. He asks how did she get that idea. Madhu says she did not have any other option to get back to Mohanto’s house. She was spoilt daughter and when she became a responsible mother for Mohanto to believe and accept her. She reveals the whole plan she made to kill Shikha and get Manav from her. She became billionare after that. She says she is not repenting on her deeds and says a king kills many soldiers to win the battle, she just took Shikha’s life for her victory.

Precap: Samaira hugs Aditya. Aditya asks if she forgive him. Samaira says yes. Aditya asks if now she believes it was Madhu’s plan to kill Shikha.

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