Tumhari Pakhi 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anuja asking Deepika not to be tensed and do as she says. She says we can’t live this house. She asks Deepika to look confident. The agent brings a lady. Anuja talks to her well. Deepika comes to meet her. Anuja says she is my daughter. Deepika signs its done. The lady asks about her surname. Anuja says she is my bahu Pakhi. Anuja asks Pakhi to bring tea. The lady asks from where did you come. Anuja and Deepika say different cities. Anuja manages the situation. The lady asks what about your husband and son. Anuja says I have. The lady says yes, why did they leave you here alone.

The lady looks at Pakhi and says she is your bahu and does not have sindoor and mangalsutra. She asks Pakhi what happened. Anuja says I will tell you everything. She says I can’t lie to you. She says she is like my daughter, my son is unlucky who did not value her and did not love her, I have kicked him out of my house, he will come when he realize his mistake, so I asked her not to have sindoor, I have decided she will stay her life on her own, she got a job here and I came here to support her.

The lady asks does she have a kid. Pakhi says yes, Shimla. The lady says your husband will come and fall in your feet, remember don’t lose strength. The lady says bring your son back from boarding, he should get a mum’s love. The lady says I will leave now, I felt happy meeting you. She says tell us if you have any problem, I stay on first floor and will keep coming. Anuja says don’t come. The lady says no problem, I can come anytime. She asks the agent to take care of these people. He says lets go. The lady leaves. Anuja says we are saved now.

Deepika says you did good acting, I felt you really have a long family. She laughs. Anuja says why are you laughing. She asked Pakhi why did you not put sindoor. Pakhi sounds sad. She says its not easy to heal wounds and leaves. Anuja looks at her and says you are right, even I don’t care about it. Its night, Anshuman looks at the moon and thinks about Pakhi. Lavanya comes to him and shows the ad. She says mum will contact us on this new number. I m sure we will get to know anything about her. Anshuman smiles.

He says I m sure we will get mum. Anuja thinks about Pakhi’s words and cries. She sees Anshuman and Lavanya’s pic. Its morning, Anuja teaches dance to her students. She gets the newspaper and before she can see Lavanya’s ad, Deepika takes the paper to see horoscope. Anuja says its nonsense. She goes back to her students. Deepika takes the paper and leaves. Anshuman waitss for the call but does not get any. Lavanya says have patience. Anshuman says I can’t have patience, I want to meet mum.

Deepika reads the horoscope and says I will Anshuman Rathore sir’s office and ask on which mail I have to send pics. Pakhi hears Deepika talking to Rathore Group of companies. She asks the mail id and asks Pakhi to write. Pakhi does not understand it. Deepika then writes it. Anuja comes and talks to Deepika. Deepika says I m going for shooting. Pakhi reads the ad and thinks about Ayaan. She thinks that she used to sing a lullable for him. She misses Ayaan and thinks to talk to him.

He comes online and talks to Ayaan. Ayaan calls Maa and Anuja turns. Pakhi smiles and talks to him. Pakhi asks how much did you miss me. Ayaan says a lot, we talk daily but I miss you. She says I will come back if you say, nothing can keep a mum away from her child. Pakhi says much wrong happened with your dad, and we have to make it right. Anuja feels bad hearing her.

Pakhi talks to Anuja and says Deepika does not have any model. Deepika says Pakhi can model for us. Anshuman talks to Ayaan. Ayaan says I talk to Maa daily. Anshuman is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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