Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

They reach the camping park. Samarth helps Avni coming down the jeep. Raj asks if Payal liked the place. Payal says what will happen if she dislikes. Avni says that we will camp at this place; Samarth says if Avni likes this place they will camp here. Samarth goes for arranging food while Payal goes to rest. Raj asks Avni to help him place the tent. He ask her that he needs her help and ask her to be honest and tell her what she feels. He kneels down and asks her ‘will you marry me?’ Avni is confused, but Raj laughs saying this was for Payal. Avni shouts that he can’t propose Payal. He says that he loves her and doesn’t want to delay it. She says he should make this proposal interesting for her, and fight her. Raj says this is a good idea, as she will be angry he will propose her and goes away thinking whether you tell me or not I know why you gave me such idea. Avni cheers at the idea of Raj fighting Payal but then she thinks why she is getting so happy at a fight.
Avni sees Raj and Payal arguing about shaving kit. Avni appreciates him but he notices she is lost.
Bhawna searches a number from her old diary and calls Reema. She asks did she recognize her as she is calling after a long time. Bhawna tells her she met her daughter, she is a good girl. Bhawna says her daughter saw her photo in your sister’s wedding album, she asks her to remove all her photos from her album as she is afraid that she must not get to face her past again. She is worried and requests her to remove all her photos. Suket calls her, she hangs up the phone and run to put all the clothes in the cupboard again and opens the door. Suket asks that she generally doesn’t lock the door, why she did today. She tells him she was setting the cupboard so it might have got locked by mistake.
At night, in the camp Samarth and Avni were sitting together. Samarth tells Avni that he liked her holding his hand and sitting with him. Avni was thinking where Raj and Payal have gone, hadn’t Raj proposed her. Samarth says that this place is so romantic and is happy to spend time with her. He asks if she is happy? She says she is thirsty and goes to drink water. Avni sees Payal coming and says she saw Raj talking to her rudely, he must not have done this. Payal was annoyed and says he sometimes gets very rude. Avni says she should make him say sorry to her. Payal asks Raj that should he say sorry? He says it was all her mistake that she forgot his shaving kit and for that she will get punished. He takes her hand and puts it on his grown beard that tickles her. They both hug each other. Avni goes away disliking it.
At bonfire, Raj plays guitar while Payal sits close to him. Avni is in a bad mood disliking it all. Samarth brings a shawl and put it around Avni. Raj now dislikes it. Avni tells Samarth to share the shawl as he must also be feeling cold. She asks Raj to play ‘Jaanay tu ya jaanay na’ tune if Payal doesn’t dislike it. He says Payal won’t dislike it as he will be playing it for her. Raj plays the tune lost into Avni’s eyes. Everyone claps as he finishes. Raj says he cooked something special for her, but they will all eat it. Samarth also0 goes with Raj.
Payal tells Avni that she know Raj is going to propose her as she saw a ring in his bag. Avni stands up in shock. Payal asks her to help her get dressed well.
Sanvri was saying to Suket and Bhawna that she know they must be playing antakshri in the camp sitting in front of fire. She appreciates Samarth and Avni’s couple and worries about the preparations for Avni’s wedding. Sanvri says that they must get Avni’s passport, voter id cards etc made for Avni.
Abhaas comes there and tells them Bhawna’s name was also not in the city’s voters list. He says her voter id belongs to a village. Suket sees Bhawna stressed and scolds him that he knows her parents are not in the world. Bhawna says it is okay and goes to get coffee for Abhaas.
Avni stands in front of mirror and thinks why is she doing this all, Raj is her best friend and Payal is a good girl. Payal comes in a black dress and says she should also put some makeup on. She tells Avni that her skin is sensitive and if her dry base mixes with the cream-based foundation her face is ruined. As she puts on the makeup, eyes closed Avni quickly mixed the two bases. Soon Payal starts crying that her skin is burning. Avni thinks she did wrong and goes to get water. Raj come there and soothes her skin with water glass in his hand. He hugs her. Avni comes there and shouts not to hug her; saying she can also get her allergy and leaves.
Payal tells Raj Avni can’t see them together. Raj asks what happened to her. Payal says that Avni changed her foundations. Raj apologizes her saying she is paying for his love. Payal says she is just repaying for their friendship. She tells Raj to go to Avni and try to ask her what she think about him.
Avni was thinking about Raj and Payal. Raj comes and tells her Payal is okay now. Avni shouts at him saying why he is saying Payal Payal all the time. He must not get close to her or hug her so often. It doesn’t seem good. She further says that this is no special moment to propose Payal and he shouldn’t be doing this. He says he will propose her tonight anyway and leaves. Avni is worried.

PRECAP: Avni is bitten by a snake, Raj comes calling her name. He sees her lying on the floor comes to her and sucks all the poison from his wound. He also fells down near her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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